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Top Ten Comedies: 2004

Updated on November 22, 2009

The comedy movie is considered one that will make you laugh a little or have you roaring with laughter. Some movies are very funny while others are only merely funny by tradition standards. As I searched for all comedy movies made between the year 2000 and 2009 I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of comedy movies, so I began to search by individual years. I was able to pick out ten best comedy movies for each year. My favorite types of movies in order are comedies, action, and drama's, then horror.

Some of my favorite books are by Dean Koontz and Stephen King. If you enjoy stories as much as I do then you'll most definitely enjoy this series of top ten lists.

My comedy top ten lists cover the following years:











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Number Ten

White Chicks

The Wayans Brothers sure do have a handle on comedy in this movie.  I don’t know about you but dressing up and passing yourself off as someone else is always fun.  It is even funnier that black men are successfully passing themselves off as white girls.  The Wayans brothers kick up the heat as they try to solve a case while uncomfortably masquerading as the white chicks.  I think the dance scene in this movie is absolute and pure comedy.  It is even funnier when one guy is trying his best to get one of the brothers to hook up with him.  Wowsers I guess he can’t see the Adams apple either.

Number Nine

13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner beautifully plays Jenna, a girl who is 13 one moment and then is instantly transformed into a 30 year old woman.  Personally, being 30 sucks but I sure as heck couldn’t even image what it would be like when I was 13.  This movie throws in a lot of laughs as we inadvertently learn a valuable life lesson.  The people we love the most are usually the ones we push away the hardest.  Jenna’s best friend when she was 13 has all but forgotten about her because of the choices she made as she grew up…she doesn’t know that though and reconnects with him.  Jenna also reminds us why we loved “Thriller” in the 80’s and how we can still love the same things we did as adults as we did when we were kids.

Number Eight

Along Came Polly

Reuben Feffer is played by Ben Stiller in this film.  He is a risk auditor for an insurance company.  This movie shows us how sucky life can get when Reuben and Lisa go on their honeymoon.  What kind of a woman would cheat on her husband on their honeymoon, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Of course they break up and unfortunately for Reuben he gets a ride to the airport from the man his wife cheated with.  Talk about bad luck, but life usually balances the scales and does when Reuben meets up with Polly, a girl he went to school with.  I especially like the blind ferret in this movie as well as Reuben’s incident of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome that ends with a toilet and a hand towel.  It is not pretty.

Number Seven

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler (Henry) falls in love with Lucy, a beautiful girl that suffers from short term memory loss.  Henry has a wonderful first date with her and shows her a great time and wants to see her again, so he asks if she’ll be at the diner the next day.  She says that she will so he meets her there the next day.  Oddly, enough she doesn’t remember him and freaks out, which also freaks him out.  Everyday he finds himself trying to win over the same girl every single day.  Eventually Henry and Lucy’s father and brother break the news to her when she wakes up and finds him in her bed.  They end up getting married and she has to watch a movie of their lives every morning that she wakes up.  This is a tough way to live.

Number Six


Anchorman is the story of the life of Ron Burgundy, the top ranked anchorman in San Diego of the 1970’s.  Ron, Brian, Brick, and Champ are at the top of the news channel anchorman game.  The network ends up hiring a female reporter, Veronica Corningstone, beautifully played by Christina Applegate.  She comes into the news station and turns it upside down.  The men are upset about this new development and have a yell out with their boss.  Brick who happens to be slow invites Veronica to a pants party after prodding from his friends.  A war between Ron and Veronica ensues.  Ron ends up getting fired after he is prompted by the teleprompter to say F**k off San Diego.  Ron isn’t finished yet and quickly is rehired to report the news and saves Veronica from the bears.

Number Five

Without a Paddle

Young boy’s friendship never dies in this movie even though one of the four friends dies.  Tom, Jerry, and Dan meet back up after the funeral of their friend and find a treasure man to the old D.B Cooper treasure.  When they were young they vowed to find this treasure together.  With the one friend having just passed they decide to honor him by going on the treasure hunt in his name.  So the three men venture out into the wilds of the Oregon Mountains.  At every turn there is something going wrong and the trio press on towards the goal of the treasure.

Number Four


Dodgeball is about a group of people playing dodgeball…professionally.  When their local gym is threatened by a national health chain owned by White Goodman, the owner enters into a dodgeball competition.  The local gym is behind on payments and needs the win.  They hire Patches O’Houlihan a professional dodgeballer who will get them ready for the competition.  My favorite line in this movie is, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”  So they go to Vegas and are playing against some of the best teams in the country, including that of Goodman’s team.  Unfortunately Patches dies in an unfortunate sign accident.

Number Three

Meet the Fockers

The first movie made us laugh at Greg’s failures and his name.  Now we get to meet the people that named him Gaylord Focker.  The Fockers are very nice people but they are eccentric at best.  Rozalin Focker is a sex therapist and ends up helping the Byrnes reconnect on that level.  Aside from the cat getting flushed down the toilet this movie had me rolling.  Ben Stiller’s sense of humor is a lot like mine so I can sympathize with him.  Overall this is a fantastic movie the whole family can enjoy.

Number Two

Shrek 2

When I set out to watch Shrek 2 I most certainly did not expect to be taken on an adventure like this.  The movie starts off with Shrek and Fiona living happily in their home when a letter for the far away kingdom comes.  Fiona’s parents want to meet her new husband.  Off on the journey of a lifetime we go, and yes donkey goes too.  After getting to the kingdom Shrek meets Fiona’s parents and finds that they are not impressed with him and the two fights.  Shrek goes off to find the fairy godmother to make him human.  By the end of the movie you believe that Shrek will lose Fiona forever but not with his heroic friends.  As I watched this movie I had never laughed so hard in my life, especially at the end of the movie.  My favorite scene is with Pinocchio, “I’m a real boy”  and he’s wearing a thong.

Number One

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a funny look at small town Idaho life.  Napoleon is a kid who seems to not really care too much about what is going on.  He meets Pedro and Deb and decides to help Pedro become class president.  “Vote for Pedro” I actually have a shirt that says that, which I wear on rare occasion.  After dealing with torment from his family and bullies at school Napoleon seems to be Pedro’s only chance at winning the presidency.  So Napoleon does an incredibly good dance routine on stage in front of the whole school.  The song and dance ends, the crowd uproariously cheer him, and then he sprints off stage.  This movie is very funny with some of the things Napoleon says.  This is also where Jon Heder became a funny actor for me.  All of his movies since have been funny.


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