belief without act and act without belief...which one is better??

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    darkinsideposted 7 years ago

    belief without act and act without belief...which one is better??......

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      brotheryochananposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      neither are any good
          If we act without belief. There are many examples of people living a good life. They don't smoke, would never commit adultery against their spouse and certainly not bomb an airport, but these people know not the god of the bible. Certain basic conditions are simply not met. Gods sheep know their masters voice and he knows theirs; is a condition which meets gods standards. Ye must be born again, confession of sin or repentance. These are not met and hence the saying "depart from me i never knew you". The work of god in a christian is that the holy spirit be in us and work out our ungodliness and attune us to the world to come. It is a work of god and not a work of human flesh or human effort. Jesus is the way to the father, as he is the Son. another condition not met.

          If we believe without act, We are houses built upon the sand and prone to failure. We become the unprofitable servant who's end is the outer darkness. (parable about the talents Matthew 25:30) We are lazy. Since gods people are not judged for sin but by their works, or what they have done in the name and capacity of god, there must therefore be works.
          believe without acting properly, Many who do not act like christians fall away sooner or later and become indistinguishable from the world. These are the hypocrites that the world loves to ridicule and God regrets. Without adherence to Gods standards they backslide and fail and like seed sown on rocky ground, they die spiritually.

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    darkinsideposted 7 years ago

    thank you  brother...