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They Cometh; an End Times Cognitive novel Chapter 7 part b

Updated on January 11, 2015

One has to Control; PERIOD !!!!!! Now comes the time

The president’s wife and daughter’s escape was just as good and with the president now missing, the majority of the elite police force were focused on finding the president and controlling the media.

One could not let it out that the president had been kidnapped or lost in action because it would give credibility to the president’s story, which would spell disaster if the people of the world would retaliate against the Nibriruians or the elite of the world. One had to keep the media snowed under to prevent the truth and knowledge from the people of the coming invasion. The survival of Nibriru and the Earth’s elite depends on complete control of the media, the population of Earth and total secret operations.

L’une-wan takes over the helm of operations, the nations and the communication networks. Being that the president is knocked off the broadcasts worldwide, L’une-wan takes over the TV and all communications to broadcast propaganda to all the people of the world. The One takes over in the place of the now medically unfit president and he puts in effect the law of surrender of all gold and weapons, in exchange for a certificates of exchange notes.

One states on world-wide communications, that the note will pay ten percent yield in one year, to the amount that day’s quote, per ounce. What a ploy! One knows that all the gold will be in the reserve, ready to be taken by the Nibriruians and also taking the people, meeting their own doom, who own the notes. One tells the people that the confiscation of gold is just a transfer to make the world more economically sound and that the people won’t lose the wealth, but helping the future sustain and for growth.

In order to save the world’s economy, according to One, the following must be established. According to One, all the gold reserves must be brought to a centralized location, all the world’s wealth must be accounted for and tracked, all the weapons must be confiscated and verified, all the direction of the world’s governments must be controlled by a new department that heads up all countries and governments, and all currencies must be exchanged and controlled by One central agency, called Central Newark Connection.

He then concludes to all the worldly people that he is very sorry for the state of the president, tells of the president’s failing mental state, that the President’s health is deteriorating and that the President had been having lunatic tendencies for some time. L’une-wan continues telling the people of how he will give up-to-date medical follow-up conditions of the president each and every day. He asks the people of the world, not to send flowers or cards, but said that the president would like to have the people always to follow the government’s directive and abide by the laws.

L’une-wan tells the people that President Morosco has always backed the structured government, the laws and the founding moral laws supporting the governmental laws and rules. In conclusion, L’une-wan says that he is following in President Morosco’s footsteps for the good of the Earth and the world. Following up saying, that his feet don’t measure up to that of those of President Morosco, but he will give 200 percent effort to the causes that the President has fought so hard to accomplish.

L’une-wan knows full well that if he does not convince the population of the world that he is right and that the President Morosco is indeed insane, the whole invasion of the Nibriru could be at stake. L’une-wan has direct contact with the Nibriruians and he is told occasionally that he will be a king in the New World in Nibriru. L’une-wan has no reason to suspect otherwise and is so full of greed, nothing else matters to him. L’une-wan is thinking of himself, the only one that matters to him and nothing would ever convince him differently.

Have you ever thought that you might be harvested for food for another civilization?

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Do you believe that there are aliens that control the citizens?

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Have you ever considered why most of the civilizations mined gold?

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