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Tips for Parenting Brilliant Kids

Updated on February 5, 2014

Proper Parenting

Proper parenting is a very important factor in the adequate and satisfactory up bringing of a child. It is compulsory for parents to watch closely their children especially during the early phase of their life. These phases are very important landmarks in the life of the child, for it is this stage that the child develops his own personalities or beliefs of life. It scientific study is called developmental psychology. Between the two sexes of children, the easiest to train and most challenging to bring up is the female child. Its not their fault so please don’t blame them, it is the peculiarity of females.

The Origin of Behaviours and Parents Role

If parents are able to monitor and understand appropriately the developmental phase of development of their children, they will have little or no problem in training them. The parents must start right from the child’s oral phase to anal to latency to identity versus role confusion. Oops I don’t want to bother you with all those psychological terminologies. You must understand that as a child is been born, the brain is empty of any information or instruction and would be unable to do anything. The first information given to the child is how to express him by crying. This is done by stimulating the child with a slight slap on the buttocks immediately after birth followed by breathing. So it could be established that children develops their quality by learning. Now, you know that since the brain of the new child is empty, there will be need for the child to take in or input datas int the brain otherwise the child would not must understand the meaning of developement before i continue in my discussion, there is a wide gap between growth and development. Growth involves the physical and physiological increase in size while development refers to the mental, cognitive and psychological developement or growth.

How Your Child Develops her Personality and the Parents Role

At the early stage of their life they tend to move closer in response to their emotional attachment towards individual or thing from which they derive pleasure. Little wonder some ladies later become lesbians and boys homosexual as a result of a compromise during their stages of development, when they spend longer than expected time in their psychosocial relationships during their developmental period.

There are times when the relationship is between the mother and the child or anything that gives the child oral gratification. These occur between 0-1years.

2. 1-3years: This is the period of toilet training the child.

3. 3-6years: The child is interested in physical differences from the opposite sex. The genital organ is the point of gratification. Here the child identifies with the same sex parent and sees the other as a competitor.

4. 7-11years: There is sensual drive and psychological energy which is channeled to convectional activities like school work, movies. e.t.c . If parents are able to monitor their children at this phase, there is possibility of you bringing up a genius, another Albert Einstein, because there is great possibility of increasing the IQ of the child above average.

5. 11-adulthood: adolescence starts here. There is sexual interest and urge and they tend to move or prefer to stay with the opposite sex. At this junction they make lasting relationships.

So parents must be very careful and should closely monitor their child during this phase inorder to be able to detect in the early stage any disorder or syndrome. If your child that has gotten to the stage of adolescence still loves to move with peers of the same sex and sincerely hates the opposite sex, then there is a problem.

Understanding Your Developing Child

Knowing this, parent must establish a sort of cordial relationship between themselves and their children starting from the early stage of life, i.e. during breast feeding. It is not surprising to find out nowadays that most children love the mother than the father because of the emotional attachment they have developed in the early phase of their life as a result of the oral pleasure derived from the mother.

There are stages in development that child training should not be over done e.g. in toileting etc .otherwise it will seriously alter the personality of the child. Most parents make the mistake of deciding to get close or closer to their children at puberty . Most times, it is impossible, for it is a critical stage of transition of the child from childhood to adulthood. A lot of conflicts and changes that occurs during this phase do not give room for any sort of parental friendship. The fact is this kind of friendship should be established before puberty.

There are other times when child begins to develop philosophies or principles of life for themselves and their decision at this stage will be on the basis of what they have learnt so far In the home and their experiences as a result of their relationship with their environment. You must also understand that a child must first gain control of the entire major skeletal muscles, learn to sit, crawl, stand, walk and run. Parents should not however begin to forcefully teach a child who has not started crawling how to stand or walk, a future compromise may arise there.

Finally, parents should form the habit of sitting, eating, talking, jesting, playing and sleeping with their children at their tender age. Kiss them, smile or laugh with them, massage or touch their body for all this have their therapeutic importance . If all this is established as children begin to transit from childhood to adulthood especially during the period of secrecy. It will be almost impossible to hide anything from you then you are able to give them your [parental guide or advice as touching any decision, hence you have succeeded as the best and distinctive parent in the world!


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