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Top Ten Rewards For Your Pet Dogs

Updated on November 1, 2015

Well, just like our bubbly dear kids, our pet dogs deserve treats or rewards every time for a job well done. Doing this will make them not only make healthy, they will certainly love you even further and will definitely carry out their role as man’s best friend with zest and gusto.

A lovely picture, as it is. Petting even during times of literal calamity.
A lovely picture, as it is. Petting even during times of literal calamity.

Feel free to read the heartwarming caption of this picture from by clicking this link: Saving a Nursing Dog

Here are some tips, pointers, ideas or ways to give rewards to your pet dogs:

  1. Praises – Well, you may not know it but dogs simply have the penchant for praises that are dished out by their masters. Verbal approval can psyched them up especially those dogs that are way too easy to please.
  2. Pet – Dogs loves to be petted and they like it very much. They will certainly enjoy and savor it. Caressing them all over their body or a simple tap to the head while saying good things such as “Good dog” will certainly makes them (very) happy.
  3. Play – Find time to unwind while playing with your doggie friend. Like letting him chase you then return the favor by chasing him afterwards, and you will be surprises with this experience. You’ll see how confused he can be while changing him from an attacker then at an instant throwing him off on the defensive end. I tried this all the time especially with puppies and it works. You may take out a ball, or anything that can be his plaything then encourage or lure him to have fun with you together.
  4. Provide – An instant treat like cookies will certainly make your dog attentive and smart as you can see him wags his tail while waiting for you to hand him his rewards. Here is an article that will enable you to discern what foods are safe for your dogs: The Foods Your Dogs Shall Not Eat.
  5. Pleasant – While during your dog’s training always give him a pleasant facial expressions like smiling or being delighted, for these will inevitably make you delightful at the end.

Drool around with your dogs to give them the exercise they need and a chance to pee or poo. Shun away with places that mete out fines once your dog performs the "call of nature".
Drool around with your dogs to give them the exercise they need and a chance to pee or poo. Shun away with places that mete out fines once your dog performs the "call of nature".

Wait... There's more...

6. Pay – Don’t settle for plastic bags but with toilet papers (this might cost you) for his toilet training, but this will make your dogs well-behaved and keep your home free from stinking feces (this is related to number 8).

7. Pee – Let your dogs have an exercise by letting him drool in your backyard or several meters away from your home to allow your dogs to pee. Dogs loves to go around especially when they are accompanied by their owner.

8. Poo – Just like peeing, train your to dog to poo outside your home. Let him loose or have him with a leash then have a walk several meters away from your home and let him spontaneously carry out what nature calls him to do.

Here are some effective ideas to make your dog well disciplined while he eliminates.

9. Pleasure – Share your time and even some of your foods to your dogs. But be aware of the foods your dogs will ingest since there are foods that can be unhealthy or even perhaps deadly. Feel free to visit his link to know why: The Foods Your Dogs Shall Not Eat

10. Procreate – Let them procreate and the puppies they will deliver will certainly be part of the family as they give you and your family bundles of joy.

So here you have it ,10 rewards for your pet dogs.

My 26th 60dc Hub

Reward training. Video form YouTube

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