I just started a website, how do I get people to notice it?

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  1. Michele Travis profile image68
    Michele Travisposted 10 years ago

    I just started a website, how do I get people to notice it?

    I have been writing hubs about racism, and now have started a website about all the different types of 'isms we have in the world today.  But, how do I get people to notice the site?


  2. MrMaranatha profile image75
    MrMaranathaposted 10 years ago

    Lets see... can I be creative with this? 

    Back in the day when a school wanted to get another schools attention they would vandalize the other teams football or Baseball field by carefully spraying words in gasoline on that beautiful green grass... by morning the words would stand out...  "T-BIRDS" or "LANCERS"  etc... the words would be sort of Orange with a nice dark Green background... 

    While you would not want to vandalize someones property to get your site advertised.... You could probably find a way to use the idea Legally...  with the help of some like minded people in your area...  and of course take photos of it.. make it really eye catching... and then release the photo on Facebook and other social networking sites.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you,  I have started on Facebook.

  3. billybuc profile image86
    billybucposted 10 years ago

    Not nearly as creative as Mr. Maranatha....invite people to your website over Facebook......start a forum on HubPages???  if that's possible to do....link it to all of your hubs.....that's it for now!

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I like that answer, thank you.

  4. Frank Menchise profile image43
    Frank Menchiseposted 10 years ago

    From the number that you have on your profile, you are a good writer, so all you have to do, write good articles and wait for the time being; you see, it takes time to get known.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I am giving it a try, but not going to break my back doing it.

  5. Tusitala Tom profile image63
    Tusitala Tomposted 10 years ago

    There are thousands of people who can help you with this: the SEO Experts...Search Engine Optimization people.  But they will want to charge you.   My advice, get a friend or family member who is computer savvy to make all the necessary links and the like.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I do have some friends helping, but a lot of people here on hubpages know a lot, that is why I asked this question here.  There are very intelligent people here.

  6. somethgblue profile image75
    somethgblueposted 10 years ago

    Here is the perfect way in which to advertise you website . . . write a Hub article on what it takes to create a website.

    Leave no detail out, spell it out for us, create links for it and take pride in it by pouring your heart in soul into the article.

    I'll read it.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That is a wonderful answer. I will do that.  Thank you somethingblue!

    2. Ruby H Rose profile image60
      Ruby H Roseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Me too!  I need all the tips I can get!

  7. Ericdierker profile image50
    Ericdierkerposted 10 years ago

    First I think you have to ask yourself why? Why you want them to visit that is. Just popularity for popularity's sake is kind of low on the value end. Like the pop divas that neither sing nor dance nor act.
    If it is for money hire an SEO pro, and do what you obviously do well, write.
    What did field of dreams say? ;-)

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Just build it and they will come?

  8. That Grrl profile image77
    That Grrlposted 10 years ago

    Join conversations in forums and on other blogs where people are talking about racism and the other topics you are writing about. Make sure you leave your link for people to follow.

    Get a Twitter account and look for people posting about relevant topics there too. Keep your link to the blog in your Twitter profile. Do the same with other social media sites.

    It's not rocket science, you don't need to pay someone or work on less than ethical SEO spammy ideas.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      No, I haven't paid anyone,  it is still under construction.  I am still working on it. I don't think it will take much longer, just a few little things that need to be worked out.

  9. MarleneB profile image93
    MarleneBposted 10 years ago

    I have found that if I join a forum of like-minded individuals, and interact with them, I am able to get more traffic to my website. For example, I recently started a website about food news, recipes, and restaurant reviews. I posted on Facebook and no one came to my website. But then, I went to a food related web forum and now traffic is booming. I don't even have to ask people to come visit my website, they just do it automatically because they are interested in food and want to see what I have to offer.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I love your answer.  I am going to do that!  Well, when I fix what needs to be fixed smile

  10. iviskei profile image74
    iviskeiposted 10 years ago

    Advertise ALOT. Start with the people you know and ask them to visit it and share. Abuse social networking sites, such as facebook, myspace, and twitter. You can use the ones you already have and post the link asking people to visit your site, or you can make a separate account for them. But remember to stay active with the social networking sites, or people are going to visit your website once and then forget all about it a day later.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I won't just sit back, I will stay there, well unless I am out bugging people about it.

    2. iviskei profile image74
      iviskeiposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Good for you hun. Best of luck!

  11. B. Leekley profile image88
    B. Leekleyposted 10 years ago

    Why did you start the website and why will you keep it the content fresh and up to date?  What is its purpose? 

    How you get it noticed will be shaped in part by why it exists.  If the purpose is to educate and clarify regarding isms -- what are the the different historical forms of capitalism and of socialism, for instance, or what were different 20th century forms of totalitarianism, or whatever, you will have one approach to promoting your website. If the purpose if to oppose some isms and advocate other isms -- uprooting racism, for instance, or building 21st century unionism, or whatever, then you will have another approach to promoting your website. 

    If your website has a why and if you are enthused about that why, then you get people to notice it by expressing your enthusiasm to persons who share that enthusiasm, and to persons who will catch it once exposed to it, and to persons who feel strongly for the opposite view.  (the latter is so you will be continually challenged to use solid arguments and to avoid being presumptuous about what is "self-evident".).

    To take a hypothetical for instance, say your hub will focus on uprooting racism, with explanations as to why, what, where, how, who, etc.  I suppose one step to consider would be to send the URL with a cover letter or email to such anti-racist groups as Anti-Racist Action http://antiracistaction.org/ and the Iona community http://www.iona.org.uk/iona_racism.php and Greater Washington Allies in Reconciliation An Interfaith Antiracism Alliance http://www.internationalpeaceandconflic … vent:58402 and ditto re thousands of others. 

    If your website has a local focus, be sure the local public library adds it to its website links.

    Participate in related online forums.

    On all your stationery and on all your emails and online messages, follow your name with a line about your website, including the name, the link, and the purpose.

    Of course link both ways between your hubpages profile (and your other online profiles) and your webpage, and between any somewhat related hubs and your webpage.

    That's a start.  It seems to me that the main thing is for you to be so passionately enthused about your website that nothing can stop you from bragging on it.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much for this answer.  I love it.

  12. penlady profile image61
    penladyposted 10 years ago

    I did a hub on this that could help you reach your accomplishment:

    http://penlady.hubpages.com/hub/Ten-Tip … eb-Traffic

    1. Ruby H Rose profile image60
      Ruby H Roseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Looking forward to reading it.

  13. DAWNEMARS profile image59
    DAWNEMARSposted 10 years ago

    You can make sure that each page ranks in the search engines for certain keywords, by using SEO. Also, have a forum on the site. You can run a site blog and keep it updated with regular interesting SEO content. Sharing links with other great related sites is a good way to go(inbound and outbound). Perhaps invite a guest blogger from time to time.

  14. dlegendre profile image60
    dlegendreposted 10 years ago

    First let me say I am very new at all this and I don't profess to know the right answers.  I thought about your question and have a couple basic suggestions such as:  write an article, poem, hub, blog, tweet, facebook and a site  called beknown.com.  Have a facebook page on "isms" and your site. ask for comments, ask questions, put a link that goes right to your site on all thse sites, find a recent news article or story that supports or somehow has something in common with your site and ideas to get people's attention.  Same with beknown.com. Same with LinkedIn.com. Same with hubpages.com.  Then, comment on other hubs, communicate with other writers as much as possible.  Blog and tweet as much as possible.  Daily at least, for all of these sites. Google will place an ad for $75 if you want to go that route. I would also google a search on other sites similar to yours.  Comment on those pages and try to get responses and traffic to your site. Try to find free advertising sites or tricks by doing a search.  Write an Ebook or paperbook and publish it.  Writer an article for your local newspaper or writer a "to the editor" letter about racism.  Join some social groups whether local or internet and communicate with others with your cause and mention your site.  Maybe have a section on your site like a "What has been your experience" or Questions/discussions on "Is this discrimination or not?" and present an example until you get examples from your readers.  Write about world leaders and don't forget actors and actresses and anyone famous like racecar drivers if they have anything controvesial or have made public their stance on something related or like Madonna and Brad Pitt adopting children from poor countries.  Who or what country is helping your cause.  or hurting your cause.  Interview people on certtain subjects.  Take a poll. Post a video on Youtube that represents your cause. 
    Good luck Michelle!

    1. Ruby H Rose profile image60
      Ruby H Roseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      These are some wonderful ideas for gaining website traffic,  going to look into beknown.com

  15. Gareth Pritchard profile image78
    Gareth Pritchardposted 10 years ago

    Build links from everywhere you can, write news articles about your site and post them to news feed sites, with a link in it back to your site, a good idea would be to do this when you launch it. Don't use all keyword targeted text links to your site, only use 50/50, 50% text links and 50% bare links, with a few more bare links every now and then.

    If it is a web site, attach a blog to it as well, you should have say, www.isim.com and www.isim.com/blog if it is not a blog that is, this will boost the search engine value of a static website. It will also allow people to comment which is interaction, trawl  the net looking for information and when you find good information, curate it from your blog.

    Do plenty of keyword research and use plenty of long tail key words in your content, especially the curated content on your blog. Also post articles to your blog. If you could post one article a week to your blog and one curated article a day, then in about two months, you would see a substantial amount of traffic and all of the search engines would know you exist.

    Find out who your competition is and be better than them, use plenty of media, by this I mean use, lots of good textual content, pictures, video, even sound if you can get it. Remember this does not have to be all your own, you can curate other peoples content so long as you add to it, cite it correctly with a link back to it and don't use more than 35% of it. Videos from many sites can be embedded on your site, use them, you can link out to pod casts and embed some of them, people like variety, so use plenty of media. This all creates interaction with your site and that is very important, search engines love it but so do people.

    Surveys are useful for bringing people back, if they commit themselves to something then they take ownership and often want to know the outcomes, so can entice themselves back to find out how it's going, as well as more interaction.

    Don't be dependent on others to do it, teach yourself, on a very personal level I wouldn't waste my time with a website unless I had to, I would use a blog. Wordpress is so easy, versatile and free. All this stuff is easy if you learn how to do it, it is not difficult to learn and you are already half way there.

    There is a lot more you can do but if you did just what I have said, you will start getting traffic quickly and get to be authoritative on your subject.

    All the very best, Gareth.

  16. Faithandme profile image38
    Faithandmeposted 10 years ago

    Its almost like marketing. You have to spread the word and get your message out to people. Many of the same techniques used are done by marketers. They use Youtube, Twitter, etc. Here is a link to free videos and help to get the word out.


    I hope this helps.

  17. profile image0
    jlcustompcposted 10 years ago

    These days Google is all about high quality unique content.

    At least 1000 words per page per topic --- do not stuff keywords and be sure to submit your site to Bing and Google.

    Look into setting up Google and Bing analytics.

    phpbb forums is a great place for a free forum setup if you are doing your own hosting.



    Always use the FULL web address of links even within your own website between pages.

    Makes sure each page has a unique title and description and keywords.

  18. cam8510 profile image93
    cam8510posted 10 years ago

    http//:www.alphainventions.com is a site that allows you to put your web address in a constant rotation of websites.  It will get you a lot of visitors very quickly, but if you use google analytics, you will see that only a few stick around long.  It is an easy way to get some quick exposure.  I use it occasionally for a hub just to kick start it.

    1. Ruby H Rose profile image60
      Ruby H Roseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      This is great information to know, thanks.

  19. cyoung35 profile image82
    cyoung35posted 10 years ago

    You can start by announcing it to all your friends and family then tell them to announce it to their friends and family to help you out.

  20. Elderberry Arts profile image91
    Elderberry Artsposted 10 years ago

    Specific forums can be good as there are lots of people there interested in your topic. Facebook groups as well. I have found facebook very useful for this and have an fan page for both of my websites. It gives you lots of opportunities to interact with people who maybe interested and keep you site in their minds so they will visit and possibly tell/invite other people too. It does take a lot of work at first.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I don't mind a lot of work, it is something I care a lot about.

    2. Ruby H Rose profile image60
      Ruby H Roseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Yep, time, time, and more time.  Once you link with other isms related to your articles, it will start getting noticed.

  21. cperuzzi profile image90
    cperuzziposted 10 years ago

    First, it should be a site you're passionate about.  Secondly, you'll need to update it every day.

    Why do I say that?  Well, in order to get people to notice it, you'll need it to come up favorably on search engines.  Search engines notice sites that change often.  They just love them.  The more they change, the higher you'll rank.

    Also, add content often.  The more content you have the more of a chance of your site coming up.

    You will also want to contribute to other people's websites.  Guest contributions that can lead back to your site full of articles will get people interested.  Exchange links with him and perhaps you can publish one of their articles on your site.

    1. Michele Travis profile image68
      Michele Travisposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you,  I am working on getting some of the problems fixed. I think our host is going to have to help. I am passionate about it.  It is connected to some of the hubs I wrote.


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