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Pamilacan Bohol a Breeding Ground for the Charming Dolphins

Updated on March 8, 2013

Pamilacan Bohol a Breeding Ground for the Charming Dolphins

The Bohol province in the Visayas in the Philippines just earned few years ago the distinction of being the most diverse areas in the world. It is home to the world’s smallest primate which is the tarsiers and the very rare cloud rat.

The Bohol province is also home to breathtaking tourist’s destinations including the Chocolate Hills and the most diverse marine area in the world which is the Panglao Island. Just recently there are numerous species of marine animals that are discovered in the placid seawater that surrounds this wonderful island.


But not to be outdone is the rustic and calm town of Pamilacan which is a sanctuary to at least 13 species of dolphins and other marine creatures. A sign that the environment here is intact and well-preserved since the place is free from stress, pressure, pollution and noise.

The most common dolphins here which can number to several hundreds to thousands are the spinner and bow rider dolphins. The magnificent spinner dolphins as what their name suggests can pull of an acrobatic tricks which they normally do in the wide open seas. The spinners will launch themselves into the thin air while spinning as if they are like tops. The dolphins here indeed has a field day in this wonderful area, as they linger, play, swim all day long.

Like us humans these fascinating animals are sociable and highly intelligent as you can also observe them rubbing each others' body as if they are on courtship or perhaps having a bonding time. There enormous intelligence is indeed impeccable as you can see them perform mundane to exhilarating tricks in dolphin shows.

The charm of dolphins seemed to be universal as they easily captivate people of all ages for they are witty, playful, nimble, cute and adorable.

Since the dolphins are warm-blooded animals it is customary to see them emerge from the water to keep them warm. They cannot regulate their body temperature and cannot afford to stay very long under the water.

Dolphins can also sleep while one of their eyes is open and the other close. This awesome ability gives them the privilege of detecting and thwarting attacks from their predators or adversaries specifically sharks (like the Great White Shark) and the Orcas (Killer Sharks).

Dolphins feeds on almost anything moves in the sea specially crustaceans, fishes and jellyfishes. Bud sadly dolphins may mistake the plastic we dispose in the open seas as jellyfish. And when the plastic is accumulated in the tummy of the dolphins this will soon pose health threats on their digestive system that could lead to death. This scenario is also common to sea turtles which also devour plastic thinking that it is a yummy jellyfish. Aside from dolphins you can also have a glimpse of whales here including the whale sharks which is indeed a great bonus.

The whale shark in the Donsol, Sorsogon sparked throngs of foreign tourists in the area, will the dolphins create some magic to Pamilacan, Bohol, too? This splendid place can be a getaway for those who would like to see nature at its finest - a place to enjoy the sea whilst on a dolphin watching.

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