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How to Pass the College Entrance Tests and Get a High Score

Updated on September 26, 2012

Graduating from high school can be considered a great feat but the battle to acquire education is still far from over yet, since the real acid test begins as one begins to study in college. Studying in college pursuing the course of your dreams and liking can be difficult and if you desire to carve out good grades you need to burn the midnight oil and pull out all the tricks in your hat. If ever you manage to graduate in college, though, the chances of getting employed and the likelihood of realizing all of your dreams are relatively higher. Since getting into college is so significant and crucial one must not take the college entrance test lightly.

Here are some effective tips and pointers to pass the college entrance or admission examination or test and possibly get high scores:

Know what to expect. Reviewing typical questions given in the college entrance tests (reviewers that are available in your local bookstore can be very valuable) will help you get acquainted with all the questions that will appear in the actual tests (in the Philippines the college entrance test given here is the NSAT).  The trends tend not to change as years goes by. It is wise to get familiar with the directions in the reviewers can be very helpful whilst you are still reviewing. Use your time answering the questions and spend less time reading the directions. Scan the directions to verify what you already know.

Master the tips and cues for each subtest. A review booklet may contain some means to hurdle each subtest. These pointers were curtailed specifically to boost the stock knowledge of the students and help you analyze the questions well.

Answer questions smoothly.  If a question is giving you a very tough time, come up with an educated guess and go on the next one. Circle or mark the question so that you can easily find it if you have time to come back to it if you have still some time to spare at the end.

Don’t be on a rush. Keep in mind that your score will rely on how many correct answers you can have for a given time. Hence speed and accuracy can play a vital role in helping you get a high score or at least a passing score. Read all the choices on each of the questions given, not just some. See to it that you are answering the questions being asked and not the one which could’ve reminded you of or the ones you thought was going to be asked. Put an underline in the words such as “not” and “except” to ensure that you will not end up giving the opposite answers to the questions.

Eliminate the wrong choices as many as you possibly can. It is better to decide when there are only two choices than choosing an answer from five. Even if you are merely making an educated guess the process of eliminating some of the choices will give you better chances of getting the right answers.

Change answers if you have reasons. It is not customarily good to modify your answers based on a gut feeling or by impulse. The right answers are often the ones which you have made first, especially when your mind is not yet overcrowded by perplexing facts. If you persist on changing your answer, get rid of the shaded area without leaving any dark spots. Then shade your new answer.

I hope these tips and pointers will help you in a way. There are more tips in the coming days. Bye for now folks.


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