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Robin Coe has been a journalist for 20 years. Currently, she writes about herbs, metaphysics, gardening and health for Livestrong, Ehow and Garden Guides.

            Robin writes fantasy and graphic novels with metaphysical and philosophical themes. She is the author of "Fly on the Wall", "Illustrated Book of Wrath" and "Book of Wrath".  

            She also writes political and philosophical poetry.

            Her books are available in paperback and Kindle editions on  Amazon.

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  • How to Use Kefir to Ferment Vegetables

    How to Use Kefir to Ferment Vegetables

    2 years ago

    Kefir grains, typically used in milk to create a probiotic drink, can be used to ferment vegetables. You can also use the whey left from making kefir cheese.

  • How to Plant Potatoes

    How to Plant Potatoes

    10 months ago

    Potatoes are one of he earliest vegetables adapted to gardens, and are considered as important of a staple crop as rice or wheat. They are a cool-season vegetable.

  • How to Grow Purslane

    How to Grow Purslane

    10 months ago

    You've probably walked over one of the healthiest vegetables available without even knowing it. Purslane often grows in the cracks between sidewalks. It was introduced around the world from Persia and India. Until...

  • How to Grow Wine Cap Mushrooms

    How to Grow Wine Cap Mushrooms

    10 months ago

    One of the easiest mushrooms to start growing at home is the Wine Cap mushroom, also known as King Stropharia. Wine cap mushrooms grow as big as portobello mushrooms, and have a meaty texture and taste. The spawn can be...

  • How to Save Arugula Seeds

    How to Save Arugula Seeds

    3 years ago

    You can plant arugula continuously year after year without ever buying seeds again by saving your seed from your harvest.

  • How to Grow Thyme

    How to Grow Thyme

    10 months ago

    Herbs can spice up your garden harvest cooking, and add pleasant aromas to your outdoor space. Thyme is one of the more common herbs grown in gardens.

  • How to Grow Burdock

    How to Grow Burdock

    10 months ago

    Burdock is mostly known as a weed throughout the United States, but is considered an important root vegetable in Asian cooking. One burdock plant can produce up to 2 feet of edible root, which makes it a great addition...

  • How to Cook with Wolfberries

    How to Cook with Wolfberries

    10 months ago

    Wolfberries or goji berries are considered a superfruit with many health benefits. The berry can be added as an interesting ingredient to soups, stir-fry or sauteed greens.

  • How to Make Grape Vinegar

    How to Make Grape Vinegar

    10 months ago

    Use your homemade vinegar to make salad dressing or for pickling recipes.