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Best 5 LCD Flat Screen TV For 2013

Updated on August 22, 2013

Thanks to the technological advances in flat panel LCD technology, now allow for larger screens, wider viewing angles, and brighter video images of higher quality.

Unlike LCD PC monitors, LCD televisions have been fine tuned for video display, keeping the slim design and a flat viewing surface.

The modern best lcd tv provides multiple inputs, what makes them very versatile.

It is common that the LCD flat screens has a standard analog VGA input to connect the output of a PC, allowing the use of the flat screen as a PC monitor.

The LCD televisions also support progressive scan and HDTV compatibility, although until now the regular NTSC TV broadcasts do not use these technological improvements.

Except for the Blue Ray players, the typical DVD player do not take advantage of these features.

Best LCD Flat Screen TV
Best LCD Flat Screen TV

In this selection are not the latest and most expensive LCD Flat Screen TV models of each brand, but those of the best performance and at a reasonable price.

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Advantages over Plasma

  • Color accuracy and brightness: LCDs produce a brighter picture. The color naturalness of the plasma televisions is better in rooms with lower to normal lighting. Due to the inherent anti glare technology and brightness of the LCD televisions, they perform better in very brightly lit rooms.
  • Computer use: Although the plasma televisions have improved the anti-burn technology (premature aging of pixel cells due to static images), it is still a risk factor.
  • Power consumption: The LCD televisions consume about half the power that plasma televisions consume.

HDTV LCD tvs are several times lighter than comparably sized plasmas, and are far more durable.


The LD550 series features a 1080p panel that uses LG's TruMotion to control motion blur at 120Hz.

For access to on demand video service (Netflix, Skype, Napster, Youtube and VUDU) is equipped with LG's NetCast service.

It has custom settings for various media types such as sports, movies and video games.

Connections: PC input, 2 USB port, MP3 and JPEG playback.


The U25 series features a 1080p panel with Panasonic's 120 Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 to deal with motion blur and judder.

The Viera Image Viewer create an instant slideshow on the TV from JPEG images stored on an SD memory card.

Intelligent Scene Controller optimizes contrast and brightness to ensure that blacks are blacker, whites are brighter.

Connections: PC input.


The E88 series features a 240Hz refresh rate panel, enabling a superior picture for fast-moving entertainment content such as movies and sports.

The Sharp’s proprietary Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD panel with UV2A technology and 10-bit processing produces a bright and clear picture.

Connections: PC input, 1 USB port, MP3 and JPEG playback.


The series 6 LCD features a 1080p panel that uses Clear Motion at 120Hz to control motion blur.

Images are crisp and the detail is very good with HD sources. Provide great picture, fantastic black levels and depth brightness.

Customizable widgets give you access to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon Video On Demand and more.

Connections: PC input, 2 USB port, MP3 and JPEG playback.


The EX500 series offers very dark blacks and overall the color is quite true.

Motionflow 120Hz technology for smooth motion. Does not offer any internet apps or other extra features.

May not be the best of the best but for the price most will be satisfied with this TV.

Connections: PC input, 1 USB port, MP3 and JPEG playback.

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Flat Screen Accessories

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Flat Screen Mount

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  • Lift TV Cabinets

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