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  • Best Apps for Distraction-Free Writing

    Best Apps for Distraction-Free Writing

    2 days ago

    These top 5 full-screen writing apps help avoid compulsively checking social media or email as you work. Eliminate distractions and improve your focus to easier enter the flow state and skyrocket your productivity.

  • Best Complete Harry/Daphne Fanfiction

    Best Complete Harry/Daphne Fanfiction

    5 days ago

    A list of the best Harry/Daphne (Haphne) fanfics that are complete. Because the Golden Boy of Gryffindor needs his Ice Queen of Slytherin.

  • Top 5 Isekai Manga & LNs

    Top 5 Isekai Manga & LNs

    5 days ago

    Isekai genre is booming in Japanse manga, light novels, and anime. As an avid reader, here's a top 5 list of my favorite isekai manga and light novels.

  • Cloudflare Firewall Rules for Securing WordPress

    Cloudflare Firewall Rules for Securing WordPress

    5 months ago

    Cloudflare provides up to 5 firewall rules for free that can be used to harden WordPress sites, protect the admin area, and block automated wp-login.php scans before they even reach the host server.

  • JavaScript Banner Rotator

    JavaScript Banner Rotator

    10 months ago

    A simple JavaScript banner rotator to display advertisements or linked images or on your website without any third-party services or libraries. Lightweight and easy on your web server because everything is done client-side.

  • Battlerite Battlegrounds Guide

    Battlerite Battlegrounds Guide

    22 months ago

    Battlegrounds is an objective-based mode in the free-to-play brawler Battlerite. It doesn't replace the core competitive arena gameplay, but it provides a more fun & casual way of enjoying the game.

  • Battlerite: Blossom Guide

    Battlerite: Blossom Guide

    2 years ago

    A quick Blossom guide from a Champion Battlerite player. Find out about her abilities, best battlerites to pick in different situations, and some basic strategies.

  • Bloodline Champions: a Unique MOBA

    Bloodline Champions: a Unique MOBA

    2 years ago

    Bloodline Champions is an entirely skill-based MOBA, with no random chances or PvE whatsoever. Find out what makes this game so awesome and start playing it on Steam for free.

  • Social Sharing Buttons Without Tracking

    Social Sharing Buttons Without Tracking

    8 months ago

    Social share buttons are great for increasing traffic to your website. However, popular services like AddThis use third-party tracking, which is a privacy concern. Here are some nice alternatives.

  • Responsive Youtube Videos for WordPress

    Responsive Youtube Videos for WordPress

    2 years ago

    A pure CSS solution for making embedded Youtube videos responsive, plus a function to apply the needed styling to videos in WordPress automatically. Both the height and the width will change to fit!

  • Best Forum Platforms

    Best Forum Platforms

    19 months ago

    This top 10 list will help you choose the best software for your discussion boards. Feature-rich or minimal, paid or free and open-source, choose the platform which suits your needs best.

  • Best Computer Hardware Forums

    Best Computer Hardware Forums

    4 years ago

    This list contains the largest computer-related discussion boards on the net where you can get useful advice about upgrading your PC, or solving your hardware and software issues.

  • Logitech G400: a Worthy MX518 Successor

    Logitech G400: a Worthy MX518 Successor

    4 years ago

    Logitech MX518 is a legendary mouse beloved by gamers around the world. The new G400 offers the same shape and button layout, and comes with a more accurate laser sensor and no angle snapping.

  • PPV Advertising Explained

    PPV Advertising Explained

    2 years ago

    PPV is a form of online marketing which utilizes adware to deliver ads straight to the user's computer. It is known for its low cost per view, as well as low conversion rate. Find out more here.

  • Best Ad Managers

    Best Ad Managers

    4 years ago

    These top 5 ad management solutions will help you sell advertising on your website or blog, and increase your earnings with ad targeting. I reviewed inexpensive services which won't break your budget.

  • My Top 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins

    My Top 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins

    5 days ago

    I have been using WordPress for a long time now, and tried many different plugins over the years. This is a top 5 list of my favorites, which are installed on almost all my WP-based websites.

  • Using CloudFlare to Geotarget Amazon Links

    Using CloudFlare to Geotarget Amazon Links

    12 months ago

    Find out how you can geotarget your Amazon affiliate links for free and earn more from your international traffic. Stop losing commissions by sending UK or German visitors to the American store.

  • Dell P2414H: A Great Monitor for Gaming

    Dell P2414H: A Great Monitor for Gaming

    2 years ago

    Dell P2414H turned out to be a surprisingly good monitor for gaming thanks to low latency and very small input lag. It is also cheaper than similar "UltraSharp" class monitors from Dell.

  • PS/2 vs USB Keyboards

    PS/2 vs USB Keyboards

    5 years ago

    Did you know that connecting your keyboard via the older PS/2 port can actually result in slightly lower latency and less CPU usage? Not only that, it enables full n-key rollover for gaming keyboards.

  • Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboards

    Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboards

    2 years ago

    There are different types of the popular Cherry MX switches, some of them better suited for gaming, and others for typing. Find out about the different types and pick the ones that suit you best.

  • Best Gaming Keyboards

    Best Gaming Keyboards

    22 months ago

    Improve your performance in competitive video games with these top-tier keyboards designed with you in mind. Enjoy the responsive keys, useful macros, spectacular RGB backlighting and other features.

  • Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

    Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

    3 years ago

    Mechanical keyboards offer snappier keys and faster response time compared to membrane ones, which is what makes them so attractive to gamers and typists alike. Find out which are the top 10 here.

  • LED Backlight Flicker in LCD Displays

    LED Backlight Flicker in LCD Displays

    2 years ago

    Do your eyes start hurting after using your LED-backlit LCD display just for a few minutes? Backlight flicker due to PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) might be the culprit.

  • Neptune's Pride Tips

    Neptune's Pride Tips

    10 months ago

    Neptune's Pride is a great browser-based multiplayer strategy game which is easy to learn, but difficult to master. These five simple tips will help new players improve their game quickly.

  • Best Palm Grip Mouse

    Best Palm Grip Mouse

    11 months ago

    Looking for a large and comfortable mouse with a good sensor? This top 10 list of palm grip mice should come in handy if you need a replacement or an upgrade for your existing gaming gear.

  • Best Claw Grip Mouse

    Best Claw Grip Mouse

    4 years ago

    This list of the top 10 claw grip mice will help you find the best fragging tool for your needs. Cooler Master, Roccat, Razer, and other manufacturers all have a claw grip mouse or two to offer.

  • Best Epic Movie Soundtracks

    Best Epic Movie Soundtracks

    12 months ago

    I've compiled a top 10 list of my favorite movie music scores. Enjoy these epic, emotional pieces which made the films so much more memorable. Feel free to share your favorite movie soundtracks, too.

  • Best Clan Hosting

    Best Clan Hosting

    5 years ago

    When it comes to creating a clan website, you can either modify a generic forum, or use a specialized guild hosting service which provides useful features like recruitment widgets and voice servers.

  • Best Harry Potter Fanfiction

    Best Harry Potter Fanfiction

    5 days ago

    This top 10 list contains the best Harry Potter fanfics I've ever read. Find good stories to read and tell me about your own favorites.

  • VigLink Review

    VigLink Review

    5 years ago

    VigLink provides additional ways to monetize your website without any extra effort. There are, however, some downsides to using VigLink as opposed to working with an affiliate program directly.

  • How to Hide Firefox Title Bar

    How to Hide Firefox Title Bar

    5 years ago

    These simple tweaks will allow you to use Firefox with the menu bar on, while getting rid of the space-wasting title bar. Add-on icons can be moved to the menu bar to maximize useful screen space.

  • How to Restore the Status Bar in Firefox

    How to Restore the Status Bar in Firefox

    5 years ago

    Missing the classic status bar in the newer versions of Firefox? Never fear, there is an add-on which will help you get it back! It also adds more useful, customizable features to your browser.

  • Death and Immortality

    Death and Immortality

    2 years ago

    Is death truly an inevitable part of life? With our increasing scientific knowledge, we should eventually be able to cure aging and achieve biological immortality. Who wouldn't want to live forever?

  • Keanu Reeves Movie List

    Keanu Reeves Movie List

    5 years ago

    Find out about the movies Keanu Reeves has starred in from this filmography, and share your own favorites. Contrary to a popular belief, this enigmatic actor can definitely do very different roles.

  • Best Manga Series List

    Best Manga Series List

    2 years ago

    Japanese manga is a wonderful storytelling medium with countless series and one-shots of all genres. I have compiled some of my favorites into a list, and visitors to this page have added the rest.

  • Widescreen vs Standard Monitors

    Widescreen vs Standard Monitors

    2 years ago

    With the advent of HDTVs and the same panels used in LCD monitors and televisions, it's hard to find a non-widescreen computer display. Yet old 4:3 and even 5:4 monitors have their own advantages.

  • Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

    Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

    5 years ago

    Small and light mice are the best for gaming with a fingertip grip. This top 10 list will help you find a replacement or an upgrade. Good shape, solid sensor, and reliable switches are the priorities.

  • Hanazawa Kana

    Hanazawa Kana

    4 years ago

    Find out more about this talented voice actress and her most notable anime roles, from Nadeko Sengoku in Bakemonogatari to Kuroneko in Oreimo and Aika Fuwa in Zetsuen no Tempest.

  • MSI Motherboard Beeps on Boot

    MSI Motherboard Beeps on Boot

    5 years ago

    If your MSI motherboard beeps during boot, don't start picking apart your computer just yet. It could simply be a really annoying feature which "counts" the number of USB devices you have connected.

  • WiFi Headache - Myth or Health Risk?

    WiFi Headache - Myth or Health Risk?

    2 years ago

    Could wireless internet actually present a health hazard? Many contributors to this page claim they have experienced headaches and other ill effects seemingly stemming from wi-fi equipment.

  • Best Blogging Platforms

    Best Blogging Platforms

    2 years ago

    If you're looking to start a blog, this list of the best blogging platforms should come in handy. Both hosted and standalone services are included. Vote for your favorite and see what others use.

  • Buy Books with Free Shipping

    Buy Books with Free Shipping

    4 years ago

    Amazon's delivery to your country too expensive? There are some alternatives that offer free worldwide shipping for books and other items. Find out where you can buy books without high delivery costs.

  • Picasa vs Flickr

    Picasa vs Flickr

    2 years ago

    Flickr and Picasa Web Albums (now Google+ photos) are two of the most popular image hosting and sharing sites online. There's a lively, ongoing debate on which one is better, and why.

  • Top 10 Beautiful Caterpillar Photos

    Top 10 Beautiful Caterpillar Photos

    5 years ago

    Many caterpillars look beautiful and amazing due to their bright colors and interesting shapes, whether they're meant to blend in with the environment, or scare off predators.

  • Best Avatar Makers

    Best Avatar Makers

    5 years ago

    Replace your boring profile picture with a totally awesome one using these easy avatar generators. No graphics editing skills required.

  • IMVU vs Second Life

    IMVU vs Second Life

    2 years ago

    IMVU and Second Life are both thriving online communities with thousands of active users. Both virtual worlds have their own appeal, but which one is better? Find out in this ongoing debate.

  • Books Similar to Harry Potter

    Books Similar to Harry Potter

    5 years ago

    I've compiled a list of the best books similar to the famous Harry Potter series. Find good fantasy novels or series to read, and share your own favorites.

  • Book Depository Review

    Book Depository Review

    5 years ago

    Book Depository is a great online bookstore which offers free worldwide delivery. It is a great alternative to Amazon, especially to people from countries which don't get free shipping from Amazon.

  • Buy IMVU Credits

    Buy IMVU Credits

    4 years ago

    Purchase IMVU credits at a discount from a registered, official reseller. XKZ Exchange differs from other resellers in the number of different payment options that they offer (12+).

  • Firefox vs Opera

    Firefox vs Opera

    2 years ago

    An ongoing debate about two popular web browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Both apps have their pros and cons, and even diehard fans who wouldn't trade their particular browser for any other.

  • List of the Best Anime Movies

    List of the Best Anime Movies

    5 years ago

    Find the best anime movies to watch on this top 50 list and see what other people enjoy. Share your favorite Japanese animation.

  • Free Chess eBooks

    Free Chess eBooks

    4 years ago

    Download some great chess books that have been released into the public domain, and improve your game without spending anything on expensive hardcovers. All you need is a PDF reader to open the files.

  • I Hate Flash Websites

    I Hate Flash Websites

    2 years ago

    Sure, it is great for games and animations, but Flash-based websites are the worst. They're laggy, difficult to read, and you can't even use bookmarks or the back button. In this case, Flash sucks.

  • Rap vs Rock

    Rap vs Rock

    2 years ago

    Rock and rap fans alike have shared their opinion on these popular music genres in this ongoing debate. Come and tell everyone which music style is better, and see what other people have had to say.

  • How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

    How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

    5 years ago

    There are several different ways to deal with multiple Gmail accounts, including multiple sign-in, delegation, and a browser plugin. Find out the one that suits your needs best here.

  • NoScript: the Best Firefox Add-on

    NoScript: the Best Firefox Add-on

    12 months ago

    NoScript makes your browser more secure and blocks annoying Flash and JavaScript junk by default. The web pages you visit will load faster and won't be able to infect your PC using malicious scripts.

  • Traditional Lithuanian Dishes

    Traditional Lithuanian Dishes

    5 years ago

    Lithuanian cuisine is known for its simple and hearty dishes; our traditional fare tends to be naturally filling, made from local ingredients, and only lightly seasoned with salt and herbs.

  • Geek vs Nerd

    Geek vs Nerd

    2 years ago

    "Geek" and "nerd" are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences between the two terms. Find out about what separates geeks from nerds, and see what others have to say in our debate.

  • McDonalds vs Starbucks

    McDonalds vs Starbucks

    2 years ago

    Come share your opinion on which cup of coffee tastes better and gives you the most bang for your buck in this ongoing McDonalds vs Starbucks debate.

  • McDonalds vs Burger King

    McDonalds vs Burger King

    2 years ago

    Come share your 2 cents in the ongoing debate on whether McDonalds or Burger King is the better fast food place to grab a hamburger at. Which one's the winner in the Big Mac vs The Whopper battle?

  • Gmail vs Outlook

    Gmail vs Outlook

    2 years ago

    Gmail and are two of the most popular free webmail providers in the world, each with hundreds of millions of users. Which service do you prefer and why? Hundreds have chimed in the debate.



    2 years ago

    NVIDIA and AMD are the leaders of the graphics card market. Participate in the ongoing debate on which one makes better GPUs, and see what other people have to say about Radeon and GeForce cards.

  • Intel vs AMD

    Intel vs AMD

    2 years ago

    Intel and AMD are the largest CPU manufacturers, and when building a new computer, you usually have to make a choice between the two. Find out about their pros and cons in this ongoing debate.

  • Ambiguous Optical Illusions

    Ambiguous Optical Illusions

    5 years ago

    Each of these ambiguous images can be seen as two different things. Confound your brain with these optical illusions, and find out what other people perceive while looking at the same picture.

  • I Hate Cucumbers

    I Hate Cucumbers

    2 years ago

    Pickles might be awesome, but cucumbers are not. They will ruin your salad, your sandwich, and your life. Know that if you hate cucumbers, you are not alone. Let's fight the good fight together.

  • Hubble Deep Field

    Hubble Deep Field

    2 years ago

    Hubble Deep Field provides an astonishing glimpse into the universe, detecting thousands of far-away galaxies in just one tiny, unremarkable patch of sky.

  • Top 10 Gaming Mice

    Top 10 Gaming Mice

    22 months ago

    A good mouse with quality sensor can improve your performance in FPS, MOBA, RTS, and other games. This page will help you find a gaming mouse that fits your unique needs.

  • Code Geass R2: Lelouch Is Alive

    Code Geass R2: Lelouch Is Alive

    5 years ago

    There are many good reasons to believe that Lelouch is still alive at the end of the second season of Code Geass. I'll try to prove that he survived and went into hiding together with C.C.

  • Vuze vs uTorrent

    Vuze vs uTorrent

    2 years ago

    An ongoing debate on the pros and cons of the two most popular BitTorrent clients: Vuze and uTorrent. Which program downloads torrents faster and offers more useful features? Discuss here.

  • Top 10 Internet Meme Classics

    Top 10 Internet Meme Classics

    7 months ago

    Been living in the cave for the past few years? This page will help you get back into the loop. Find out about the top 10 classic internet memes like Lolcats, Rickrolling, All Your Base, and others.

  • Matte vs Glossy Screens

    Matte vs Glossy Screens

    2 years ago

    A glossy LCD looks great in a store, but many people go for the matte monitor to avoid issues with reflections and glare. Which one is the better choice? Hundreds of users have shared their opinions.

  • Wired vs Wireless Mice

    Wired vs Wireless Mice

    2 years ago

    Wireless mice undoubtedly have some advantages, but many people still swear by wired ones, especially when it comes to gaming where every millisecond is important. Hundreds have chimed in the debate.

  • Is Wordpress the Best Blogging Platform?

    Is Wordpress the Best Blogging Platform?

    2 years ago

    WordPress is, by far, the most popular blogging platform online - but is it really the best one available? Come share your thoughts in this ongoing debate, and see what other bloggers have to say.

  • Best Fantasy Book List

    Best Fantasy Book List

    2 years ago

    Find good fantasy novels and series to read in this huge list where the books are ranked by visitor votes. Share your own recommendations and see what great works other fantasy fans enjoy reading.

  • Fanfiction Site List

    Fanfiction Site List

    14 months ago

    Find good sites for reading fanfiction and for publishing your own stories. General, Harry Potter, Twilight, anime, and other categories.

  • Katana: the Sharpest Weapon Ever

    Katana: the Sharpest Weapon Ever

    5 years ago

    Known as the "perfect sword", the iconic katana is one of the sharpest and most fearsome blade weapons in existence. Watch a Japanese katana cut handgun bullets in half like they're nothing!

  • Bandwidth Management for Home Networks

    Bandwidth Management for Home Networks

    2 years ago

    Traffic shaping (QoS) is no longer something only expensive commercial routers can do. An inexpensive home router with custom firmware like Tomato can prioritize certain types of traffic quite well.

  • WRT54GL Firmware Reviews

    WRT54GL Firmware Reviews

    5 years ago

    Find out how to make your cheap WRT54GL router more powerful using third-party firmware like Tomato or DD-WRT. This will add more features and capabilities to your device.

  • Top Anime List

    Top Anime List

    2 years ago

    Find good anime to watch on this massive top 100+ list of best Japanese animated series of all time. The shows are ranked by total visitor votes. There's also great recommendations from other users.


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