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Ray Galindo profile image

Ray Galindo

Joined 8 years ago from Tampa ,Fl




Hi folks,

Ray Galindo here! Welcome to my Hub Pages. I am a writer and a musician. I have over thirty sites on the web. I am constantly coming up with wacky ideas and concepts, and I like to express them and share them with those who are looking for an entertaining and humorous perspective on life. I never claim to be right about anything. More later.

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  • The Us Constitution

    The Us Constitution

    7 years ago

    The Us Constitution The United States Constitution. Every public official, military personnel, and every new citizen is sworn to defend and uphold this sacred document. What about the rest of us? We place our hands on a bible that many have not...

  • A Brief History of Radiant Barriers

    A Brief History of Radiant Barriers

    7 years ago

    A Brief History of Radiant Barriers The use of radiant barriers as a method of permanently reducing utility costs and increasing the comfort of homes and buildings dates to the 1920's. Its use soon faced much opposition – traditional forms of...

  • The F Word

    The F Word

    7 years ago

    Woman, weep not for me, but for yourselves and your children" ... Jesus Christ It has become socially acceptable to casually refer to the fairer sex as females, yet girl, woman, baby, chick, and other practical and endearing terms are now...

  • A New Word, Whatever

    A New Word, Whatever

    8 years ago

    The parent of a teenager patiently tells the kid, “You have been neglecting your chores. The yard hasn’t been raked, your room is a mess, and the garage hasn’t been cleaned.” The teenager says, “Whatever.” Three weeks later, a popular...

  • A Brief Pre-history of Solar Power

    A Brief Pre-history of Solar Power

    8 years ago

    A brief pre-history of solar power Solar energy is not a new idea. Throughout most of history, people have always used the energy of the sun, and have usually considered its power when designing buildings. The early Greeks, Romans, Celtic,...

  • Imagine ... Solar Power!

    Imagine ... Solar Power!

    8 years ago

    Imagine…Solar Power. Whew! It has been a rough year. You and your family could sure use a vacation. Maybe the wife could use a spa day or a new wardrobe. Hubby could sure use some new tools and materials to make some much-needed repairs...

  • Televangelist Superstar

    Televangelist Superstar

    8 years ago

    I watch the Televangelist on Sunday morning. If I want to contribute a Love Gift to his ministry, I can call a toll free number. Major credit cards, checks, and money orders are accepted. He calls me 'Friend' and I can even put my hand on the screen...

  • How to get and maintain a good GPA

    How to get and maintain a good GPA

    8 years ago

    As a student and as a tutor, I have learned much about getting and maintaining a good GPA. I try not to over-extend myself in my personal, professional, and academic life. I try to balance my schedule to ensure that enough time is allowed for each...

  • Get It While You Can or A Butterfly In New York

    Get It While You Can or A Butterfly In New York

    8 years ago

    New York in mid-September can be a bit chilly. Particularly in the shade. The parks are usually quite sunny and some days, one can be comfortable in just a T-shirt. The morning of September 11, 2001 was one of these unusually warm mornings....

  • Naked


    8 years ago

    I weigh 175 pounds...naked.I don't want to carry anything! My clothing weighs too much. And then I have to carry around a wallet, a set of keys, loose change, jewelry, and the fillings in my teeth. Let’s not forget my laptop, my cell phone, and a...

  • Twitter to the rescue

    Twitter to the rescue

    8 years ago

    ‘Follow me on Twitter.’ I see this everywhere. So I do. I go there, and I am relieved to know that so and so is changing the baby’s diapers or tying their shoelaces. How annoying. Some people have nothing better to do but to tell the world...

  • The Double Burger Flipper

    The Double Burger Flipper

    8 years ago

    One day I'll make a million dollars! That's not a lot of money for some people. How will I make this million? I don't know. But I do know that lesser men than myself have achieved greater heights than I ever aspired to. I certainly won't make my...

  • Rated X + Y

    Rated X + Y

    8 years ago

    I live an uncomplicated life. It costs me very little to keep it that way. Does anyone ever say, “I don’t think I’ll go on this hot date tonight because I’d rather stay at home and do math?” John drove from Florida to New York in...

  • Why Do You Want To Work Here?

    Why Do You Want To Work Here?

    8 years ago

    The Job Interview Opportunity for advancement 401k, medical, dental Apply today! I set up an interview for 8:00 am. I donned my best suit which I usually reserve for funerals, and set out, resume' in hand. I was warmly greeted  by an...

  • Holidazed


    8 years ago

     THIS HUB:   edit   STATS   delete   TOOLS:   start a new hub  closeLoading ...Cuz, Like, Whatever, Know what I'm sayin'?70 By Ray Galindo Cuz, Like, Whatever,Know What I'm Sayin'? Like, I gotta write this paper for my...

  • Televangelist Superstar

    Televangelist Superstar

    8 years ago

    I watch the Televangelist on Sunday morning. If I want to contribute a Love Gift to his ministry, I can call a toll free number. Major credit cards, checks, and money orders are accepted. He calls me 'Friend' and I can even put my hand on the screen...

  • Non-smokers, Butt out

    Non-smokers, Butt out

    8 years ago

    When I am trying to enjoy my cigarette, the last thing I want to hear from anybody is that I am ruining my health and I am going to die. Yes, I am going to die. I appreciate your concern, but I will not be able to smoke after I die. Will you bring...