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At first, there was the writing of seven romance novels for ‘the thinking woman’ centred around GLBTIQ themes. Far From Maddy and Morgan In The Mirror came out as clear favourites.

Then, in 2007, came a timely switch to spiritual philosophy and conscious evolution which yielded the first texts of the series entitled Stepping Stones To The Top Of The World

Finally, in 2016, feeling the time had come for lateral explorations on the theme of spiritual evolution, I began the current, ongoing, series of mind-meanders on All Matters of the Soul within the heart of our culture.

Some of us do ponder how to begin redesigning aspects of what matters most to us in this lifetime. And, so, this amalgam of mind-meanders is intended to lead to an active reflection on the default thoughts and adaptive behaviours that have pushed humanity and culture onward, fad after fad, to this day.

An honest, critical look at our personal and cultural modus operandi can, at a very humble level, generate a conscious rethinking of what of our body-mind is ours to adjust – a good starting point before we can hope to ‘change the world’, as the expression goes.

With that said, it is a hype-free, honest approach to genuine spirituality that has held the focus of my research, writing, thinking and 'testing the system' in my daily life - year in/year out - from the moment I set a first tentative step on the Path :-)

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