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Free Guide on How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby

Updated on March 17, 2011

Gender of Your Baby


From the natural law of probability, nature has it that the chances of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl are 50:50. If you attempt to alter that natural law, then it is ungodly and illegal by laws of nature and most countries in this planet Earth. But what would it mean to your life and the future of your family if you could choose whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl? I believe it would be great to take the chance out of it. Before you try this natural method of choosing the gender of your baby, bear in mind that a wider use of this method can mark the beginning of diminishing of mankind. What follows are the free ideas you must know to be able to choose the baby of a certain gender that you may prefer. Turn your dreams into reality and get that beautiful baby boy or baby girl that you want without having to worry.

Its More Likely to Conceive a Baby Girl than a Baby Boy.


Since male (Y) sperm are faster but more fragile than female (X) sperm, and acidic environments harm Y sperm, and since a woman's reproductive organ is slightly acidic, then logic has it that it is more likely to conceive a baby girl than a baby boy.

Babies are not Stocks

Sperms have Different Properties

There are two different types of sperm: X-chromosome-bearing sperm for a baby girl and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm for a baby boy. The two sperms have different properties.

Y-Bearing Sperm (Male-Producing) are:

(a) Smaller, round-headed

(b) Faster

(c) More fragile, shorter-lived

X-Bearing Sperm (Female-Producing) are:

(a) Larger, oval-headed

(b) Slower

(c) More resilient, longer-lived

Since male (Y) sperm are faster but more fragile than female (X) sperm, and acidic environments harm Y sperm, and since a woman's reproductive organ is slightly acidic, then logic has it that it is more likely to conceive a baby girl than a baby boy.

We shall now proceed and exploit these two factors.

Timing of Ovulation

To have a boy, the sexual intercourse should occur as close as possible to the moment of ovulation so that the faster, Y-sperm arrive first and achieve conception. To have a baby girl, the sexual intercourse should 2½ to 3 days before ovulation by which time the Y-sperm will have been destroyed by the acidic environment since they are more fragile and shorter-lived.

Sex Position

Shallow penetration that will spray sperms close to the entrance of a female reproductive organ will favor the conception of a baby girl because the area is more acidic, which inhibits the weaker Y sperm. For the Y sperm which moves at a faster rate to reach the egg first so that you can get a baby boy, a deeper penetration should be sought, to deposit the sperm at the least acidic area near the uterus opening. Longer male reproductive organ and a rear entry during intercourse will achieve your goal of conceiving a baby boy.

This method of how to choose the gender of your baby is not 100% foolproof. And now my question to you: which gender would be favored by a higher sperm count?

Female's Fluids

Female fluids favors male (Y) sperm. This is because the fluid produced by the female during sex makes the vaginal environment more alkaline which is favourable for the conception of a baby boy.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I will try for a baby boy or may be for a baby girl.........

      Will you define us how to make a twin?

    • tanay253 profile image


      9 years ago from Berkeley,CA,USA

      The three important elements of gender selection in pregnancy are timing and pH levels, minor diet adjustments, and assigning specific intercourse positions to conceive the gender of your choice.

      Ovulation timing is a critical factor in conception. Making love before ovulation is most likely to produce a baby girl, while making love during ovulation is most likely to produce a baby boy. The principle behind this is that boy sperms are smaller and faster, and yet they are short-lived, whereas girl sperms are slower, but they are also stronger and live longer. A woman’s pH level is also a factor. A highly acidic pH will kill off high numbers of male or Y-chromosome sperms, thus, most likely producing a girl. A highly alkaline pH, on the other hand, will harm female or X-chromosome sperms, thus, most likely producing a boy. The principle behind this is that each sperm type also survives better in different pH levels – boy sperms in high pH (alkaline) and girl sperms in low pH (acidic) environments.

      Also, because some foods produce either an acidic or an alkaline environment inside the woman’s body, minor diet adjustments should be made. Variations in making love also affect conception. Factors like achieving simultaneous orgasms, not achieving orgasm at all, the depth of penetration, and the position used may surprisingly determine the gender of your baby.

      Again, choosing the gender of your baby is done by adjusting the environment in which the egg or sperm cell will thrive.

      You can check out the following site for more information:

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Lovely looking and informative site! It is is. I'm sure I read some where that it is slightly over 50% probability to have a girl which is interesting. Nevertheless it is fascinating that something that follows the laws of averages can still create such desperation in many a would-be mother. Is it possible that by sheer force of mind and will power can select the baby's gender? Science is finding ways to cheat a little but it's still human decision and feeling at the end of the day. The development of baby gender predictors also affectt he percentages as mothers may choose to take actions into their own hands.... This site gives an idea of the emotions involved for a new mother dreaming of that boy or girl:

    • ReuVera profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      Information in a section "Timing of Ovulation" is very very true! One old midwife told me the same based on her long experience. You can make a boy 99% sure if conception occurs in the middle of ovulation to next couple of days during ovulation. Same with a girl- deposit for her a couple of days before ovulation and keep abstinence till the end of ovulation.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      It is very exiting to see the amount of information now available about fertility issues and the people that dedicate their times to help others.


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