IS Competition A Thing Of The Past?

  1. randomlyramblin profile image59
    randomlyramblinposted 6 years ago

    IS Competition A Thing Of The Past?

    Equality has replace competition, society dictates that ever person should have the same opportunities.  The requirement is that you must be qualified, not necessarily the most qualified.  I played organized sports as a child you earned your position and you were expected to put forth effort. Organized sports taught me competition the best players played.  Now every kid has to play every game I do not agree.

  2. kgarcia1113 profile image71
    kgarcia1113posted 6 years ago

    I have kids and I don't agree with everyone getting awards or trophies. Competition is a good thing and allows people to get better and strive to be more. I think the Liberals have it all wrong. Kids don't learn how to fail in today's society and then as they get older and do fail in the real world they crash and burn. They aren't given the tools to deal with the failures. And it all starts on the playgrounds and on the fields.

    I think people are trying to phase out competition because they don't want feelings to get hurt. But really, it is only hindering their emotional abilities and not allowing them to grow as individual people. The way that our culture is going in 20 or so years when the young ones now are out on their own they will spend more time whining about life not being fair then trying to fix their problems or become better at what they are doing.