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Best 5 Portable DVD Players For 2013

Updated on August 22, 2013

The portable DVD players are the ideal solution for those that look for an audiovisual mobile solution.

A portable DVD player is a device of small size and high performance.

It is the ideal companion for the home, for the car or for travel.

In addition to portability, low weight and good operational autonomy (key factors to be useful) the best DVD players offer interactive features such as adjusting screen resolution, multilingual support, quick commands among other things.

They have a rechargeable battery, which like any rechargeable battery, has a limited number of charge cycles and eventually must be replaced.

Best Portable DVD Players.
Best Portable DVD Players.

In this selection are not the latest and most expensive models of portable DVD players, but those of the best performance and at a reasonable price.

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The battery life and the number of charge cycles varies according to the use and the configuration.

To increase the lifespan of the battery, it is recommended to configure the backlight to the minimum level, to use the headsets (not the integrated speakers) and hear the content at medium volume.

To enjoy the best audio visual experience in your favorite places, the portable DVD player is your best ally.

Some models come with straps to hold the player over the vehicle headrest. You can also get the car straps separately.

Sony DVP-FX950

9 inch high resolution screen and widescreen display. Up to 7 hours of battery life With headphones plugged in and the brightness on minimum.

180-degree swivel and flip screen. An USB port allows for easy displaying of photos and music using the screen and speakers of the unit.

Two built-in headphone jacks. Does not come with any straps or other means to mount it on a car headrest.

Panasonic DVD-LS86

8.5 inch widescreen pivoting display. 13 hour rechargeable battery with brightness on minimum, 6 with a reasonable backlight level.

Handles most popular audio formats including CDs, MP3s, CD-R/RW discs and WMA files.

Two headphone terminals. Sound quality is good. No car strap.

Philips PD7012

7 inch LCD dual screen for 2 kids. Designed with car use in mind. No battery, the units can be powered either by cigarette lighter or wall outlet

Each monitor has a headphone slot. Compatible with most DVD and CD discs available.

Straps for the vehicle head rests included. Is a solid portable DVD player as a device you can mount inside a car.

Not suitable for use outside of a car or on a trip.

Toshiba SDP93S

9 inch LCD screen look nice for standard definition. The video quality looks good overall.

Up to 4 hours of battery life, charging takes about four hours. can play video CDs, DIVX files, has a slot for an SD card for songs or JPEG-format pictures.

Two headphone slots and a Bitstream/PSM slot so you can connect it to an amplifier.

No in-car charging, no USB port no car strap for mounting inside a vehicle.


10 inch screen. With car and AC power adapters to use in a car or at home and a built-in rechargeable battery (lasts three hours) for use anywhere.

One stereo headphone jack for private listening. Plays DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPGs.

AV outputs to connect the player to the home TV.

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