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Tips in Making Thesis in IT Related Course in the Philippines

Updated on October 2, 2012

"The strength of the wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the wolf."

Thesis making is expensive, wearisome and taxing, but with sheer perseverance you/your group will surely pull through...
Thesis making is expensive, wearisome and taxing, but with sheer perseverance you/your group will surely pull through...

Making Thesis is indeed very taxing. Getting your team working as one will indeed help you get the job well done.

Mastery (For 1st year and 2nd year college students). Study well and understand the programming basic, for this will serve as your foundation in creating a force to reckon with thesis in the years to come. It will help, if you will practice making similar programs that was already given in your previous exercises, quizzes and examination. More exposure and experience will surely enhance and bolster your knowledge in programming. Listen thoroughly to your instructors and don’t hesitate to ask questions from your instructors about all the things that are not clear to you during laboratory exercises.

Knowing the Trend Immerse yourself to the programs that are in demand and commonly used in making thesis. C-Programming is the commonly used program here in the Philippines and it is important to get acquainted with this well.

Know the Weakness and Strength of Your Members in Your Group.Bring out the best in all your members. Utilize all their strengths while cover any weak spots with teamwork and coordination. Accomplish all of the individual tasks given to each of your member, with chemistry and fluidity.

Back-up files everytime you accomplish a task. Computers that house your files are not spared from system crash and other threats.

Focus and Concentration. Check all the tasks of each member of your team constantly, to know where all of you are heading to. Set deadlines.

Resourcefulness. One of the key in dishing out a solid thesis is by being resourceful. Gain more knowledge by simply reading and getting necessary information from existing thesis available, and make research in the internet if necessary.

Seek for Pointers. Always seek valuable pointers from your instructors and schoolmates that are already done with their thesis.

Avoid Infighting in Your Group. The team will be out of sync and fragmented if there is misunderstanding. Work as a team all throughout. Communicate well with each other.

Be Cool During Defense. It’s normal to get nervous at first but try to get rid of this as questioning from the panelists progresses. Pinpointing at your group mates to answer difficult will surely show poor preparation and teamwork. Rehearse before the defense; make a simulation in your group by making a scenario mocking the actual defense. You will determine your weak spots and eventually will come up with improvements to cover them. This practice will also help you get hang of your actual defense and help your team in minimizing anxiety. Also try asking your adviser for a mock defense, you’ll surely learn valuable pointers from this.

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