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I need weight loss plan ? any help?

  1. monia saad profile image76
    monia saadposted 2 years ago

    I need weight loss plan ? any help?

    I have tried many  and weight loss programs, and excerise programs and they haven't really helped me in losing weight. If you have any good plan please help me


  2. peeples profile image94
    peeplesposted 2 years ago

    Weight loss is a very simple thing. Burn more calories than you are consuming, make your calories count, stay active, stay hydrated, and avoid processed food. Cut out anything that you have to microwave to eat. Remove chips, soda, candy, and other junk from your diet. Drink tons of water. If removing horrible food from your diet, and burning more calories than you are eating isn't working then you should see a doctor. Many illnesses can make it impossible to lose weight even if you were to starve yourself. All the fad diets in the world are pointless.

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      smart idea i will try to do all that you have tell me thank you alot

  3. mbwalz profile image90
    mbwalzposted 2 years ago

    When I advised women about hormonal balance and eating (they are inter-related), we advised a few steps: always eat protein, carbs, and fats together. Limit carbs to about 14 gm each meal and 7 gm per 2 snacks - don't forget to count the fruits and vegetables in those quantities. Eat more carbs if you are having troubles with feeling blue or if you are more active than the average person. Eat real foods, whole foods, and full fat whatever. Do not go for "diet" or "sugar free" things, don't eat fake sugars. Eat for joy! Include your friends and family for meals and don't eat food you don't love, but learn to love lots of new foods. Don't watch TV while you eat, don't eat while you watch TV. Eating, life, and relationships are never separate. Lots of people used to balk at the full-fat thing, but it makes you eat less and your body needs fat and cholesterol for hormone creation.

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      thank you alot the problem that i eat front of my PC

  4. peoplepower73 profile image93
    peoplepower73posted 2 years ago

    All diets are temporary.  You have to have a change in behavior and commit to it.  Also exercise your table muscle.  That means pull yourself away from the table after you have taken in a reasonable amount of food.  Let your appastate catch up with you.  There is no such thing as that, but primitive man didn't know when his next meal was coming so he continued to eat even though he didn't have to.  We are still wired for that.  So push yourself away from the table and in few minutes, you won't feel hungry. Also get yourself checked for an under active thyroid. This condition will make it very difficult for you to lose weight.

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      i try jogging every morning and i do some exerice

  5. Stella Kaye profile image87
    Stella Kayeposted 2 years ago

    Maybe these articles might help a bit:

    I find cutting out sugar and everything in it, eating unprocessed foods and getting plenty exercise helps a lot.  Good luck!


    http://stellakaye.hubpages.com/hub/Pure … and-deadly

    http://stellakaye.hubpages.com/hub/heal … fter-fifty

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      thank you for all those hubs i will read them

  6. lisasuniquevoice profile image76
    lisasuniquevoiceposted 2 years ago

    monia ben saad,
    You should try keeping track of your nutrition and exercise on Sparkpeople.com. It's like Weight Watchers online, but it's free. They also have short workouts, and lots of recipes.
    Good luck,

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      thank you for your help and advice

  7. JessieLee2727 profile image60
    JessieLee2727posted 2 years ago

    From my personal struggle of loosing 100 plus lbs I created my own weight loss plan. Create a plan that you know you will stick with. So many people including myself go along with other plans that they have seen on TV or heard about some where else. Sit and jot down all the things you can do and can not do. For example if your unable to work out during certain days and times, write down what your availability is. Just with life, it's important to have a schedule while getting healthy. Also I didn't follow a certain workout plan I made my own. If your one that goes to the gym then great, create your own fitness regime. The key is to make fitness fun, I made up my own little workouts at home. If you can have fun doing it the more your likely to stick with it. I highly dislike the word "diet", still enjoy the foods you love just in moderation. I never gave up indulging in "chocolate"(my addiction) I just ate much less of it.You don't have to spend a ton of money on these crazy "diets". It's all about the mind set, you work hard enough you can achieve anything. Good Luck with your weight loss journey!

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      thank you jessica for your help

  8. LoisRyan13903 profile image81
    LoisRyan13903posted 2 years ago

    I would try this site: sparkpeople.com  It provides excellent meal plans and has worked for me.  If you run across a food that you don't like, you can substitute something else

    1. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      thank you for your help and i have seen this site it's very ggod to practice some advice from it

    2. LoisRyan13903 profile image81
      LoisRyan13903posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      With everything on it-meal plans, recipes, exercise, tips and so on-I am surprised that this site is free

  9. word55 profile image74
    word55posted 2 years ago

    I exercise daily, especially in the mornings. I eat more vegetables, fruits and nuts more than meats. In other words, if I eat meat then 75% on my plate is veggies mixed with 25% meat/wheat bread. After eating like this for a month then you'll get used to eating more healthy and you'll notice the weight coming off. Raw vegetables (salads) are considered live foods with enzymes and more nutrients than cooked foods. Cooked and processed foods kill a lot of the enzymes and nutrients when heated and are considered dead food. Eating in front of the computer is worse than eating in front of the TV. Try not to eat after 7:00 p.m. Drink water 30 minutes after eating a meal. There are various, natural ways to lose weight without spending money to do it artificially. I did hubs on exercise and how to naturally lose weight.

    1. mbwalz profile image90
      mbwalzposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Actually, it really depends on the vegetable. Many need the cooking process to break down the cell walls and release the nutrients -really depends on the food's chemistry. Broccoli is better raw, spinach is better cooked. Variety & knowledge is k

    2. monia saad profile image76
      monia saadposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      thank you for your help and your advice

  10. Tiffany Mccoy profile image73
    Tiffany Mccoyposted 2 years ago

    If you do not like to exercise you can lose weight by limiting calories to 1200 per day. If you do like to exercise, then you will want to exercise about 30 minutes to an hour per day and eat about 1300-1500 calories per day. There is also a great article within Hub pages called: Yes! You really can eat what you want and still lose weight. It has great information in it!

  11. profile image57
    yashikahkposted 23 months ago

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