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The captivating Mt. Pinatubo

Updated on March 8, 2013

After a destructive volcanic eruption many years back, now the tamed and quaint Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales, Philippines is transformed into a breathtaking and spectacular sight. The journey through the majestic volcano’s crater can be arduous as you need to endure several dusts on your way, but there is a great consolation along the way as you are treated to magnificent scenery. If your vehicle can no longer take you further, you need to conquer via your foot.

The tiresome trek will lead you through the lush landscape of tropical flora, boulders, small rivers and sulfur beds. By the time you are at the crater of the volcano, you are treated to a spectacle that you’ve never seen before. Lo and behold, you will be seeing nature at its best right before your very eyes, a picturesque view of turquoise green lake that is truly enthralling and captivating.

Mt. Pinatubo's crater
Mt. Pinatubo's crater

The tourism boom is widely felt in the Mt. Pinatubo right now. Keep in mind that there are basic toilet shops and a view deck which is perfect for photo shoots.

A ride to the magical lake in the lake is possible by hiring a "banca" (a small boat) for just P1,500, which can accommodate 6 persons to cruise to other side which promises another sight to get marvel at with series of ohs and ahs.

You can swim in the lake’s enticing, balsamic and warm water too or better yet enjoy the environment at the view deck.

You can also pumper your feet and muscles with a relaxing detox, a volcanic ash burial treatment followed by a rejuvenating mud slather.

And last but not definitely the least you may sample the massage offered here by the local ladies here, to give you comfort and at the same time eased out muscle pains.

You can have all of these well-deserved caprices in Pinatubo Spa Town which is the place where you can book a tour to this panoramic volcano, that is, the towering yet enchanting Mt. Pinatubo, one of the Philippines' fast rising tourist destination.

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    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      Beautiful ! Defintely a great place to go for holidays.