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The Piranha Eater or the Piranha Destroyer

Updated on October 2, 2012

Just like the leopards of the Americas the Hoplias Malabiricus have many names like piranha eater, piranha desroyer, Wolf Fish, Trahira, Tiger Tetra, Wolf Tetra

The piranha, which lurks in the rivers of the Amazon, is indeed one of the most popular, tenacious and truly a legendary predator on the face of the planet. They are well known to attack other species of fish as well as small animals for snacks. The piranhas are equipped with speed, brutal attacking skills and razor sharp teeth that makes them consummate hunters in the wild. Many TV documentaries, articles, tales and even films were whipped out about these savage and ferocious carnivores. The piranhas are considered to be on the top of the food chain in the Amazon jungle.

But there is another specie of fish with an unusual name, that,is the “piranha eater,” or the “piranha destroyer”. Interesting isn’t it, imagine, there is a specie of fish that is more horrible and aggressive than the enigmatic piranhas. Is this true?

Hmmm, well, can be partly true, since the piranha eater can have a piranha as part of its diet. As a fish tank enthusiast I learned that in an aquarium setting the bigger fish will likely gobble up the smaller fish with gusto and these can be the same in the wild where these creatures thrives. In plain words, a smaller fish can be part of the appetite of the bigger fish. If you place a small piranha inside a fish tank with school of piranha eaters the hapless piranha will surely end up as a snack, and the same can be said to the small piranha eater placed in the company of a school of piranhas. Indeed, size does matter in the fish world

Piranha eater photo from
Piranha eater photo from

Here are some helpful facts and information about the piranha eaters or piranha destroyer:

  • A Characin, just like the famous Tetra.
  • Have the scientific name Hoplias Malabaricus that belongs to the Erythinidae Family.
  • A bottom dweller.
  • A predatory fish that hunt fish, shrimp, tadpoles and other smaller animals that fits on its wide mouth.
  • In aquarium, you may feed this with bits of cooked or raw mussels, prawns, and fishes. Usually nocturnal you may give them some food to devour during at night.
  • They can grow to as big as 20 cms. and you might consider buying them in the months ahead bigger aquariums (about 75 gallons will do).
  • Are great jumpers like the arowanas, make sure that the fish tank is covered heavily.
  • Can be joined with other aggressive fishes like the Peacock Bass, Speckled Peacock Bass, Red Pacu, Silver Arowana, Dragon Fins or Bichirs and Snakeheads.
  • Also called Wolf Fish, Trahira, Tiger Tetra, Wolf Tetra and Mud Characin.

Reference: Animal Scene

My 29th Hub in the 60dc Challenge

The Piranha Eater Video from YouTube.


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