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Best 5 3D TV Glasses

Updated on August 22, 2013

Although there are 3D TVs that do not require 3d tv glasses, some manufacturers are releasing 3D TVs that require glasses.

Some brands offer their own 3D glasses for their TV models. Being the 3D movies a very profitable business, it is not a surprise that some TV manufacturers want to take it to the living of the house to repeat the experience.

The 3D movies are usually visualized with passive glasses, while the new 3D TV requires active glasses.

To make the 3D technology can be viewed on conventional TVs, it is used a different method from which is used in the movies.

On the TV screen the images taken from slightly different viewpoints are displayed

Best 3D TV Glasses.
Best 3D TV Glasses.
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alternately, the 3d tv glasses are synchronized so that the left eye sees only the left perspective and the right eye the right perspective.

This is accomplished through an active shutter in the glasses.

The change of image from one to another eye occurs so rapidly that the brain fails to notice the change and interprets it as a single three-dimensional image.

Really a 3D TV improves the viewing experience? Yes without any doubts. View 3D content make you feel more involved during viewing.

The 3D tv glasses are the necessary element to complement the purchase of our 3D flat screen.

Samsung SSG Series

Samsung offers three models: the SSG-2100AB model in which the battery can be changed, the SSG-2200AR model with rechargeable battery and the model SSG-2200KR, a rechargable battery for kids 3D glasses

All these glasses are compatible with LCD LED TVs of the series C7000, C8000 and C9000.

Sony TDG Series

Sony offers two models: the standard model TDG-BR100 Adult Size en gris and the TDG-BR50/L Youth Size that is available in blue and pink.

Only the Sony 3D TV model LX900 includes the transmitter and the glasses, the rest of the TVs are 3D Ready only and we need to buy the 3D kit.

Panasonic TY Series

The Panasonic's 3D TVs comes with one set of 3D glasses, that they can also be bought separately.

They have a very nice design. Includes two sets of nose pads, one for adults, and one for children.

LG AGS Series

LG offers the model of glasses AG-S110 for 3D TV, compatible with LCD models LX9500, LEX9, LEX8, LX6500.

The glasses communicate wirelessly with the TV via a built in emitter. The glasses have a rechargeable battery.

Xpand Series

Universal 3D glasses, they avoid compatibility problems between different systems from different manufacturers and can be used in any 3D TV model.

They use Bluetooth connection. The fastest shuttering speed eliminating headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain.

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