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1-99 Summoning Guide 2012 - Runescape Summoning 1-99 Guide 2012 (all charms in Runescape)

Updated on August 18, 2013

99 Summoning Skill Cape

mbyL's 1-99 Summoning Guide 2012

In this 1-99 summoning guide, you will read about which summon monster to make at what levels using which charms. In my opinion, having the 99 summoning skill cape is something prestigious, because it stands for wealth, persistence and just looks good. It is desired by many players, but many players also don’t have to persistence to gather all the charms and the money to train summoning at all. The 99 skill cape seems to be desired especially by Germans in Runescape.

I will show you a list first, which charms you have to use in order to create the specific pouch at what level. Afterwards, there will be a list, where it is most advisable to get all these charms.

Spirit Terrorbird Army

Training summoning with Gold Charms

4-16: Dreadfowl

16-28: Granite Crab

28-52: save charms and use green charms instead

52-66: Spirit Terrobird

66-99: Barker Toads

Note that most people stop using gold charms after level 85, because it just takes too long to train it effectively.

A Unicorn Stallion

Training summoning with Green Charms

Until level 28 you should be saving your green charms and therefore not using any.

28-33: Compost Mound

33-41: Beaver

49-56: Magpie

56-69: Ibis

69-80: Fruit Bat

80-88: Hydra

88-99: Unicorn Stallion

All Titans

Training summoning with Crimson Charms

22-32: Spirit Tz Kh (Recommended that you save until level 32)

32-46: Honey Badger

46-49: Pyrelord

49-61: Bloated Leech

61-64: Smoke Devils

64-74: Strange Plant

74-85: Granite Lobsters

85-92/99: Swamp Titans

92-95: Wolpertinger

95-96: Iron Titan

96-99: Pack yak

Spirit Graahk

Training summoning with Blue Charms

57-58: Spirit Kyatt or Graahk

58 to 73 were omitted, because it is recommended that you save your blue charms at these levels and use other charms instead of blue ones.

73-79: Obsidian Golem

79-83: Fire or Moss Titans

83-89: Lava Titans

88-99: Geyser Titan

Now, you should now know what pouches to make with what charms at a given level. I will now continue with the charm gathering part, which is actually the harder part. I will tell you about monsters in Runescape that are suitable for getting specific charms. Note that it is the best idea to gather crimson charms and not blue charms. The drop rate is compared to crimson charms a lot lower and should not be gone for if you want to level summoning as fast as possible.

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Killing monsters with a good charm drop rate per hour

Gold Charms:

  • Giant rock crabs
  • Fire giants
  • Ankous
  • Bats
  • Werewolves

Green Charms:

  • Cave bugs
  • Bloodvelds
  • Blue Dragons
  • Iron Dragons
  • Kurasks

Crimson Charms:

  • Abyssal Demons (drop whips)
  • Waterfiends (100-200 p/h) - you should use a weapon that has very good crush stats like a Zamorakian spear, or the Saradomin sword
  • Rock Lobsters (150-200p/h)
  • Dust Devils

Blue Charms:

  • Gargoyles
  • Suqahs
  • Bork
  • Glacors (several are dropped at a time except by Gargoyles)
  • Corp beast (drops 14 at a time!)

The fearful Glacors

Performing the 99 Summoning emote

Gathering charms with slayer (my method)

My favourite method was simply to gather charms with slayer. And in my opinion, this is also a very good way. It is true that it takes longer than going for charms specifically, but it made much more fun to me and I also trained combat skills and slayer and we all know that slayer takes very long to get 99. So it is recommended by me that you train slayer and gather the charms you need for 99 summoning.

I hope this 1-99 Summoning guide could help you and give you some fast levels.
Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading!

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