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Best 5 Corner Flat Screen TV Stand

Updated on August 22, 2013

A corner flat screen tv stand it is a very good option when we do not have available much space in the room, or when we do not want to install the tv on the wall.

If you do not want to have an entire wall devoted to the entertainment system, a flat screen tv stand is the perfect solution.

In small rooms, corner flat screen tv stands make the best use of the floor space.

Taking into account the space saving feature of flat screen tvs, it is not very reasonable to choose a piece of furniture where to put the flat screen that takes up an important space of the room.

Depending on the intended use and how it would fit into the room, this will be

Corner Flat Screen TV Stand.
Corner Flat Screen TV Stand.
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the deciding factor when choosing the rigth flat screen tv stands that suits your needs.

Corner tv stands are typically more practical than tv wall mounts.

They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, with cabinets or open-shelves, in glass, wood or metal.

Corner stands units come in various heights and some can be adjusted for height. A tv stands corner unit allows you to fully utilize the space and still enjoy a good viewing experience.

Corner flat screen tv stands are good in helping us to free a considerable amount of space in the living area.

Bush Furniture

The stand includes a large top surface sized to accommodate most 37-inch flat-panel TVs (up to 75 pounds).

Assembly is required, it is easy to put together and looks beautiful.

Neat and modern piece of furniture that fits perfectly into any decor.

Perfect for a bedrrom with a high bed. One fixed and two adjustable shelves, tempered glass door protects against dust.

Walker Edison Bermuda

Fits snugly into a corner of the room while creating plenty of storage space for a sizable television and its components.

Made to hold up to 250 pounds on its top shelf.

It is easy to assemble, the stand is very elegant, simple and non-intrusive in the room.

Handy backside cutout panel keeps cords organized and out of sight.

Stand with Angled

For use with flat-panel TVs up to 50". Ample storage for components.

Easy access to wire management. As a simple design, it fits several styles decor.

Is easy to assemble, the instructions are simple to follow, and the parts fit perfectly.

Unique waterfall design to elevate the flat panel viewing height.

Regal 4-in-1

With four different display options.

The TV can be mounted directly to the stand, mounted to the wall, placed on the stand, or placed on the stand while a second TV is mounted to another room’s wall.

Stand supports up to 250 pounds. Simple, easy to follow directions.

Everything is labeled. Functional and beautiful.

Madrid TV Stand

The stand features integrated mounts to support televisions with screens of up to 50 inches and weight up to 150 pounds.

The stand includes three shelves for holding DVD/BluRay players, video game systems or stereo components.

A swivel design lets you adjust the angle of the screen.

Comes equipped with a universal hardware mounting kit and detailed instructions.

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