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How Tips in Mathematics Changed My Life

Updated on May 9, 2011

My hatred with Mathematics started ever since I entered college taking up an Engineering Degree course. The words Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry to name a few Mathematics subject are synonymous to misery. It seems like I'm in a desert, everytime I enter the four corners of the room where Mathematics subjects were taught, totally lost amid the blistering heat of the sun. The intricacies were like lurking dangers in the heart of the jungle and to be able to come out unscathed you must be equipped with survival techniques. I always thought of ways to cut this horrible giant down to size, but to no avail, all of my efforts were all in vain. How, where and when can I learn approaches and techniques to take the venom out of Mathematics, there must be a way to overcome this anxiety and adversity. Im earning good enough grades that time but I'm not satisfied with it. I need to be better than average to overcome the Board Licensure Examination for Electronics Communications Engineers and maintain my precious scholarship. My ordeal was over for a while when I graduated college but soon enough an enormous challenge is bound to come.

With my still sloppy, out of sync, and unpolished techniques in solving Math problems, I stand no chance of passing since the exam is teeming with complex problem that needs prowess in Mathematics. I have a very slim chance but I must give it a try since it is better to take the exam win or lose rather than losing without even lifting a finger.

Alas, good breaks do happen, and thing of the past should change for the better now, because I need it badly for the exam is really a tough nut to crack. The much awaited day finally came as Lady Luck smiled at me, my savior surfaced at the right place at the right time. Whoa, for the first time Im getting closer to the end of the tunnel. In the review center where I am enrolled to prepare for the exam. I came across with a brilliant and dynamic lecturer, who was at his early forties sporting a granite chin, shades of silvery hair and armed with a funny accent that never fails in makimg students laugh while he is discussing. No he is not a walking disaster but he is a walking encyclopedia so as to speak. He's a potent force to reckon with since he is one of the Certified Board Licensure Examination topnotcher during his batch. I consider it a honor having him as my reviewer for I know I will learn a lot from him since he is well exposed and well experienced in tackling typical board problems.

Sure enough he started his discussions with fireworks as he gave tips that I am searching for so long to become good at solving math problems. Yeah, tips are the ones that was the chink in my armor. After long years of wait the tips is the missing link I've been searching for. I realized how stupid I am, I'm not aware that simple things can spell the big difference.

His tips were simple yet practical but it changed my perception with math completely, he told us that the key to expose the weak spot of intricate Math problems is patience, patience and patience. Three redundant words that will form the pillars and cornerstone of stockpiling knowledge and techniques in dealing with different Math problems. It is with patience that will help you practice a lot, remember that were so good especially with our respective God endowed talents because we use patience and ample time to perfect those crafts and eventually become very good at it. While were trying to master some talents we usually set aside Mathematics most of the time, and even lambasts and verbally abuse Mathematics subjects, by saying they're difficult to deal with. Love be gets love, Mathematics will also love you for as long as you'll love it too. Aside from patience our reviewers emphasized the importance of understanding the concepts and principles, practice solving problems, memorize only the formulas not solutions or answers, and solving must be done naturally and spontaneously. He also said that one cannot be a good Math problem solver overnight it will take some time to be good at it. After his tips he proceeded in discussing his lessons. When the day is over, I went to my boarding house really ecstatic. I was still wondering when I'm home are these tips really work. If ever this clicks, I will finally have a potent weapon in my arsenal if this clicks though. The valuable tips shattered my hatred with Mathematics. I followed every tips my reviewer gave me and the reward was so great. I passed the Board Licensure Examination, along a friend that was once my terrifying adversary for many years, Mathematics that is, I can't help myself jumping with joy as if I won in a lottery when I saw in national newspaper that I was one of those who passed the examination. Knowing the good news, domino effect sets in, my father, mother and my siblings followed suit, they also jumped, shouted and howled as if they too won in a lottery. The feeling I have with that time was beyond compare and truly unforgettable. The joy of reaping the fruit of something you have had worked so hard gives you enormous joy and bliss. I'm thankful to God our Almighty for that success I received. Very thankful so as to speak.

I have loads in Mathematics for the past few years working as an instructor in collegiate schools, and I keep on telling this life changing story to my students everytime I started my very first class with them. I hope my students were given the proper direction I was deprived of when I'm in college. My college instructor then will just teach us all the things we need to know in tackling math problems but did'nt give us tips and systematic approach in taming Math problems. I could see in my students' eyes that my tips is bound to make difference in their lives because I was be able to get their feedback by having them present almost always in my class. I also discuss the importance of Mathematics to my students like it will improve their psychomotor, logical and abstract reasoning, their ability to think critically which is important in decision making skills and the greatest feeling of like being in cloud nine everytime you answer a difficult problems on you own especially the worded problems. Moreover Mathematics will make you versatile as well in other subjects for Mathemaics will enable you to think wider and deeper. The feeling you'll get while you get the right answers and carve out good or excellent grades in Mathematics is indeed overwhelming.

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