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What is the one belief you feel most strongly about..?

  1. windygreen profile image60
    windygreenposted 4 years ago

    What is the one belief  you feel most strongly about..?

  2. kittythedreamer profile image97
    kittythedreamerposted 4 years ago

    We all come from the same place. The Universe is God and God is the Universe...the Divine can be seen in all things and in all beings. The Universal Truth is Love and Oneness.

  3. savvydating profile image96
    savvydatingposted 4 years ago

    That we treat our children with the dignity they deserve, so that they may grow up to become adults who understand their worth, and the worth others. Nothing disturbs me more than parents who disrespect their children.

    1. profile image0
      Rayne123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      wow you hit that right on the button, yes parents who disrespect their children or use them for games of manipulation. That will be more understandable soon very soon. Or parents who want kids so bad but leave them and they do not become important

  4. Seek-n-Find profile image91
    Seek-n-Findposted 4 years ago

    Many---but I'm very passionate about freedom---but probably not quite the same context people think.  I feel like so many people believe the things they do, make the choices they make, and live lives of compromise because they live by "shoulds" and never live the life they were intended to live--they miss out on their destiny because fear, worry, and a whole bunch of things get in the way.  I want people to be free to know who they are and live the lives in which they are the best version of themselves.  :-)

  5. krillco profile image94
    krillcoposted 4 years ago

    Love is love, and not fade away. Once you decide to love someone, you never stop, even if you decide spending time with them is no longer healthy for you. I still love everyone I have ever loved. Love is what connects us to God. God is love.

    1. profile image0
      Rayne123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      So true, if you have Love you have everything else. So many people are not love they are phoney and yet think by doing one thing or saying one thing false that God will not know. He knows all. Cant fool God

  6. MarleneB profile image97
    MarleneBposted 4 years ago

    I feel most strongly about my belief in the trinity - Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God. I feel that out of everything in life, that is the one belief I will never let go of.

  7. wayne barrett profile image74
    wayne barrettposted 4 years ago

    I would have to say the unconditional love of all life. I believe this is the first and foremost element to enlightenment and evolution of all existence. Hatred is a disease. Love on the other hand is the greatest emotion, experience, and achievement possible.

  8. profile image0
    Rayne123posted 4 years ago

    A strong belief for me Is God, he is the creator and gave us all life. He gave us families to love and friends to enjoy. He gave us gifts to use wisely. However a lot of this is misused and manipulated. This does not sit well with me. It not only mocks God but insults him.

    God gave us tools to stay in a good life/world and we are destroying that. So when so many people say where is God through trials and tribulations and why does he let some suffer. He doesnt, he is right here, he is only destroying what we are already doing. To rebuild, one has to destroy. God has shown this in the bible.

    So with that said, I feel strongly about all respecting the earth/universe and especially God. I also believe that all his punishment is justified.

  9. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    I believe in You more than in me. From the movie, 'Brian's Song,' about Gayle Sayers a fooball legend and his friend and team mate Brian Piccolo, who died of cancer at a young age, "God is First, My Friends are Second, and I am Third."

    1. connorj profile image76
      connorjposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Such wisdom is not common...

  10. SidKemp profile image95
    SidKempposted 4 years ago

    For me, the belief that beliefs are not important.
    I believe not in beliefs, but in states of mind - purity of mind - freedom from judgment and limiting ideas - unconditional love, harmlessness, a desire that all be well and wonderful for everyone and for every living and non-living thing.

    I love everyone, but that is not about belief. That is love in action, and the dance of life. And I know people like this of every type of belief - every religion, and also athiests, agnostics, and scientists.

  11. phillippeengel profile image80
    phillippeengelposted 4 years ago

    I believe in stopping the indifference towards the world and life in general, and promote the act of thinking critically and broadly about both national and global affairs without sacrificing good grades in the examinations. I believe in joining movements to change the world - one mind, one heart, one step at a time.

  12. krishnnaa profile image44
    krishnnaaposted 4 years ago

    god, GOD, GOD,and i am believe in god who is the Generator, Observer and Destroyer

  13. ercramer36 profile image96
    ercramer36posted 4 years ago

    That Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and willingly died in my place and rose again three days later.  Also that Jesus is the only way to the Father (John 14:6)

  14. Ashamalie profile image71
    Ashamalieposted 4 years ago

    That everyone and everything everywhere is all connected.  Every living thing, every object man made or out of nature has its own energy and as we interact we become more connected.  To those people and things around us.

  15. dghbrh profile image78
    dghbrhposted 4 years ago

    The one belief that everything in our life is not in our hand always. God is the ultimate truth, love and peace. God is where we start and God is where we would conclude.......this is the strongest believe i feel about.
    Thank you.

    1. connorj profile image76
      connorjposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, this can be difficult to accept; yet when you do such peacefulness manifests...

  16. Lizam1 profile image82
    Lizam1posted 4 years ago

    That every person (including you and me) deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and to know they are loved just the way they are.

  17. vagabond mystic profile image66
    vagabond mysticposted 4 years ago

    I most strongly believe in a higher power that created us , rather it was out of boredom , loneliness or out of love , this is the question only ,  HE / SHE or CREATOR can answer . As for myself , I believe we were created and sent out to create and bring back to ( creator ) self and enjoy multiple experiences at once , versus one at a time . I believe our Creator / God Self is nothing but love as we are mirrored in his image . 
                                        PEACE , LOVE and LIGHT
                                        JOY TO ALL and ALL is ONE
                                        Vagabond Mystic

  18. sunkentreasure profile image77
    sunkentreasureposted 4 years ago


    The most influential life

    ever to have lived on this earth

    The greatest love this world has known

    The central fulfilment

    of hundreds of Bible prophecies

    The leading key figure of humanity

    Jesus is unique

    He walked on water

    He raised the dead

    He opened blind eyes

    He brought us eternal life

    Only through His blood

    can we be pardoned

    Only through His name

    can we receive God's power

    Only through His life

    can we find victory

    Lord Jesus

    We love and worship you.

  19. Gabriel Wilson profile image93
    Gabriel Wilsonposted 4 years ago

    I believe you should treat others the way you want them to treat you. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all did that smile

  20. Globetrekkermel profile image77
    Globetrekkermelposted 4 years ago

    I believe that there are no accidents in the Universe- a phrase I read.I believe that all we need in this world physically had been handled and  taken cared of and we have nothing to worry about.That's a little hard  to understand if you only see the totality of the world in all its shams and broken dreams as portayed by the media and popular press.Negativity is what we get fed on by the media, and it is unfortunate because there is a lot of positivity floating around.We are not just trained to believe it or if we do believe it, we still have doubts to its validity.We have the press to be thankful for that because ,very seldom they do publish articles that are postitive in nature.Just look at the news , somebody killed someone, violence everywhere,  all negative news about the government,the economy, etc etc. They completely forgot that with a single act of violence, there are also a million acts of kindness. IT IS A TWISTED ,TWISTED WORLD. I tell you.

  21. wabond profile image79
    wabondposted 4 years ago

    Men do a really terrible job in ruling the world, creating a world of conflict, war and poverty. I believe women can do a far better job in ruling our world as on the whole, they are far more caring people than men.

  22. profile image0
    lesliebyarsposted 4 years ago

    My believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is my strongest conviction and belief.

  23. coleikerd profile image83
    coleikerdposted 4 years ago


    Perspective is our map of the world. Our own perspectives are what we use to decide our path. Everything everyone believes is from their own perspective.

    Often difference in belief comes down to simple perspective. God, gods, the universe, source energy, star stuff. Our origins are considered something greater than us by religions and science alike. It's the perspective that gets in the way.

    Often when people fight, the fight would be resolved if the right perspective was shared. Almost every argument I have witnessed has been due some key information that wasn't understood by both parties. Once that information was cleared up, the problem was solved.

    The general rule is that everyone want's the same things. We just don't agree on how to get there. And perspective is often the key.

    1. connorj profile image76
      connorjposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      This is a brilliant response...

    2. coleikerd profile image83
      coleikerdposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you.