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The Rapture: will we be clothed or naked?

  1. boyatdelhi profile image82
    boyatdelhiposted 5 years ago

    The Rapture: will we be clothed or naked?


  2. sonfollowers profile image83
    sonfollowersposted 5 years ago

    Greetings!  I'm reasonably certain that the concept of being naked doesn't really apply to heaven.  We will be given a brand new body (ie. scrap the old one).  Applicable  verses are:
    1 Corinthians 15:42-44, 49-50, 52-55
    Phillipians 3:20-21
    Matthew 17:2
    Revelation 1:12-18
    It makes sense, really.  By the time we're dead, our bodies will be in a non-functional state (otherwise, we wouldn't be dead...).  In heaven we will live forever, so we will need new bodies that are better than these (incorruptible, impenetrable, etc.) to support that endeavor.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Peace!

  3. johndnathan profile image83
    johndnathanposted 5 years ago


    Definitely clothed.

    The good Lord gave you a beautiful body that you should never ever EVER reveal to anyone except the one you marry and procreate with.

    God is able to see right through your clothes to your naked self, however he would certainly NOT do that for modesty sake.

  4. Seek-n-Find profile image90
    Seek-n-Findposted 5 years ago

    Earthly clothes will be left behind, but there are garments in heaven given to the saints.  I've researched heaven and what its like for over a year for a book I'm writing.  I've read over 100 testimonies from all different ages and cultures and times and not one person mentioned people in heaven being naked.  :-)

  5. MarieAlana1 profile image71
    MarieAlana1posted 5 years ago

    The movie portrays people leaving their clothes behind. I believe that is the way it's going to be except we are going to get new clothes once we step into heaven.

  6. miss_jkim profile image80
    miss_jkimposted 5 years ago

    We will be glorified and I don't think it will matter if we are clothed or not. Our eyes will only see the Glory of our risen king as he calls us home.

  7. d.william profile image74
    d.williamposted 5 years ago

    this is one of the most hilarious questions i have encountered so far in relationship with the religious minded.
    It certainly depicts my views on the nonsensical teachings of religions.  These silly and useless quotes from the bible are amusing at best, and frightening at worst when people take them literally.
    The beauty of the human body is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but when exploited  to sell one's wares, it is doing so inappropriately and denigrating that beauty. 
    There is no shame in nakedness, only in the minds of those who think so.  This silly notion is a direct result of the teachings of the fairytale existence of the garden of eden in christianity, and its equivalent in other cults.
    PS, i love the picture at the bottom of the hand holding that big 'banana'.  L.O.L.

  8. W. Joe B. profile image71
    W. Joe B.posted 5 years ago

    This is about the most ludicrous question, and one of the best examples, I've seen or heard that explains why the Church is becoming a laughing stock world-wide.  Does anyone really think the souls we're trying to reach will be impressed by the depths of our Biblical understanding after reading this?

    I shudder to imagine how God looks on this kind of "discussion" of epic proportions.  Really...let's spend our time looking for His presence.  It will take us a lot farther than this.

  9. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Neither. The flesh will remain as our souls ascend to Heaven with Jesus Christ.

  10. celafoe profile image55
    celafoeposted 5 years ago

    since the rapture story is an unscriptural lie , this is a moot question