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Ways to Bury Your Pets

Updated on May 9, 2011
A truly lovely dog that passed away already. Picture from Michael Hogues in Photobucket.
A truly lovely dog that passed away already. Picture from Michael Hogues in Photobucket.

"A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered." --- Lacie Petitto

Our pets indeed carved out a place on its owner’s heart and mind, a testament of this is burying them when death claims their very own lives. This can be attributed to the sense of attachment between the owner and their pets as some sense of spiritual connection with nature. Funerals for animals was practiced even during the ancient times as the Egyptian’s love and penchant for their dear deceased pet friends was evident with the excavation made by archaeologists of the mummies who were accompanied by their pets like dogs, cats, monkeys and birds.

A royal guard dog Abutiu, whose name means, “With Pointed Ears,” was given a royal treatment, as his funeral by his loyal yet very sad Pharaoh master was made lavished. The Pharaoh ordered that the dog be placed in a sarcophagus and made sure that the finest cloth and the most fragrant oil are utilized in mummifying his canine pal.

The Pharaoh even also ordered his people to let Abutiu be buried in his own underground tomb which is a sign of being bonded together even after life, on his own belief, though.

Now back to the modern times we have now, shelling out some means to bury their beloved pets is ubiquitous especially in industrialized countries worldwide. United States boasts of more than 500 hundred cemeteries, and the number is steadily growing each year.

  • Wooden casket seemed to be common nowadays and a major choice, although the mummification process just like what is done during the old times is receiving some following very recently.
  • Burying pets is indeed a way of establishing a solid connection to nature and also a way of giving due respect to the creatures that gave us memorable moments to cherished in the years ahead. The joys, ohs and ahs our pets gave us will definitely be a priceless as it can be compared with a commodity, that money cannot buy.
  • If you are thinking or planning the best way to bury your pets, you may weight which options suits you the most. If you are willing to give them a decent burial in a pet cemetery then why not, especially if you have enough means to do it so. Cremation is also a good alternative too, many chooses this option for it is practical and very convenient too. Otherwise you may just opt to bury your dear ppet friend in your very own backyard, where expense is not an issue yet can be fitting in giving due respect to your animal friend which gave you bundles of joys for the past few year or even perhaps several years.

Here are some tips that will aid you bury your dead pets properly:

  • The spot where you intend to bury your pet must be at least three feet deep between the casket’s top and the ground level, to discourage pests from digging your pet’s wake.
  • Wrap your dead pet in a plastic to discourage pests from digging through your dead pet.
  • You may opt to place your pet’s favorite toys, your favorite photos together and even wrap him with his well-liked blanket alongside with your dog friend.
  • Find time to have all the members of the family attend the burial of your pet and allow them to show their grief and compassion.
  • You may encourage the family members to participate in choosing which marking will be utilized in your pet’s grave site. Allow them to choose which material to use like wooden plaques, granite of slate headstone, an animal statue or even a birdbath, from which the markings are carved in. You may plant a not common tree, a flower garden or a rosebush that will robustly grow to leave a mark spot and be a sort of memorial giving significance to death of your well-loved animal friend.
  • You may create a scrapbook about your pet to give due honor, from the very first day you have him. Those pictures that are painstakingly made part of the scrapbook will serve as a reminder of the great things your pet and your family shared throughout the years.
  • The tips here can be applied as well with other animals like dogs, birds, etc.


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