If heaven and hell exists, where do you want to go, Heaven or Hell?

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  1. Iamsam profile image71
    Iamsamposted 7 years ago

    If heaven and hell exists, where do you want to go, Heaven or Hell?

    Would you deliberately choose hell instead of heaven?

  2. Agantum profile image60
    Agantumposted 7 years ago

    Heaven, not even the devil would chose eternal damnation.  Of course, If neither exist then I would like to wake up from death as if to a bad dream with my brow being caressed and soothing words of comfort.  If there is nothing then I guess I will just take that.

    1. Agantum profile image60
      Agantumposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hidden again. I am asked if I prefer Heaven or Hell, I pick heaven and now I am kicked out of the thread, why, because I don't know what happens when I die.  I guess I will accept this outcome too. At least it made somebody happy to stifle me.

  3. Marisaupa profile image82
    Marisaupaposted 7 years ago

    Well, for my mindset the answer to this question is obvious.  I would choose to go to heaven.  This I hope would be validation that in the aggregate of my worldly existence I have lived a worthy and good life. 

    However, I could see how some people may choose hell; either out of a very low sense of self-worth, an overriding desire for eternal contrition, chronic maliciousness or otherwise.

    Of course, if there is no Heaven or hell, then I suppose I can spend all of eternity at a Denny's eating a bottomless Grand Slam; wait a minute, that could be Heaven or hell in its own right.

  4. Josak profile image60
    Josakposted 7 years ago

    To steal a line from the great mark Twain "Heaven for the scenery, hell for the company"

    1. Agantum profile image60
      Agantumposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Mark Twains offers "Was it Heaven? Or Hell?" for guidance Josak.  Make the choice. Tell the truth to injure and find life everlasting or lie to be kind and damn your soul. Heaven or Hell will be your reward not your choice.

  5. Lisa HW profile image60
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    It depends on two things:  1)  whether there's really fire involved in Hell (because needless to say, I'm not a big of burning forever), or whether it's just more of the same kind of "miserable-ness" that can go on on Earth, and 2) who, among the people I've ever known, are already where.    smile

    I guess I'm leaning toward saying "Heaven", I guess.  Then again, I'd sure love to be in Hell to witness the moment that some pretty self-righteous people get a big surprise. Nonetheless,  I'd like a few more details clarified before I actually make my choice, so I'll have to get back to you on this one.

  6. lone77star profile image82
    lone77starposted 7 years ago

    Heaven, naturally. But will I be humble enough and faithful enough to choose heaven when the time comes? I hope and pray that I am, but I'm still a long way from being saved. As much as I think I've given my life to Christ, I keep finding pieces of my former life darkening my path -- distracting me.

    It's going to be a matter of awareness and especially humility. So many so-called Christians have arrogance blinding them to what's really going on in their lives. They may think they have it all figured out, but they don't. They may have the direction, but they've stopped on the path. Or they may have confused some false distraction for the real thing.

    Importances can get in the way. If anything becomes too important, it blinds one to truth. Importance is from the ego (selfishness), for to whom is it important? Importance is what drove Adam and Eve to take the forbidden fruit; if it wasn't important, they wouldn't have done it.

    God, scripture, truth and Christ are not important. They simply ARE.

    Perhaps the biggest distraction, outside of ego (which may well be the source of all evil), is the Homo sapiens vehicle we "wear." So many people think they are this thing. This distorts their view of scripture. They think in terms of God saving these bodies. But if the bodies were important, why did God create Noah's Flood?

    God wants to rescue His children, and those children are not Homo sapiens. After all, they were created in His image.

  7. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 7 years ago

    In many cultures & throughout history, there is an afterlife. To many people, Heaven is the apex of spiritual evolvement & Hell is the nadir of utter debasement. The afterlife is THE report card ...... read more

  8. levicolemagic profile image65
    levicolemagicposted 4 years ago

    If the heaven was owned by the evil genocidal, child killing, mass murdering, rape condoning and slavery loving god of the bible. (Read the first three books of the bible for proof on all those.) I don't want anything to do with his heaven. So hell it is.....Satan has directly killed way less people than the heaven guy anyway.

    1. Agantum profile image60
      Agantumposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Man owns "hell and heaven" ,the old rule book was for nomads. It was so out of touch 2000 years ago that a man spoke up. He was killed for preaching love.  Men twist the words of every god to fight for advantage. Love doesn't kill, people kill LOVE.


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