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I am a freelance writer in the Chicago area. My writing interests include Entertainment, Restaurant/Club reviews,Travel, and Independent Commentaries .You can also find me on Popstar.com, where I serve as Editor and Sr. Staff Writer.

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  • 5 Reasons to See Adam Lambert on Tour with Queen

    5 Reasons to See Adam Lambert on Tour with Queen

    3 years ago

    Adam Lambert steps into big shoes for the Once in a Lifetime tour this summer. Here's five reasons to see this vocal powerhouse as he reigns supreme with Queen.

  • Adam Lambert Pleas - Whatya Want From Me?

    Adam Lambert Pleas - Whatya Want From Me?

    8 years ago

    When the man asks a question fifteen times in one song, he's serious about getting an answer, and Adam Lambert is as serious as a heart attack about getting the answer to this one. In his new video Whatya Want From Me?...

  • Adam Lambert Wows the AMAs

    Adam Lambert Wows the AMAs

    8 years ago

    An Adam bomb detonated at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night, and audience members at the American Music Awards will never be the same. "Wow!", was the word, and Adam Lambert was the object of everyone's...

  • Adam Lambert-For Your Entertainment

    Adam Lambert-For Your Entertainment

    8 years ago

    Adam Lambert is about as subtle as a marching band. He proves this once again with the release of “For Your Entertainment”, the first single from his upcoming CD of the same name. Entertaining indeed, Lambert...

  • Time For Miracles Video

    Time For Miracles Video

    8 years ago

    If you can't stand heat, then you'd better get out of Sony's kitchen. Adam Lambert's music video for Time For Miracles, the theme song from the film "2012", has caught on fire. And not just from the meteoric firebombs...

  • Adam Lambert - Details, Details...

    Adam Lambert - Details, Details...

    8 years ago

    For Adam Lambert fans who thought they had an exciting week coming up with the release of his new song Time For Miracles, things just got more interesting. They were jolted with a media bombshell that had nothing to do...

  • Adam Lambert-Anticipation

    Adam Lambert-Anticipation

    8 years ago

    "Get ready for a sonic lobotomy!" That was Adam Lambert’s reply to an entertainment reporter in September when asked about his upcoming CD, scheduled to debut on November 24th. Recently freed from the confines of...

  • Adam Lambert - Call of the Wild

    Adam Lambert - Call of the Wild

    8 years ago

    With the American Idol's Live concert tour coming to an end, things are about to get crazy for finalist Adam Lambert - as if they weren't already. A rigorous tour schedule, numerous public appearances, local radio and...

  • Idol in Distress

    Idol in Distress

    8 years ago

    Note to Captain Warwick- Sound the alarms, man your stations, and prepare for mutiny. Your Mother Ship is in distress, and there may not be enough life boats to go around this time. American Idol is in trouble, and...

  • John Hughes - Take A Bow

    John Hughes - Take A Bow

    8 years ago

    Ferris Bueller just took another day off. His creator, John Hughes is resting now too. A sad loss, as Hughes passed away of a heart attack at the age of 59 during a walk in New York City. This sudden news has...

  • Adam Lambert - One Voice

    Adam Lambert - One Voice

    8 years ago

    As I sit here, penning my way through the next in a series of articles about Adam Lambert, I'm suddenly drawn to that which captured my attention at the beginning of all this. So I stopped. And I listened. For just...

  • Adam Lambert - You've Got Mail

    Adam Lambert - You've Got Mail

    8 years ago

    Attention Adam Lambert..... You've got mail, and the heart of your fan base is beating all over the Internet. Fans are calling. And writing. And twittering. And Facebooking. Pick any room out of this massive media...

  • The Anatomy of the Adamgasm

    The Anatomy of the Adamgasm

    8 years ago

    Adamgasm: Definition/(n). The peak of one's sexual excitation caused by anything that involves Adam Lambert and his ultra sexiness. Hmmmmm. You probably didn't hear it here first, but you've most likely heard it. It's...

  • Las Vegas' Odd Transformation

    Las Vegas' Odd Transformation

    8 years ago

    Temperature - 102 degrees Time - Dusk A pulsating beat looms over the city as the neon lights of Las Vegas Boulevard begin to illuminate. Hope is in the air, and the smell of money is everywhere. Champagne is...

  • A Farewell to Farrah

    A Farewell to Farrah

    8 years ago

    Heaven is no longer missing an angel. Charlie's most famous is gone, but her legacy lives on. The image of this iconic princess of 1970's Hollywood will forever be imprinted on the minds of once young men who...

  • Adam Lambert Sexed for Success

    Adam Lambert Sexed for Success

    8 years ago

    As Idol ended, Adam Lambert was just getting started. Since his "non win", (we certainly won't call it a loss), he hit the airwaves like a sonic boom. His appearances on radio, entertainment, and awards shows, have...

  • American Idol Upset

    American Idol Upset

    8 years ago

    Some may not have called this an upset, but many did. When Kris Allen was crowned American Idol , even he was surprised. Clearly, America was in the mood for vanilla. It appears they aren't ready for Neapolitan just...

  • Music - The Seventh Sense

    Music - The Seventh Sense

    8 years ago

    Musicians get it. So do artists, theologians, even physicists. The essence of music is at the core of our existence. Many say music is the soundtrack to our lives. Dick Clark himself coined that phrase many years ago,...

  • Adam and Kris Sing For The Title

    Adam and Kris Sing For The Title

    8 years ago

    Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are ready. So are their fans, who are gearing up for what will likely be American Idol's highest rated finale. This season has produced the largest voting numbers since the show's debut more...

  • Adam Lambert Rocks It Out

    Adam Lambert Rocks It Out

    8 years ago

    Simon said it. Right after Adam Lambert's performance on Tuesday night's American Idol, the harshest judge practically gushed that Lambert's performance was going to be tough to beat. And he was right. No one did....

  • Spring Fever

    Spring Fever

    8 years ago

    It's that time again... Every year, just as the first tulip blooms and the temperature rises above 50 degrees. I lose my kids to the great outdoors; the adventure land known as my neighborhood. Living in Chicago...

  • Mother's Best Lesson

    Mother's Best Lesson

    8 years ago

    My mother has taught me many things over the years, yet one particular page from her book of wisdom resonates with me the most. It is the "Rocking Chair" lesson. "Live your life by creating moments you want to remember...

  • American Idol Title Up For Grabs

    American Idol Title Up For Grabs

    8 years ago

    A shocking twist Wednesday night on Fox's American Idol as 45 million voters place two previous fan faves in jeopardy of leaving the show. Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, and Adam Lambert were all among the bottom three, but...

  • Guiding Your Kids Through An Economic Crisis

    Guiding Your Kids Through An Economic Crisis

    22 months ago

    This economc crisis has been hard enough on all of us, but it doesn't have to be on our kids. The downturn can be an uplifting experience for them, if we as parents play our cards right. In recent years, our youngest...

  • An Evening with David Cassidy and Davy Jones

    An Evening with David Cassidy and Davy Jones

    8 years ago

    The date: March 28, 2009. The Place: Rosemont Theater David Cassidy and Davy Jones prepare to take the stage. Maybe not newsworthy for some, but ask any woman in her 40's and she'll likely admit to a heart stopping...