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Aquariums for Freshwater Fishes

Updated on May 9, 2011

This hub also contains beginner tips for freshwater fish hobbyists

Aquarium fishes whether tropical or saltwater are indeed a nice sight to see. Exhibiting unusual behaviors, flashing different colors, coming in a wide array of different shapes and sizes aquarium fishes are truly like an artist's masterpiece an artistic mosaic that celebrates the miracle of nature which is life that is enamored with an explosion of mobile startling crimisons, stripes and polka-dots. True enough aquarium fishes are indeed a moving marvels and a testament of this is the breeders all across the world which value them as collections. Moreover breeder do their best in producing the best breed variety of each kind of fishes for fish shows or for an added income.

Keeping fish tank is not only an enjoying and exciting hobby, it can as well be a form of relaxation from a hard day's work. It can provide instant fish therapy especially to those who works hard in their respective occupations. According to studies watching fish in an aquarium can eased out stress and nervous tension.

Imagine if you are inside your room and the only light present emanates from your aquarium. Inside this glass holds a variety of fishes swimming with grace and doing a lot of continous antics from looking for tidbits in all corners of the tanks and swimming with grace along with the decorations, plants and bubbles coming from air pumps, before you knew it you are spending few hours watching the busy fish tank as if you are mesmerized.

How to setup your first fish tank?

If aquariums seems very relaxing and rewarding, keeping tropical fishes will surely be a nice hobby to get busy with. But before having an aquarium filled with wonderful water creatures you need to know some fish-keeping basics that will help you come up with a healthy fish community.

Equipment - A 30 to 50 gallon size fish tank are ideal but a 10 gallon can be good enough. Other equipments you need in setting up your aquariums includes the following: air pumps equipped with tubing and air stones (to provide oxygen inside the fish tank), undergravel and box filters (utilized to get rid of dirts and leftover fish foods), ornaments (to add some nice backdrop) and plants (for added oxygen and artistic flair). An aquarium kit is recommended if you have extra cash for it though. It is wise to purchase your equipments to an established pet shop dealer or owner since you are assured of quality of products you will be purchasing and at the same get vital tips from them in fish keeping. Be sure that your fish tanks has no leaks, and the air pump heater is working properly. The aquarium must have a lid and light.



 Wash and rinse thoroughly fish tanks.Install the undergravel filter first before anything else, this will serve as the foundation of your tanks and very place where dirts will be stored. Then place the gravel, snails, rocks and ornaments. Pour the water in a folded sheets of newspapers or a dish to avoid ruining your arangements. If the tank is half-filled you may now put the plants and use rocks to hold them down. Most commonly used plants inside the aquariums are eelrass, giant sagittaria and elodea. You may use rocks coming from your backward but be sure to wash them very well. If you want to use some coral which is not advisable since these are already becoming scarce in our seas and oceans, make sure that they are dried well under the heat of the sun. You may also place a driftwood if you desire but be also sure that you are using a very old one, to prevent your fish tank from turning into a vessel of a coffee or a dark tea. As you poured the water you will notice the tank may appear cloudy this is normal, after a day this should clear up. If you are residing in an area where the tap water available is treated with chlorine or chloramine ask your pet dealer for a special conditioner to make the water suitable for your fishes. You may use thermostat to control the temperature of your tank, take note that the recommended temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You neeed to stabilize your new aquarium for at leassst a week before adding your fishes. This conditioning period allows the water to age, impurities to disappear and bacterias to devour on the wastes.

Selecting the Fish

Bear in mind that fishes like humans have different temperaments and behaviors, like being aggressive, fierce, territorial, cocky, bully and even carnivorous. For instance is not good to mix your friendly goldfish with any types of cichlids (except Bolivian Ramerezi) for sure it will absorb a sound beating, or place him alongside a voracious Oscars (tiger,red or albino). It is always safe to ask your pet dealer which fishes goes well with the fish(es) of your choice, to avoid cannibalism and bullying inside your fish tank.Here's some basic rule in choosing the varieties of fishes for your fish tanks, peaceful fishes should be mixed with the peaceful ones, cichlids goes well with its fellow cichlids same through with Oscars, same sizes of fishes in an aquarium is recommended (tetras a peaceful type but very small can be chased and eaten by a goldfish which is peaceful yet bigger and can be voracious when it sees smaller fishes).

The glow-light danio.
The glow-light danio.
The colorful guppies. Photo from
The colorful guppies. Photo from
The angelfishes these types are the tiger ones...
The angelfishes these types are the tiger ones...
The highly territorial cichlid the Kribensis.
The highly territorial cichlid the Kribensis.
The world's most popular tropicalfish the neon tetras. Photo from www.
The world's most popular tropicalfish the neon tetras. Photo from www.
A stunning gold pleco. Photo from
A stunning gold pleco. Photo from

Here are some types of fishes you might want to keep inside your aquarium.

Carplike Fishes - One of the largest tropical fishes types, this family of fishes includes barbs (tiger barb, sumatra barbs, aurelios, glass barb, rosy barb, etc.), minnows (leopard danio, zebra danio, giant danio, white clouds etc.) and goldfish (koi, ryukin, red cap, lion head, pearl scale, bubble eye). The barbs can be pesky inside your tanks especially the tiger and sumatra barbs which is knowned to nip on the tails and fins of other fishes, but the good thing is most fishes that is part of this family like the danio types and white clouds (are also favorites because their desirable schooling beaviors and attractive colors) can blend well with other fishes.

Live Bearers - Hardy, teeming with different colors and can be breed easily live-bearers are favorites among the aquarium beginners. Live-bearers, doesn't lays eggs or spread them like other fishes instead, they will allow the offsprings to hatch from their eggs inside their tummy and they get out from their mother once the right time calls for it. Live-bearers which is one the favorite of the author of this Hub includes: platies, swordtails, mollies and one of the most colorful and most sought-after tropical fish the guppies.

Cichlids - The most interesting and popular ciclids perhaps is the angelfish, relatively tame but will nip on the fin and tail of a slow moving fish, this fish variety can be mixed with other fishes well. Aside from angelfish, other friendly cichlid includes the Bolivian Ramerezi and dwarf cichlids. Another popular ciclid Kribensis which is a dwarf cichlid is active and colorful.

Tetras - Another favorite types of fishes of the author of this Hub, who happens to be GeneralHowitzer, tetras belongs to the Characin family that also includes the voracious piranhas of the Amazon. Can dwell with carplike fishes, dwarf cichlids, cafish and labyrinth fish. Like guppies tetras are colorful as some of them will even glow in the dark when the aquarium has a lighting fixtures. Tetras includes cardinal tetras, serpae tetras and the most world's famous aquarium fish the neon tetra.

Catfish - Excellent scavengers, catfish varities are essential in your fish community for they will scour the area looking for leftovers to eat and besides most catfishes are friendly. Glass catfishes is perhaps one of the best and interesting. One or two catfish in the fish tank can be vital.

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