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Maximize your Chances of Passing the Vocabulary Ability Subtest in College Entrance Test

Updated on May 10, 2011

Boost your vocabulary. English communications is not only important in passing the college entrance tests it is also vital later in life. It is also important while you are in college, if you are seeking employment or if you are already an employee.

So brushing up on vocabulary is truly important and crucial. Stocking up vocabularies will give you the much-needed help in raising your scores.

Here is th list of some effective tips to pass the vocabulary ability tests of college entrance or admission examination or test:

Narrow down answer choices by testing words for their positive or negative. If you are facing a partly strange word, a word that you cannot easily describe or make use of in a sentence, try to consider in what sort of circumstance you have met the word. Does the word have positive or negative implications?

If you are sure that the underlined word has a positive feel, then, look for its synonyms, since you know the correct answer must sound positive too. Hence, you can now get rid of the ones that have negative connotations and just focus to the ones that have positive tone. Narrow down the choices to two as much as possible for every question to increase further your chance of getting the right answers.

Be on a look out for eye-catching words. When you look at the answer choices, do you see a word that sounds like the underlined word? Or you come across with certain choices that appear to jump right off the page? If you do, then these are actually eye-catching words. Eye-catchers are given in a question to confuse and deceive test takers. Extra care must be given prior importance whilst dealing with such question. These words looks too good to be true and it deserves a second and thorough look.

Perhaps the best way to improve your vocabulary is to keep on reading and reading. Magazines, newspapers, books and other worthwhile books are good sources of vocabulary words. Read articles or stories that suits your interests so that you will not get bored reading and at the same time makes your reading pleasant. If you come across with a vocabulary word, look for its meaning(s) in the dictionary and its synonyms in a Thesaurus to fathom the word well and add it to your stock. Learning the various techniques in answering vocabulary ability test can help you increase your points by a few percent, but the real score booster is your stock of vocabulary words that you’ve gained already and about to acquire in the coming days.

Set a goal for yourself. Master at least five words a day using a dictionary. After few months you will be surprised that you’ve obtained a good number of vocabularies that makes you battle-ready during the exam.

Be careful with the spelling demons. Here are some of the prevalent spelling demons of students: receive, envelope, balloon, horrible, legible, lieutenant, accommodate, develop, believe, eligible, squirrel, colonel, sergeant, misspelled, occasion, macabre, perfunctory, Fahrenheit, besiege, illustrious, dissonance, omitted, massacre, viscera, apostasy, seismicity, weird, ingenuous, predecessor, possess, comptroller, embarrass, mortgage, millionaire, dough, thought, reservoir and façade. Remember them as they might give you some aches during a college entrance tests.

You can also increase your stock of vocabulary words, by bringing along with you a list of words that you would find good to memorize in a day. Be efficient with your time, you can do the memorizing of words and learning about its definition while you are in a school canteen, car or any vehicle on, and comfort room.

Master vocabulary words. You must thoroughly study the combining forms, prefixes and suffixes of words.

Be careful with the synonyms, antonyms and prepositions.Find time to review these.


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