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Best 5 Flat Screen Ceiling Mount

Updated on August 22, 2013

If you want to hang your flat screen from the roof, you will need a flat screen ceiling mount.

They are a bit more complex to install than wall mounts, and you may need professional help to install it.

It should be placed in a solid area of the roof. It is very important to keep in mind that not all ceilings can support a flat panel without additional reinforcement.

You must also make sure to find a solid joist or steel girder where to install the lcd or plasma ceiling mount.

They are mainly used for airport displays, check out counters, hospital rooms and bedrooms.

When a peripheral wall or table mounting is not an option in your living room, or

Flat Screen Ceiling Mount
Flat Screen Ceiling Mount
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just to save space on the floor, the flat screen ceiling mount is an attractive mounting option.

The lengths of ceiling mount poles are variable depending upon the needs, standard lengths are 24 to 43".

The ceiling mounts allow you to place a flat screen or two flat screens in opposition. They let you set the height from the ceiling to the center of the screen.

The mechanism also allows to rotate the screen over the central pole 360 degrees and an inclination over the vertical of up to 20 degrees.

This type of assembly is especially useful when you want to place the screen away from the walls without the use of furniture.

Sanus MC1A-B1 23" to 40"

Full-motion ceiling mount for medium flat-panel.

Is a great choice for corner placement or when wall mounting is not possible.

The mount can tilt and swivel with fluid motion in every direction possible without the use of tools.

Includes two VESA-compatible TV brackets. Up to 70 pound weight capacity.

Has a wire management channel to keep cables organized.

Peerless PC932A 15" to 37"

VESA 75, 100, 200x100, and 200x200 compatible.

15 /-5 degrees of adjustable tilt. 45 degrees of swivel in either direction.

Internal cable management. 80 lbs weight capacity.

Adjustable extension lenght 10" to 14".

360 degrees of swivel versality for screen placement (once it is mounted allows a 30 degree swivel).

VideoSecu 30" to 55"

Easy to install with good instructions and good quality material.

The mount comes with extensions and sloped ceiling mounting bracket.

Fits VESA200x200 mm to VESA 680x460 mm.

Loading capacity up to 110 lbs.

Tilt up to 15 degree up or down.

Very sturdy and easy to adjust. Cable through ceiling pole.

Vantage AX2ACL01-S 20" to 42"

Fit 100mm/200mm VESA mounting patterns on LCD flat screens bearing a maximum weight load of 100 lbs.

Permits 5 degrees upward tilt and 15 degrees downward tilt.

Can be rotated a full 360 degrees side to side.

Fixed length, does not have the built-in cable management. It came with lots of screws and hardware for installation.

Mount World 15" to 37"

Height adjustment from 18" to 28". All hardware required is included.

VESA 50/75/100/200mm compatible. Integrated cable management.

Maximum loading 60 lbs. It is adjustable in 2" increments up and down and also can pivot 180 degrees from side to side.

4 stars for Zircon Stud Sensor

Stud Finder

The flat screen ceiling mount firmly hold the lcd or plasma whether it is properly installed. If you are not good with tools search skilled assistance.

In case you are a Do It Yourself man (or woman) and you want to set up the mount yourself, you are able to do it with the appropriate tools.

Some wall mount kits include a Stud Finder and others don't. In the event you do not have a Stud Finder, get one, it will save you headaches.

Do not attempt to use this device too rapidly, learn carefully the instructions.

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