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Mark Halliday has interviewed a vast array of celebrities, extraordinary individuals and cagey politicians; worked in both broadcast and print media, taught writing at a local college, penned a highly successful paranormal column and authored two novels.

Recently, he was part of the film crew of Abyss Entertainment Australia, after the producer/director read his article 'The Hitchhiking Ghost Of Wilfred Barrett Drive.

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  • Poltergeist Taunts Woman For Seven Years

    Poltergeist Taunts Woman For Seven Years

    8 years ago

    For seven-years a mysterious unseen force taunted a woman by stealing her money, calling her name and moving objects around the home. Now, for the first time, Joan Coates describes the frightening events that...

  • Jackson Predicted His Own Death

    Jackson Predicted His Own Death

    8 years ago

    Michael Jackson appeared in London this week as a new waxwork in the famous Madame Tussauds museum while revelations that he predicted his own death emerged. The new wax creation of the King of Pop was planned prior...

  • Séance Cures Paranormal Curiosity

    Séance Cures Paranormal Curiosity

    8 years ago

    It was the most frightening experience of my life. It cured my curiosity with the supernatural forever. That was the response I received from Cameron Humphries – breakfast announcer with radio station 2GO – when I...

  • Star Hauntings

    Star Hauntings

    6 years ago

    Recent media reports concerning Michael Jackson suggest he may be haunting his beloved Neverland Ranch. If the stories are true, Michael Jackson will join a long list of celebrities that still frequent their favorite...

  • Meet Fishers Ghost

    Meet Fishers Ghost

    6 years ago

    When Fred Fisher vanished in 1826, most people in the small village of Campbelltown believed he’d simply moved on. But when local farmer John Farley staggered into a hotel one night screaming that he’d seen the...

  • Ghosts And Psychics Rock Radio Hosts

    Ghosts And Psychics Rock Radio Hosts

    8 years ago

    When I visited the studios of Coast Rock FM to interview the breakfast crew about the supernatural, I had a feeling I’d picked the perfect day. It was Friday the 13th. There was no hint of the usual slapstick...

  • Supercharged People

    Supercharged People

    4 years ago

    For reasons still unclear, certain individuals can store not only sparks, but also large amounts of electricity in their bodies, discharging it with consequences ranging from humorous to extremely dangerous.

  • The Curse Of The Exorcist

    The Curse Of The Exorcist

    8 years ago

    The bizarre case of demonic possession which inspired the movie The Exorcist may have had nothing to do with the Devil, according to poltergeist researcher Scott Rogo. The movie which starred Linda Blair as a young...

  • Mystery Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Mystery Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

    6 years ago

    According to history, the first official documented case of spontaneous human combustion was reported by the Danish anatomist Thomas Bartholin in 1663. He detailed how a woman in Paris was incinerated while sleeping....

  • New Agers Invade The Great Pyramid

    New Agers Invade The Great Pyramid

    8 years ago

    New Age spiritual crusaders who believe Egyptian pyramids are the power points of the universe are flocking to the ancient ruins to plug into the area’s mysterious energies. But they are just the latest in a long...

  • WWII Ghosts Complete Their Mission

    WWII Ghosts Complete Their Mission

    8 years ago

    War creates more death than any other human activity; it also generates more ghost stories. Tales of ghostly winged aircraft are well documented, but few compare to the tale of the crew members of three WWII Douglas...

  • How To Read Your Pets Mind

    How To Read Your Pets Mind

    8 years ago

    According to leading paranormal researchers, you can indeed tell what your pet is thinking. The experts maintain it is possible to establish telepathic communication with your pet through the following simple exercises....

  • Curse Of James Deans Car

    Curse Of James Deans Car

    6 years ago

    James Dean became a legend when he died in a road accident, but few know about the curse on his car. Dean was already an accomplished actor when he began race car driving. While filming ‘Rebel Without a Cause’,...

  • Real Zombies Of Haiti

    Real Zombies Of Haiti

    7 years ago

    The shuffling, creepy zombies associated with low budget cult films are a fact of life in Haiti. Haitians so greatly fear the bodies of dead loved ones being stolen and turned into zombies they will often dismember a...

  • Deadly Curse Of The Devils Pool

    Deadly Curse Of The Devils Pool

    8 years ago

    The Aboriginal curse on a north Queensland creek has claimed the lives of more than a dozen people in mysterious, tragic circumstances. Locals say at least fourteen people have perished in the Devil’s Pool at The...

  • Terror As Family Battles Entity

    Terror As Family Battles Entity

    8 years ago

    January 1993: A young teenage girl is strangled by an unseen force and her brother screams for help as something throws him across the bed. Their mother watches as the entity that has terrorised her family for three...

  • How To Wrestle A Shark

    How To Wrestle A Shark

    8 years ago

    Once upon a time, a very brave Aussie bloke jumped into the sea, wrestled a shark to shore, stuck it in the trunk of his car, and took it home to show the neighbours. Agostino Petruccelli - or Aggy as his mates...

  • Goldie The Goldfish Is No Sucker

    Goldie The Goldfish Is No Sucker

    8 years ago

    The biggest attraction at the Golden Green Chinese Restaurant on the Central Coast, is a fish that will never swim in sweet and sour sauce. That’s because eighteen-year-old Goldie does two amazing tricks. She swims...

  • How To Know You Have A Ghost

    How To Know You Have A Ghost

    8 years ago

    Do you have recurring bad smells in your house? Do noises keep you awake at night? Are you continually losing or misplacing things? Is there a room or spot in your house that is always cold? If the answer to these...

  • Hitchhiking Ghost Of Wilfred Barrett Drive

    Hitchhiking Ghost Of Wilfred Barrett Drive

    6 years ago

    The ghost of a young female victim haunted her offenders causing them to end their lives in suicide or other bizarre circumstances. This paranormal case has circulated intermittently in the vicinity of Noraville...

  • Good Ghost Bad Ghost

    Good Ghost Bad Ghost

    8 years ago

    Debra Hill moved into the old weatherboard home on the outskirts of Toukley – unaware that her three children would not be the only ones skipping throughout the house. “I was sitting on my bed one afternoon...

  • Spirit Argued With Mediums

    Spirit Argued With Mediums

    8 years ago

    The local Ashsharna group invited me along recently to witness what they referred to as a spirit rescue at a local warehouse; but you and I would probably refer to it as ghost busting. The management had apparently...

  • Ghost Of Jenny Dixon

    Ghost Of Jenny Dixon

    6 years ago

    It was about this time of the year, that four young boys decided to camp for the night on Jenny Dixon Beach. It would prove to be a night they would never forget. Raymond Grove was twelve-years-old the night he and...

  • Earthbound Spirits Haunt Woman

    Earthbound Spirits Haunt Woman

    8 years ago

    It’s 1991, and in a peaceful beachside suburb a young woman wakes to find a ghost laying beside her, then before she can blink another appears at the end of her bed brandishing a knife. Earlier the same evening...

  • The Gentle Lady Ghost

    The Gentle Lady Ghost

    8 years ago

    When the old Florida pub was demolished to make room for the five-star Crowne Plaza Hotel, the old-timers of the district had a classier place to drink. And for one little old lady, it meant a classier place to live....

  • Children Terrified Of Ghosts

    Children Terrified Of Ghosts

    8 years ago

    According to a leading child psychologist, at least a third of his patients believe they see ghosts. The psychologist related a recent case concerning a young boy who was so terrified of a ghost that he would take...

  • Possessed Gypsy Doll

    Possessed Gypsy Doll

    6 years ago

    A two hundred year old gypsy doll discovered under a haunted house in a small country town is believed to be possessed by a spirit. Mediums, researchers and paranormal investigators believe the ghost of a child is...

  • The Inn Of The Damned

    The Inn Of The Damned

    8 years ago

    As Doug watched in disbelief, the medium suddenly took on the features of a very old Chinese man. And then, before Mulray could fully comprehend what was happening, a myriad of faces flashed in front of him.

  • Ghost Corner Haunted Fishing Spot

    Ghost Corner Haunted Fishing Spot

    8 years ago

    There's a place near Mangrove Mountain - NSW, Australia, known to the locals as Green Man's Bend or Ghost Corner, where only the bravest fisherman will dare to dangle a line. In the early 1800's, Green Man's Bend was...

  • Ghosts Take A Fishing Holiday

    Ghosts Take A Fishing Holiday

    8 years ago

    It is thought the ghosts may have been those of the Taylor family who pioneered the district in 1885. During their time they built several guest houses for the enjoyment of the many families that visited the Coast on...

  • Ghosts Of Cobham Hall

    Ghosts Of Cobham Hall

    8 years ago

    Legend has it that when Jane fell to her death, her blood stained the circular steps at the northern entrance to old Cobham Hall, and all attempts to remove the stains failed for decades.