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The Cruel Greyhound Racing

Updated on October 2, 2012

The Cruelty of Greyhound Racing

Built to race, and then killed when injured and or when they get too old and too slow to run. Tsk tsk tsk...
Built to race, and then killed when injured and or when they get too old and too slow to run. Tsk tsk tsk...

Dubbed as man’s best friend, a breed of dog named greyhounds, slim, agile and fast, were forced to race in the face of cruelty, misery and death.

In some places worldwide, animals were used to the hilt in gambling. Many of us for sure heard about horse racing, cockfight derby, betta fish fighting, spider fighting, pit-bull fighting and even horse fighting.

How about greyhound racing, though, are you familiar with this?

In greyhound racing the man’s best friend are treated as if they are commodities and their life are not given importance. Greyhound racing is a gambling system that result in tens of thousands (or perhaps even more) puppies getting killed each year. Here, the poor greyhounds are kept in congested cages almost all day long where most of these animals would develop skin diseases and harmful ailments.

Like horse racing, the thin greyhounds are agile, swift and very fast and are made to run after a mechanical rabbit around a racetrack, where the fastest dog and the bets on it win the pot.

While horses are well taken care off especially in US where they are loved and groomed by their own owners and even pampered with an air-conditioned room, hearty diet, and regular medical check-up. Moreover, horses are reared with the aid of science advancements, from training to racing and will eventually retire to leave the tracks to graze in farms and will stay in pastures in the company of champion horses to breed and yield more horses for racing.

It is the opposite for the greyhounds, since they are subjected to cruelty and treated like playthings. Instead of living in a house, getting a pat on the head by its owners, running all day to toy with kids or with other dogs, and guarding homes with sheer might and courage, these poor breed of dogs were enclosed in a small cage (as if they’re in the death chamber ready to be annihilated) and programmed to run as many laps as they could, while still alive.

The cruelty and miseries of these hapless and helpless dogs doesn’t end there. Thousands of puppies that are perceived to be slow by the breeder get death sentence each year, while those dogs that reach young adult stage and failed to make the next cut , were shot to death, bludgeoned and starved to death. Those dogs that made the initial cull will face death inevitably when injuries comes or will be too old and too slow to run. A greyhound running career could reach three (3) years and has an average lifespan of thirteen (13) years; instead of living the remaining days of their lives when running career is over their owners will just kill them for their racing servitude was over.

These conditions of the greyhounds are indeed gruesome and unimaginable. Just recently 10,000 dead greyhounds were found in the killing fields and more cases of death of these poor animals in several countries were reported few years ago up to present.

An ad campaign against greyhound racing.

Many people informed about the cruelty of this racing resulted to declined in attendance and betting, forces operators to look for better alternatives and Philippines is their next target.
Many people informed about the cruelty of this racing resulted to declined in attendance and betting, forces operators to look for better alternatives and Philippines is their next target.

Each dogs that are fit to run a race spend their borrowed time in a very cramped cages as many of the dogs would suffer from developing muzzle, skin diseases, crate sores and infestations emanating from parasites (internal and external).

Greyhounds are forced to race even in extreme conditions from subzero to very hot temperatures, poor dogs there slim features, thin layer of skin, and thin fur coating cannot shield them from any elements (biting winter chills and sweltering heat). Many greyhounds are reported to have died during transport from one track to another. Doping is widespread in greyhound racing to cover injuries and make them run at a blazing speed.

After a lackluster attendance in US thanks to the informed public about cruelty done to the greyhounds, the syndicate that operates these horrible racing have had shifted to other countries, like Haiti, Barbados, Indonesia and Guam. However their stints in these countries were short-lived, now the sights of these greyhound racing operators is on the Philippines. Hopefully the attempts of these scrupulous operators will not push through, for sure many more greyhounds will be imported from Australia and China and deaths of these wonderful breed of dog will continue if these operators are not barred and stoped from their doglike activities.

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