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Important Information on Hard Drive Data Recovery

Updated on June 11, 2013
Hard Drive
Hard Drive

Hard drive failure is not an uncommon thing that can happen to just anyone that owns a computer. At some point of usage, you will have to experience the trials and tribulations of a hard drive corrupt or failure. There are many reasons behind such occurrence and these include human handling error, frequent power failure, hard disk of inferior quality, viruses attack and etc. Hard drive data recovery is very important particular for a business that rely on IT where crucial data is stored on hard drive; this is perhaps even truer when the information has not been able to backup at the time of the failure.

Almost all hard drives that failed can actually be recovered by either through hard drive data recovery software and tool or by professional services. In normal cases where the hard drive is making ticking or scratching noise, you can use certain data recovery tool to extract or gain back the lost data. In such cases, the drive is not actually dead yet where only certain area of it where the data is stored can’t be accessed.

This can happen due to age part (be cautious if your hard drive is 3 years of more) where the aperture arm that read data in the drive fail, or the platters are damaged and lose the data they stored there. Software is only good for minor recovery, and if it fails in the task, you will need to send it to a data recovery center where the professionally trained technician will recover your data using some special recovery tool.

Professional Hard Drive Recovery Service
Professional Hard Drive Recovery Service | Source

Hard drive data recovery is always an option; doesn't matter what your hard drive capacity is; the data stored in it can always be recovered. It’s just a matter of doing it yourself using some kind of data recovery tool or sending it to a professional service. A total failed hard disk can only be recovered by a professional technician where he will disassemble your hard drive and using a special equipment to extract data from the platter directly. Professional data recovery service is quite costly.

Besides hard drive failures, data that is accidentally erased can also be recovered with tools or programs. This includes data which has been removed from the recycle bins. In such cases, the data actually has not been removed from the system yet as the data is still sitting on the hard drive. The chance of recovering accidentally erased data is very high especially if you do it right just after you have deleted.

A Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
A Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Hard Drive Data Recovery for Business and Personal Use

For people who have multiple hard drives in the computer (it’s very common to have at least two hard drives reside in a pc), they can also rest assured that RAID configurations can also be recovered. When one of the two hard drives on the RAID configuration fails, the RAID setup will automatically absorb the blow so that the data lost could be minimized. For such recovery, it is better for a trained technician to do it as if you do it wrongly, the data will be gone forever.

So anytime that your hard drive happens to corrupt or malfunction, don’t freak as hard drive data recovery system is always there to help you getting back your data. Whenever a data recovery tool fails in getting back your data, rest assure that it can be done by a professional service. So no worry about getting back you personal files or business data. But be prepared to pay the hefty bills since this service does not come cheap.

How to recover data on external hard drive

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  • amandasozak profile image

    amandasozak 4 years ago from Ashland, Ohio

    You're certainly right about data recovery services being expensive! It's so worthwhile to backup your data to avoid that, yet it's incredible how many people don't backup their data. I recently read a statistic that said that only 25% of people backup their important files on their computers, yet 85% worry about the consequences of losing their valuable data.

    Thanks for the info!

  • radharenu profile image

    radharenu 4 years ago from India


    Excellent informative and useful post. In my opinion the best defense against data loss is real-time backup of your data. Thanks for sharing.