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Are Jesus and Satan one in the same, as they both referred to the Morning Star i

  1. SportsBetter profile image78
    SportsBetterposted 5 years ago

    Are Jesus and Satan one in the same, as they both referred to the Morning Star in the bible?

  2. sroberts9 profile image81
    sroberts9posted 5 years ago

    No Jesus is the son of God and Satan is a fallen angel.  There is a big difference.  The morning star reference is to mean that Satan can come in any form - including the light of the world.  - He has the ability to twist the truth to seem like its fact - when in fact it is a lie.  The bible gives reference in parables and its when you begin to understand what you are reading then it makes more sense.

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      whonunuwhoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      good answer.

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    whonunuwhoposted 5 years ago

    In the Biblical scriptures the term"Morning Star" refers to both Lucifer and Jesus. Jesus is called the Evening Star and Morning Star. There are many scriptural people mentioned as stars and even mankind is said to be a son of God, just as Lucifer. The fallen angel, Lucifer, mentioned in Isaiah14:12 is said to be a morning star,"The Morning Star and "Evening Star" is Jesus. This is accepted throughout scriptures of the Bible. I would think that one could differentiate and see there is a great difference between the son of God and the fallen angel, Lucifer, who was sent into the bowels of Hell to reside there forever, until Christ Jesus comes a second time to claim his souls and defeat the "Dragon", Lucifer(Another more appropriate name). If you as much as slightly refer to Jesus as being the same as the devil, then heaven help you in the time when we all will be judged by our actions and following of the way set by our Lord Jesus.

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    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Satan is a liar and a VERY convincing one, Too many are believing his lies. He is a fallen angel. Not Deity. Jesus Christ is the son of God and Deity. Satan has already been defeated on Calvary when Jesus was crucified for ALL'S sin if they will accept him.

    John 3:15-17

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    backporchstoriesposted 5 years ago

    Interesting question!  However, Morning Star can simple be a name attached to anyone who is born in the morning and whose personality shines brightly!  Morning Star name does not belong only to Jesus or Lucifer, but is like naming the character.  Why Lucifer is name morning star, is because he was born in early day and was once God's top Angel before he fell.  Jesus is the light both day and night, and remember the North Star?  That is one of the few stars that can be seen as the sun rises.