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Best 5 Tilt Wall Mount

Updated on August 22, 2013

If you want to place the tv above the level of the eyes, a cheap option is the tilt wall mount.

This way it is possible to keep the tv out of the way and easily visible from any point. The tilt wall mount adds from four to six inches to the lcd or plasma total depth.

Tilts mount allow for some degree of flexibility in viewing angles with respect to the fixed mount.

Some models can be adjusted while the television is in place, while in others the screen should be removed before the tilt can be adjusted.

The flat screen tilt wall mount allows a vertical movement of the screen.

Tilt Wall Mount.
Tilt Wall Mount.
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They allow a movement with respect to the vertical of between 5 and 15 degrees.

They have a locking mechanism that can block the TV once the desired viewing angle has been reached.

The tilt wall mounts provides more mobility in comparison with the flat tv wall mount types.

They are also very easy to put in and enables to adjust the vertical viewing angle.

The costs of the tilting flat panel wall mount are not substantially more in comparison with the fixed wall mounts.

The tilt wall mount is the preferred option to install flat screens above fireplaces and in bedrooms.

VideoSecu 32" to 60"

Fits flat panels up to 165 lbs and is the ideal mount for an easy-to-use large tilt mount. VESA compliant for simple installation.

Adjustable forward tilts to provide comfortable viewing when the TV is mounted above eye level or to reduce screen glare.

Free 7 ft high-speed V1.3C HDMI cable included. (Note: The included hardware is not very strong, get some better bolts at your local hardware store)

OLLO MOUNTS: 32" to 55"

Constructed from durable cold-rolled stee and designed for televisions up to 200 pounds, provides up to a 15° tilt.

The mount includes all the hardware and instructions you need for installation (Wall Plate, tilt arms, stud finder, hardware, instruction sheets).

Sanus VMPL50B 30" to 56"

Provides easy adjustment of viewing angle with just the gentle touch of a finger.

For a clean, low profile appearance, the display is positioned just 2.5 inches from the wall.

Fits any LCD or plasma TV up to 130 lbs, and a locking mechanism secures the TV in place.

All necessary hardware included. The instructions were easy to follow, and installation was a breeze.

Cheetah APTMM2B 32" to 55"

Features a slim 1.9" profile from the wall to the back of the display.

Additionally it has up to 15 degrees of tilt. Good low-cost design and built with solid heavy duty steel.

There is a reasonable space from the wall to the TV to get cables/connectors through without using any expensive 90 degree connectors.

The mount included all of the hardware that you would need to mount any VESA compatible flat panel.

Peerless PT660 32" to 60"

Fits large flat panel screens including those with VESA hole pattern.

Pre-tensioned universal tilt screen adapters provide one-touch tilt viewing angle adjustment.

Adjustable +15/-5 degree tilt for the optimal viewing angle.

Comes with a  pack with all necessary screen attachment hardware. 200 pound weight capacity.

Stud Finder

The tilt wall mount firmly maintain the lcd or plasma whether it is correctly installed. It is advisable that a certified installer set up the mount.

If you are a Do It Yourself man (or woman) you can install the mount yourself if you have the appropriate tools.

Some wall mount kits come with a Stud Finder and others don't. In case you do not have a Stud Finder, get one, it will save you headaches.

Don't attempt to use this device too quickly, read carefully the instructions.

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