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Funny Christmas Gifts -- Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Updated on October 6, 2012

Christmas Gag Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas presents for your friends, family and co-workers can be serious business, but a funny Christmas gift is the perfect way to bring some holiday laughs. You don't want to give a Christmas gag gift to just anyone -- for instance, probably not your boss -- but for your older brother who still loves to tell fart jokes, sure.They make great gifts to include as a stocking stuffer or as a grab bag gift or for a Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange at work, where the gifts are expected to be funny. You can even give them out as favors at your Christmas party.

In my case, my friend, Lani, whom I've literally known since we were babies still laughs at anything that remotely sounds dirty and still acts like a 13-year-old. So for her, a funny Christmas gift is perfect. I'm purchasing a Christmas toilet seat cover for her, as well as a Swear Bear (a cuddly teddy bear that tells you to f--k off). I can't wait to see her face because I KNOW that my gifts are going to be her favorite Christmas presents this year!

So get ready to laugh at some of these funny Christmas gifts ... and celebrate that loveable weirdo in your life by giving him or her a Christmas gag gift this holiday.

Funny Christmas Gifts That Fart And Swear

Santa is usually a gentleman, but what do you think happens to him after he flies around the world delivering gifts in one freakin' evening and gorges on dozens and dozens of cookies left out for him along the way? He gets tired ... and cranky ... and probably gassy. This Pull My Finger farting Santa gives you an amusing look at the REAL Santa who we don't know. He's plush and adorable ... and reminds me a bit of that old uncle you know and love. There's also the "Dumping Santa" figure who, well, does his business down the chimney! Better make sure that you're NOT naughty this year because he certainly is!

Then there's the disgruntled snowman who has a few things to say. Frosty The Snowman may have been a sweetie, but not this guy. While he may look adorable, that all ends when he begins to talk.

Meantime, the Swear Bears may look cute, but boy, do they have mouths on them! These funny Christmas gifts are certain amuse any of your fellow Christmas gag gifts lovers.

Farting Santa And Swearing Teddy Bears

Santa Toilet Seat Covers And Shower Decorations

He sees you when you're sleeping ... he knows when you're awake. He sees you when you're using the facilities or taking a shower?! Apparently so!

If you REALLY want to get into the holiday spirit, and I mean really, really, then these Santa toilet seat covers and Santa shower decorations are perfect for you. This way, you make sure that Santa is looking over you as you recover from a night of too much eggnog and are hugging the porcelain bus or when you're naked in all your glory.

My favorite is the snowman seat cover. It's adorable and I love how the seat cover portion serves as the snowman's face while the bathroom mat serves as his body. So cute and clever! Guests will definitely remember going -- and "going" -- to your house! The Santa and Mrs. Claus Christmas toilet seat covers are also really amusing and help set the theme for the holiday season.

So if you've already decorated your kitchen, living room and front hallway and want to be certain that every nook and cranny of your home is set up for Christmas, than these funny Christmas gifts are the perfect way to make your place or your loved ones' festive. What's great, too, is that all of these gifts are inexpensive so when doing an office exchange or Secret Santa party, you can choose a memorable present and not have to spend a lot of money doing so.

More Christmas Gag Gift Ideas

When buying someone a gag gift or Secret Santa present, you want your gift to be small, memorable, portable and not too expensive. This isn't the time to get someone a diamond necklace or a large yard ornament. You want something that can easily be left on someone's desk or that will easily fit into a grab bag.

The following funny Christmas gifts are perfect for these occasions -- fun and funny, and best of all, affordable! The "Two Front Teeth" pacifier is a great gift for someone with a very young child. The pacifier, of course, honors the holiday song, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth." It's a really cute item that a parent can actually use -- especially when the child has had too much sugar.

The Pooping Reindeer candy dispenser and Tootin' Tushy ornaments are just plain silly, but are sure to get some laughs. Plus, they can be used year after year so the person who gets your gift will always be thinking of you!

The Yodeling Pickle has nothing to do with Christmas ... but it's a yodeling pickle! Random! Give that as a gag gift and the person who receives it is guaranteed to laugh out loud. I mean, how can you go wrong with a yodeling pickle?!

Paper To Wrap Your Christmas Gag Gifts

Of course, once you buy one of these Christmas gag gifts, you'll need something to wrap them up in. These sarcastic and funny Christmas wrapping papers are the perfect fit.

You can cover your gifts with Crappy Holiday gift wrap that gives you a nice shot of Santa's behind or you can use the Sloshing Through The Snow wrap, which is probably appropriate after you and your friends have been to one too many parties this holiday. Or you can use the wrap which well, says, exactly how you might be feeling this holiday!

If you've gone all out and bought a funny Christmas gift, then go ahead and set the tone with these hilarious gift wraps. The receiver of your gift won't know what hit him!


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    • profile image

      Holly 7 years ago

      These are all brilliant ideas! all very original and unique which lets face it we all need over the festive season, usually december comes and were all running about like headless chickens trying to find "something" "anything!!!" but we can never find what were looking for! so im starting now and im going to entertain my office staff with a few of the things you've suggested! Thanks!

    • Amez profile image

      Amez 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I can see, you have found the christmas spirit, what's even better your trying to serve it unto others. I'm sure many will appreciate your passion.

    • missmarsh profile image

      Loralie Lyndon 8 years ago from USA

      Great hub! Very amusing. I love these gift ideas. Thanks for offering us some original content.

    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 8 years ago from Richmond

      This is a great hub. Such original content. Keep it up. You

      got it going on.Do you have any hubs relevant to fitness.