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Foods that Should Not be Offered to Pets (Rabbits, Hamsters or Birds)

Updated on November 1, 2015

Foods that are potentially dangerous and harmful to your pets such as rabbits, hamsters or birds.

I already produced a hub about foods that shouldn’t be eaten by dogs, titled, The Foods Your Dogs Shall Not Eat, and this article endeavors to tackle more foods that are not good to your pets such as birds (parrots, cuckoos, Cockatoos, parakeets, love birds and the likes), hamsters and rabbits.

Love Birds
Love Birds

Here are some foods that should not be eaten by birds:

  • Chocolates are poisonous to birds when ingested as their digestive system will be affected. Afterward the choclolates attack the central system that will eventually lead to death.
  • Seeds of apple, peache, apricot and pear should not be offered to birds since these contain some amount of harmful chemicals.
  • Mushroom should be discouraged from being given to your pets, since it may upset stomach or liver damage.
  • Onion and garlic may cause anemia when taken in ample amount.
  • When giving them beans, see to it that you are offering them well-cooked ones because raw or uncooked beans may contain hemaglutin, which can be toxic to birds.
  • Tomatoes are good, but make it sure to get rid of the leaves. Tomato leaves are toxic to your birds, too.
  • Never give them beverages with caffeine, because doing so may lead to cardiac arrest. Fresh fruit or vegetable juice are good alternatives aside from water.


A feisty eater and has the reputation to gnaw on almost anything, you must always keep an eye to all the foods you offer to your hamster pet.

Here are some food that should not be eaten by hamsters:

  • Don’t feed them foods that are loaded with fats and sugar because it will make your hamster obese. Sunflower seed, which is also rich in fats, should be stricken out from your hamster's diet.
  • Fruits and vegetables are good for your hamster but be sure to wash them thoroughly to eliminate any traces of chemicals.
  • Excessive consumption of lettuce may harm your hamster’s liver.
  • If your hamster is beginning to have a vegetable-fruit diet, introduce this slowly to prevent diarrhea.
  • Don’t feed your hamster with frozen foods.
  • Foods that are not good for your hamsters are buttercups, chocolates, garlic, onion, gum, raw kidney beans and sweets.


A voracious plant eater rabbit should be left in the garden with plants that are not dangerous when eaten. Here are some foods that should not be eaten by rabbi

  • Clover, poppies, larkspur and tulips.
  • Always keep your rabbit indoors and inside a pen when left attended.
  • A vegetable that may cause diarrhea and even death is the lettuce.
  • Vegetables that are not good for your rabbits aside from lettuce are: cabbage, parsnips, Swedes, potato, tulips and tomato leaves.
  • Fatty foods and sweets are not suited to your rabbit’s diet.
  • Corns, cookies, crackers, nuts, seeds and breakfast cereals shouldn’t be offered.

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