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Burn Notice: Preview of Season Finale "Dead to Rights" S5E12

Updated on April 21, 2013

Burn Notice Highlights

Dead To Rights

After five seasons of being burned Micheal Weston is finally going to find out who burned him and why. It has been a long hard struggle for Micheal Weston and he has struggled to get back into the CIA only to find out he was being framed for murdering his handler Max. Sam, Maddy, Fiona and Jessie have stayed by Micheal's side the entire way but he is finally going to get his answers on September 8th at 9pm on USA.

I haven't seen the episode but not for a lack of trying to get an advanced preview. I would bet that we are going to find out that Micheal being burned is a whole lot less personal then he has taken it and that burning is a regular practice in th spy game. But it is only a hunch and I will eagerly await to hear from all of you just how wrong my hunch was.

Just for you to remember the struggles through the seasons for Micheal and his crew I have provided you with a few highlights.

Burn Notice Finale

September 8th at 9pm on USA we will finally find out who burn Micheal Weston and why. The day has finally arrive when all the questions will be answered.

I have been following this series faithfully and it has just been fabulous this year. What started out as a tongue in cheek comedy has turned into a real television drama.

As always I will write up a summary and review after the air date but I wanted to make certain you were cleared your calendar to watch the season finale of one of television's best shows.


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