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I, who never ever used to spare a thought for my soul, have come to accept that we do not get a soul in a random way.

Rather, it can be said that our soul has volunteered, to get us, to accept us as the new vehicle through which she hopes to process - through our spiritual responses to life - some of the karmic baggage accumulated by her previous incarnations.

Karma, I believe, is our personal, accumulated, fateful load – our score sheet as inherited from our soul’s previous incarnations, compounded by the karmic balance of what we have managed for ourselves in THIS incarnation, this lifetime.

I believe that developing a spiritual philosophy that does not require us to line the pocket of any self-made 'guru' is ... empowering.

And I believe that adhering to a spiritual philosophy that is free of spiritual jargon, free of religion and free of rituals is ... liberating.

By day, a teacher of English and French. By night, in 2000, I launched into the writing of lesbian romance novels with a definite slant on social realism.

I went on to self-publish seven books, the best- selling ones being Silent Goodbyes, Far From Maddy and its sequel centered around an empathetic FTM character, Morgan in the Mirror.

It is around 2006 that I chose to dedicate my not-for-profit writing time to All Matters of the Soul.

I have since published many articles which have been revised and gathered along with fresh material in the first two books of my series, Stepping Stones To The Top Of The World [volumes 1 and 2]

The 3rd volume is well underway and some of its pages, though still in draft mode, are now Hubs I refer to as 'conversations' and 'mind-meanderings'.

One of my most recent endeavours focused on the conundrum posed by Jesus of the Christian faith and his historicity.

Did such an historical figure ever really exist? What if the Jesus of the New Testament fame had been inspired by a Hebrew prototype named Yeshua?

Once such an extensive research is completed and the articles are published, the new question is What Next?

As it turned out, Next was a return to my first love in writing, fiction writing. Indeed, what richer plot idea than one based on my most recent research?

Thus, inspired by some of the events that, according to the New Testament, preceded and followed the crucifixion of Jesus, I adapted them to suit research findings.

The end-result of this 60-page narrative, From Gethsemane to Arimathea, takes us into the inner sanctum of Jesus/Yeshua, not merely an inspired preacher-healer, a son, a brother and a husband, but also a political activist groomed to lead the Jewish people to freedom.

This piece explores the strong links he is said to have had with John the Baptist, the Essenes of Qumran and the Sicarii in the Judean desert. In short, it depicts Jesus/Yeshua within the authentic religious and cultural Jewish contexts that would have been his and it positions him correctly within the framework of Jewish Messianism.

Having said that, it is a hypeless, honest approach to genuine spirituality that has held the focus of my research, writing, thinking and 'testing the system' in my daily life - year in/year out - from the moment I set a first tentative step on the Path :-)

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