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Student Jobs at Google

Updated on April 5, 2013
New Google Homepage
New Google Homepage

Student Jobs in Google

Before looking into the availability of Google student jobs, it is important to know that Google attaches enormous significance to the development of the student community – particularly in the spread of computer literacy. It is the stated philosophy of Google to associate with institutions of higher learning in India for strengthening industry-educational institute collaboration and to contribute towards enriching the capabilities of the student community. In pursuance of this goal, Google has brought out CS Downloaded – a program aimed at introducing students from grades 11 and 12 to the field of computer science in an enjoyable and yet informative manner.

CS Downloaded is a three phase program to heighten student interest in the field of computer science. In the first phase, students will be initiated into the fundamentals of computer science by means of interactive activities. In the second phase, students will be entrusted with a single activity of submitting entries to a specific problem. In the third phase, all participating students will be invited for a day of hands-on learning experience at the Google Bangalore / Hyderabad office.

An Inside Look at Google - Working at Google

Google Internships for students are full–time positions – but the commencement and closure will be flexible to accommodate academic schedules. Google will be keen to ensure you have a valuable learning experience and a deeper understanding of Google’s work environment and work ethics.

As a Software Engineering intern, you will be asked to work with Testing and Development teams to automate testing, create new test harnesses and put to use new automation tools. The job is open to students currently pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in computer science or related technical field with a proven ability to write code (C, C++, Java or Python). Excellent knowledge of Internet/web technologies, such as browsers, HTTP and HTML is essential. Students must also have a strong aptitude for software engineering and quality assurance. For further details, students can visit the student jobs page at Google

As part of Google's ongoing commitment to encourage computer technology amongst student community, the company provides scholarships/awards to encourage students to excel in their studies and become active role models and leaders. To specifically encourage women students Google has instituted Google India Women in Engineering Award. The award aims to recognize and reward deserving women students in Computer Science and inspire them to take active part in creating innovations.

It is a misconception that Google has job openings only for students of computer science or computer-related subjects only. There are lot of employees who have speciaized in subjects other than computer science – such as Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Chemistry, Zoology etc. Google assists all students by providing helpful guidelines to develop one's career plan and seek out new projects, positions, departments and locations.

Google looks for students from all academic backgrounds as long as the student can think outside the box. There is enormous diversity in the work that Google does and hence it tends to hire more generalists rather than specialists. As an engineering candidate, you are expected to be successful in a variety of areas. When hired, Google will ask for your project preferences and place you in one of your top choices, while mapping it with business requirements.

First-round interviews of students will take place via phone or on college campus. If found acceptable, students will be invited to Google for second-round interviews. You will usually hear your status within three weeks of your second-round interviews.


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    Chirag 7 years ago

    Google tops the list of best employers in India! So most of the people would like to work for Google!