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Do you follow a daily agenda?

  1. dghbrh profile image77
    dghbrhposted 5 years ago

    Do you follow a daily agenda?

    Or any kind of routine in your personal life ? According to you is it effective? Is so to what extent?

  2. Glasso profile image60
    Glassoposted 5 years ago

    I usually have 2-level agenda --  level 1, most important things which have to be done on this day. Level 2 things have to be done, but there is a little bit of lee-way.

  3. Attikos profile image79
    Attikosposted 5 years ago

    I find both calendars and tasks lists to be indispensable. My days are busy with much to do in all the principal fields of living, from work to family. I cannot remember and prioritize it all without written aids.

    Once upon a time, it was all written, literally. I used pen and paper. That is the best way because it forces you to slow down, think about what you are planning, and consider your options. With productivity pressures rising, however, the time for it has grown increasingly hard to find, and so I have succumbed to the lure of the digital age.

    Google Calendar with the addition of a utility called Remember the Milk was the one I chose. It had the required flexibility and was available wherever I could log onto the Net. Privacy concerns and the drive of service providers to force us all into a subscription-based fee model have driven me away from that, though, and now I use local software. Each morning, I review the day's docket (as I call it), edit it as needed, then print a copy with the hourly schedule on one side and the tasks list on the other. Returning to my favored pen and paper methods, I then change and note it as the day moves on to accommodate this unstable, ever changing world in which we live. At the end of the day the usually much written over docket becomes a primary source of my journal entries.

    Were I to place less importance on the security of such personal information, I would use a remote service e.g. the aforementioned RTM and a handheld Net access device. More and more, however, data we keep in "the cloud" is mined by various parties for their own financial advantage and for more sinister purposes, and those monthly fees they all now want to charge us have become onerous. I consequently find myself falling back on a docket I control exclusively. I doubt I ever again will trust a service provider to keep good faith in that.

  4. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Not a full agenda. There are gaps and spaces where things can pop up or be done before they are supposed to. Yes, there are definate appointments, such as work hours or meetings. But I also add cleaning the house, hobbies, or working out to be done whenever I want to during the day. Not everything has a time, or I would get extremely bored with life and feel depressed.

  5. backporchstories profile image81
    backporchstoriesposted 5 years ago

    Every morning I grab a cup of java and then sit at my PC and check up on what is happening on hubpages!

    1. dghbrh profile image77
      dghbrhposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Great to know that. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tusitala Tom profile image64
    Tusitala Tomposted 5 years ago

    Are you sure we're not talking about a 'routine.'   An agenday is something laid out that has to be gone through one item at a time, such as an agenda at a business meeting.  Surely you do mean routine - what you do out of habit?

    Nearly every one has a routine.  I suspect even 'Street people,' who don't even have a home have a routine for a least the first hour or so of the day. 

    Then at the end of the day, prior to going to sleep, most have a routine.  It might be to go upstairs, change into pyjamas and dressing gown, clean the teeth, get out a book to read in bed, for example.   Certainly a visit to the bathroom is the norm.

    None of these things could be called an 'agenda,'   That is a word that is crept in and is used mistakenly, I suspect, such as "They've got a hidden agenda," meaning they have plans to get something or subvert something.  Even here, agenda is the incorrect word.   But then, it seems the precise use of words by most today is no longer regarded as important.

  7. Gypsy Rose Lee profile image87
    Gypsy Rose Leeposted 5 years ago

    I don't follow any schedule but I know that in the New Year I will set up some kind of daily agenda. This is because I never seem to have enough time for the writing I want to do and neglect blogs and other sites which I joined etc. So come the New Year I'm getting up early and going according to schedule.

  8. profile image0
    VeronicaInspiresposted 5 years ago

    Yes, I follow a daily agenda. I write out what I want to accomplish for the day, week, month and year ahead.

    Now, do I always complete or follow through on every little thing outlined in that agenda? Nope! But I try. If I accomplish half of what I write down, I'm still way ahead of the game.

    My fiance was interjecting and said, Agendas and resolutions don't work. How many times have we written down resolutions and don't complete any of them?

    So his agenda is work on the agenda that he had from last year and that way he'll be caught up!