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Sexiest Vampire Alive - Book Review Kerrelyn Sparks

Updated on April 21, 2012

Love at Stake

I never even thought about putting Gregori with anyone, as he has never been a huge character in the Love at Stake series. I never even thought about him as a sexy vampire, much less the sexiest vampire.

In a way, the entire title of the book is ironic, as vampires are neither dead nor alive, they are undead. But, the basic point is Gregori is the sexiest vampire in this novel, making his romance the priority.

Gregori is the womanizer vampire; he is flirtatious, manly, and has no problems getting women. The only woman he wants, is the one that seems that he cannot have.

Gregori is chosen by the Vamps to speak with the president of the United States and his advisors so to create an alliance. After Corky released the video of Connor slaying Casimier, the Vamps had to do something. Plus, Sparks had to create some form of antagonist in the series if she plans on continuing it.

With Casimir gone, I wasn't sure what to expect with the series, but Sparks ended up bringing back the demon who harassed Marielle in the previous book. At first, Darafer sounded familiar, but I just couldn't place him, as Sparks made him into a less threatening character when dealing with Connor and Marielle. In this book, he becomes more of a threat as he's combined forces with another Malcontent.

But, anyway, before all that comes about, Gregori is elected to be the spokesman for the Vamps, since he's still a baby Vamp who has never bitten a human for food.

He goes to the White House, where he meets Abigail, one of the president's daughters. After convincing the president to give the Vamps a chance, they decide that the Vamps can help Abigail's investigation on saving her mother's life.

The tension and romance between Gregori and Abigail is definitely there, but you'll find that Sparks rushes through a few scenes, with a line such as 'after hours of lovemaking.' I can't remember Sparks making so many rushes throughout her previous books, but I guess she had a different purpose with this one.

The overall book was pleasant to read. Although, I'm not sure how many more the author will be able to squeeze out of the series.


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