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How to Stop Bullying Bullies

Updated on October 2, 2012

Sometimes your kid is under the threat of bullying.

Bullying in school is common in Asia, and it’s a pity if one of your kids is the one getting the insults or other forms of provocations that could stimulate fistfight which will of course favor the tormentor at the end.

Bullies will pick on anybody (not usually their own size) that he thinks is different or holds superiority over potential victim(s): that has some exceptional talent, seem weak, very shy, too smart, too good-looking, too fat, too skinny and or “wrong” color of complexion.Ill-effects of bullying can be disturbing, as bullied kid’s will feel depression, lack of confidence, lack of concentration on their studies, being defiant and for young kids they can be hyperactive.

Here are some useful steps to protect your children from bullies:

To Children:

Ignore name-calling, insults or other derogatory remarks of bullies. This behavior or action of a bully is often used to gauge his power over his victim and to determine how far he can go. The bullies will lose interests on you and eventually stop getting your attention. Leaving them alone don’t get affected, this way you are depriving them of inner happiness or entertainment and bullying will be stopped and halted.

Just walk away when there is a bullying incident, this way you are depriving him of would be audience. Report this incident to an adult or to your teacher immediately.

Facts about kids and bullies

  • Bullies in school are more likely have a low self-esteem and are dealing with difficult situations at home, such as divorce or are in trouble in school.
  • To feel more powerful bullies channel their hostility and aggression at other children who are smaller and emotionally
  • When the actual system or another child care program has identified a conduct disorder.
  • Signs that a child is victim of bullying includes increased anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, bruiser or missing personal items.

To Parents:

A child that is confident beaming with a strong personality and self-esteem will react well when he encounter bullies or perhaps avoided potential bullying incident from happening on the first place.

Tell your children to ignore and walk away from the taunts of bullies. Tell what envy can do to other people and say don’t blame yourself if you are born with exceptional features (intelligence, good-looking, etc.).

Encourage children to have as many good friends who can give moral support and company. You can have some of his friends to accompany your child while going home or during break or recess. You can let them indulge in a sports club activities to meet new acquaintance to develop your child’s social skills, enable to appreciate the value of discipline and teamwork and to build their confidence.

Seek help from your child’s teacher, you may set a meeting or an appointment with your kid’s teacher and bring with you a written report of the inflicted bullying incident.

Don’t contact the bully’s parents or guardian(s) leave the matter to the school, if bullying continues see the principal and write a letter to the school’s Board of Governor.

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