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The Spectacular Bangui Windmills and Quaint Bojeador Lighthouse

Updated on March 8, 2013

One of the top tourist destinations not only in Ilocos Norte but in the entire northern Luzon is the Bangui Windmills and the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. If you are on your way to Bangui, Cape Bojeador can be seen visibly.

Seating comfortably on top of a hill in the rustic yet picturesque Burgoz town, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse blends well with the cape and with the ocean.

The lighthouse was one of the province's hallmarks in the old and antique days where galleon trades flourished. This magnificent structure which was built in 1892 helped ships navigate safely. Surprising as it is, the lighthouse is still working and will serve as a reminder of the glorious past of the town and the province of Ilocos Norte as well.

The Bangui Windmills
The Bangui Windmills

The Bangui wind turbines on the other hand, were also considered as among one of the trademarks of the province. The windmills were like those famous ones found in the Netherlands, which are the Dutch Windmills. The windmills were situated well along the coast of the cape and together they served as a wind farm. The windmills convert wind energy into an electrical energy.

The province is noted for their historic and aged structures but then there are the wind turbines standing majestically in the coastline of Bangui, which can be taught of a modern architecture that entails transformation and development.

The scenery here are like no other as you can have unending picture taking. The wind turbines, sea and the sky complements each other very well as they give you an astonishing backdrop you desire in photo ops.

Ah it gives you a great feeling once you are on this nice place even as the strong breeze of hair caresses you with warmth giving you tranquility you linger for.

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The Bangui Wind Turbines
The Bangui Wind Turbines


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