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What are the possible causes of painful toes when walking and the treatment for

  1. brakel2 profile image82
    brakel2posted 5 years ago

    What are the possible causes of painful toes when walking and the treatment for this problem?

  2. mackyi profile image66
    mackyiposted 5 years ago

    There are many reasons for painful toes, such as arthritis, gout and others. In the case of arthritis, usually, NSAIDs(Non-steriodal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) work -- like Aleve, Naproxen  and so on. However, I suggest that you see your doctor just to rule out any of these possible causes I have mentioned above, and also to give you the correct reason(s) for your painful toes.

    P.S. F.Y.I consuming too much acidic food and drinks can cause a build-up of uric acid which can lead to gout.

  3. JayeWisdom profile image95
    JayeWisdomposted 5 years ago

    I had foot surgery not once, but twice, during my late 40s, and one of the surgeries was to correct a hammertoe, which is a toe turned sideways that rubs against a toe next to it causing pain when wearing shoes and walking. I had a wonderful podiatrist who performed surgery to turn the toe around correctly and anchor it. Sounds funny, but the surgery worked, and the pain stopped.

    Also, one of my friends had surgery for a condition called (if I remember accurately) Morton's Neuroma. It had something to do with the nerves and metatarsals, making two toes next to each other hurt, especially when she walked. She had surgery for it, also successful.

    Also, as I believe has already been mentioned, arthritis can affect the toe joints just as it does other joints in the body.

    If your toes are hurting, I suggest you find the best podiatrist available in your area and make an appointment. When your feet hurt, the rest of your body seems to hurt in sympathy.

  4. Seeker7 profile image97
    Seeker7posted 5 years ago

    There are a number of conditions and each one would need to be verified or elliminated by a doctor. Arthritis is one of the main ones. But you can also have some pain in the toes when your circulation is not as good as it should be. Gout is another condition and this can be so painful that you can't walk. On the more simpler side, ensure that your footwear is a proper fit for you and that the heel is not too high or low. Often people have to change the footwear that they are used to as they get older - for example people who like slip-on shoes, sometimes have to change to a shoe that fastens in order to support the foot better.  Also watch your posture, especially if you have anykind of back pain or hip pain as this can affect your gait when walking and cause pain elsewhere other than in the back or hips.

  5. Barbara Kay profile image91
    Barbara Kayposted 5 years ago

    If you mean your toes cramp, I saw on the show "The Doctors" that it can be caused by just muscles. I have this problem sometimes. The answer really does depend upon your symptoms and asking your doctor is the best idea.

  6. artist101 profile image70
    artist101posted 5 years ago

    As the rest of my fellow hubbers have stated, among the reasons are; arthritis, gout, and uric acid, circulation, tendenitis, and bone spurs are also a possibilty. Seeing a physican is advisable so that your not chasing a symptom, but addressing the problem. Ill fitting shoes, that are to tight, or offer no support, or wearing high heals is also a big no no. The best shoe is one that offers a good arch support, a stabble heel, and no higher than an inch. The worst are totally flat, or too high, and no back on them. Such as flip flops, and slides. You have to clinch the toes to keep them on, thereby putting stress on the toes. Other reasons could be dehydration, or a previous injury.
    Again a podiatrist can exray the toes, and tell you exactly whats going on.
    The treatment will vary depending on the cause.

  7. Amadaun profile image74
    Amadaunposted 4 years ago

    My mother has Peripheral neuropathy in her feet.  Because she can't feel her toes properly, she tenses them up, and that causes her a lot of pain at the end of the day.

    Foot massages and Voltaren cream help her a bit, but she still has a lot of nerve and muscle issues.

  8. Mayaanjali profile image81
    Mayaanjaliposted 4 years ago

    according to Accupressure, there are pressure points on your toes and each pressure point corresponds to an organ or part of your body.  If your large toe is hurting it indicates spondylitis or neck problems may be cropping up soon -start massaging until the pain disappears and automatically the early symptoms of spondylitis will disappear too!
    Pain between the 2nd and third toes indicates deep sinus related problems or an incomig bout of a bad cold.  Very often while massaging in this area you may observe that you will start sneezing.
    In between the large toe and second toe or on the upper part of the large toe is the head region and headaches can subside if you massage here.
    Get yourself an accupressure chart and massage regularly these areas and believe it or not you will see an absolute difference in a month !  Guaranteed!!
    (Conditions apply - regularity is the key)