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  1. Misbah786 profile image84
    Misbah786posted 2 years ago

    Hello beautiful souls,

    I would like to ask you a question: Have you ever felt something strange going on around you, something that could be classified as paranormal/supernatural activity? But it doesn't frighten or horrify you. If you've ever experienced something similar, would you like to share your experience? How long did you experienced it , and how did it end?

    Thank you!

    1. Arthur Linen profile image79
      Arthur Linenposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I do believe in satanism, being from India, I've visited dozens of haunted places and they never fail to excite me, there's a place here 'Balaji temple' it's quite big, and the vibe you experience here is unnatural. This is because the moment you enter the temple you'll see a lot of possessed people being exorcised by pandits/swamis and also a lot of devotees praying to lord hanuman, there are certain rules you need to follow, if you don't, they claim that the devil possesses you. Nonetheless, that place's amazing, that unnatural vibe isn't haunting but it makes you question mankind's existence.

      1. Misbah786 profile image84
        Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Arthur, thank you for sharing this. Yes, I know about the Balaji temple and have watched numerous YouTube videos about it. That place is incredibly fascinating, and true, it makes you question about the existence of mankind.
        Stay Blessed!!

    2. MizBejabbers profile image88
      MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      My kids and I lived in an old house in my hometown, and we kept feeling like someone was watching us. As it turned out, the 18-year-old who lived next door was a peeping tom, and he really was watching us through the windows. lol

      But seriously, I've had metaphysical feelings all my life. Most recently, both my husband and I were seeing something that we can't tell what it is flying through our house. It looks like some kind of a large black bird and flies very fast across the room. It looks more like something from a cartoon than a live bird from earth. We both saw it on different occasions in our large great room, and I saw it flying across our bedroom. It appeared suddenly, and now it has stopped appearing just as suddenly. We weren't afraid because it was totally oblivious to us.

      Just thought of another one that happened while I was attending metaphysical school. I was driving to work one morning down my usual route when the thought hit me "oh, that building burned." I looked up and the building was still there. Silly me.
      Every time I drove by that building the same thought hit me, that building burned. Two weeks later on a Monday morning when I drove by to work, I noticed that the building had burned to the ground, apparently over the weekend. Not so silly me.

      1. Misbah786 profile image84
        Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Wow! That's amazing, Ms. Doris. Some people have a highly developed intuition; maybe you are one of them. It's the sixth sense at times. People with strong intuition frequently experience déjà vu. Do you experience it? I'm just wondering.

        Much Love and Many Blessings!

        1. MizBejabbers profile image88
          MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          I have had déjà vu, mostly in the past but it sometimes still happens. Yes, I am empathic, but I've been schooled in developing I was born with. Here's another example  I had a son who passed away in 2016 from a genetic autoimmune disease. A few years before he became very ill, he and his wife divorced. There was no indication of an affair, but I had sensed for months that one of them was having an affair. I just didn't know which one it was. I didn't want to think he was guilty but I just couldn't tell. I definitely kept my mouth shut. In the divorce, it came out that his wife was the one having the affair. I later told him that I had known that one of them was being unfaithful, but I didn't know whom, so it wasn't a surprise to me. I told him that he couldn't hide anything from me because the universe would tell me. Although he laughed he believed me.

          1. Misbah786 profile image84
            Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

            Interesting, MsDoris. I used to have a lot of deja vu, but I don't remember having it recently.
            What happens to me very frequently is that my dreams often become a reality in my life. Personally, I feel that our dreams can always be interpreted in some way.
            I think that when we dream, our souls wander around, and what we see in our dreams represents what the soul is experiencing at that particular time.

            1. MizBejabbers profile image88
              MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

              That could be, Misbah. I know several people who say their dreams predict the future, but mine don't. I'm very thankful that they don't because I've had some chilling ones about deaths of family members that didn't come true. Once I got rid of a blanket that was involved in one of those dreams. I don't know if getting rid of the blanket kept the dream from coming true, and I guess I'll never know. The person did die, but it was about 35 years later.

              1. Misbah786 profile image84
                Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

                I had a dream about 10 months ago in which I saw a person with soil in his hands, handing me a Kafan (a white cloth used to cover the body of a deceased person before burying it). After seeing this dream, I was very disturbed. I lost my brother within a month. It was very unexpected. Maybe this is the reason behind my insomnia. I am afraid of my dreams.

  2. Jodah profile image90
    Jodahposted 2 years ago

    I have various strange things happen over years but most could probably be explained as natural occurrences. One rather eerie one though is that my younger brother often called out from his bed in the night. He said there was an old lady siting on his chest and he could’t breath or move. This even continued to happen into adulthood, and it didn’t matter what house he was in.

    1. Arthur Linen profile image79
      Arthur Linenposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I've experienced this .. this is nothing but sleep paralysis wherein you feel as if someone's sitting on your chest and you're unable to move or speak and also see some strange figures but it usually lasts for some seconds/minutes and then you're all good to go.. haunting but it feels quite interesting.

  3. profile image0
    Vladimir Karasposted 2 years ago

    Back in early seventies I used to be a charter member of a parapsychological foundation in Little Rock, Arkansas -- and my only motivation had been trying to find an explanation for so many weird things happening. But let me pick a cute one. Namely, our cat Oliver -- God bless his soul -- used to stare at a corner of the ceiling, as if he was seeing "something" there, and would meow incessantly. It gave some creepy feelings to the whole family.

    1. MizBejabbers profile image88
      MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Just curious, but would you share what foundation you belonged to? I attended the Little Rock School of Parapsychology from 1976 until it disbanded around 1980 when the founder/owner moved to Hawaii. I took various classes there. Little Rock was buzzing with metaphysical organizations and a couple of schools. Another one was the Little Rock Metaphysical School. It still is, and I'm still acquainted with several practicing members of the community.

      Interesting thing about Oliver. He may have heard a mouse in the ceiling or maybe it was a real ghost, or a ghost of a mouse. I'm not trying to be funny. We were taught in metaphysical school that cats are very astral creatures and can detect the paranormal.

  4. Misbah786 profile image84
    Misbah786posted 2 years ago

    Thank you so much, John and Mr. Val, for sharing your experiences.

    About 8 years ago, when my grandmother died, I felt something very strange for the first time. Her body was placed in a morgue. I went to see her before the funeral with my mother, uncle, and brother. According to Muslim belief, we recited a few Quranic verses there. When we were about to leave, the door began to open and close, despite the fact that there was no way from where air could pass. It was a very small room without windows and the main door was also closed. So the morgue supervisor asked us to wait for a while because she assumed it wasn't something normal.

    And now, for the past few days, I've been noticing something strange and unusual: the time on my alarm clock gets 30 or 40 minutes behind every day. I also changed the batteries to see if there was a problem with the clock or the battery, but no, everything is alright. The time always changes after I fall asleep. I normally sleep at 5 am in the morning and wake up at 10 am. The time does not change while I am awake. I sometimes hear strange voices as if someone is running fast in the lounge, but when I look around, I see no one. Sometimes I feel that someone is around, and I hear the sound of doors opening and closing, among some other strange occurrences. These are not usual things in my opinion. But whatever it is, it doesn't frighten me. I don't feel scared at all.

    Blessings to both of you!!

  5. Jodah profile image90
    Jodahposted 2 years ago

    Thank you for confirming that this occurs, sleep paralysis or otherwise, Arthur.

    1. Misbah786 profile image84
      Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      According to what I have studied about sleep paralysis, it occurs shortly after falling asleep or waking up. A person may feel as if they are being physically moved or dragged from their beds at times. The episodes include hallucinations and loss of muscle control.

  6. Nathanville profile image89
    Nathanvilleposted 2 years ago

    As an atheist it has to be ‘Paranormal’ rather than ‘Supernatural’ for me e.g. Paranormal refers to something that’s not understood by current scientific knowledge, but which some day may be explained scientifically; whereas Supernatural refers to a phenomenon that is beyond our capability to understand because it just doesn’t operate under our rules.  The difference may be subtle so the two terms are often taken to be synonymous even though there is a subtle difference.

    That being said, yes, I have experienced paranormal events, the most striking of which being when I was a teenager:-

    When I was in my late teens the rest of my family; brother, mother and father started to attend public and private séances.  I didn't bother going because, perhaps I was a little too young, but also because an atheist I don’t have any truck with that sort of thing.

    However, over the coming weeks the family indulged in their own séances at home with letters of the alphabet around a table and an upturned glass in the middle. Sometimes I would join in (not taking it seriously) but nothing spectacular happened there.

    Then my brother started meditating for hours on end, usually in the bath, often listening to later pieces of work by Benjamin Britten. He also drew a number of sketches, using his imagination. Two such drawings being a hand with a distinctive ring on the finger; and two horses, one with its neck crossed over the top of the neck of the other. He was also trigger happy with is camera, taking loads of photos of anything and everything, and occasionally producing a few good artistic shots. When one of these films was developed my mother noticed a strong similarity between some of the photos and the sketches my brother drew. In particular, while my brother and mother were on a day trip in the country with one of my mother’s, friends (whom my brother had never met before) my brother took a random photo from the back of the car, which when it was developed showed my mother’s friend’s hand, and on her finger was the distinctive ring matching the sketch my brother had previously drawn. Also, amongst the numerous photos my brother took on the day trip was a snap shot of two horses and when the film was developed the horses had their necks one over the other just like the sketch.

    Some months past, and at this point I left school, and home, and moved back to Bristol to live and work. However, just before leaving I had what felt like a premonition that our two pet cats would come to harm if they went upstairs (a silly thought that I dismissed at the time), so I didn't say anything to anyone. The cats had always gone upstairs on a night to sleep on our beds, and I didn't expect that to change.

    Many months after I'd moved my mother told me how events had further developed and unfolded.
    Indeed the cats did stop going upstairs. They would sit at the bottom of the stairs and stare up but wouldn't go up. Also, on a night my mother started hearing scratching noises in the ceiling above her bed, she put this down to it probably being rodents in the loft. Until one night she heard two people arguing in my brother’s bedroom, a female and a male’s voice. She naturally assumed he had smuggled a girl into his room and went along the landing to investigate. On opening the door the voices stopped and my brother fast asleep, laying on his back with arms crossed as if laid out to rest in a coffin. This freaked her out.

    There’s not much that got to my mother but the culmination of events leading to this was one experience too much. So the next day she visited the local vicar and explained the situation to him asking if he would perform and exorcism. He pointed out that the practice was frowned upon in the church but reassured her that as he had just recently come back from spending time in Africa and that what he saw there left no doubt in his mind that an exorcism was the right action. So that’s exactly what he did. After the exorcism the cats started going upstairs again and everything in the house returned to normal.

    1. Misbah786 profile image84
      Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Wow... Arthur, that's all very interesting. You mentioned cats, and Mr. Val also mentioned cats in his comment. When I was in Pakistan (my home country), there were some cats in the neighborhood. My grandma often told me that before my grandfather died, one of the neighborhood cats used to cry a lot. Cats and dogs, I believe, can see many things that humans cannot.
      Thanks for your very kind response.
      Stay blessed!

      1. Nathanville profile image89
        Nathanvilleposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        We humans have red, blue and green cones in our eyes; whereas cats and dogs only have the blue and green cones, which means they have a much more muted perception of colour.  However, cats and dogs do have a far more acute sense of smell and hearing.  And cats and dogs have far more rods (black and white/grey vision) in their eyes than us, meaning they have far superior night vision to us.

        Birds actually have four colour cones in their eyes, giving them tetrachromatic colour vision, which is far superior to human vision e.g. birds can see far more shades of green than humans, and it expands their visible light spectrum to ultraviolet.

        Insects on the other hand can’t see the lower end of the light spectrum, but can see much higher light frequencies than us; which means that while insects can’t see the red, orange and yellow end of the spectrum very well, they can see polarised light and ultraviolet exceedingly well; even most fish have good vision for polarised light and ultraviolet.

        We humans have five main senses, touch, smell, hearing, taste and vision.  Another sense that we seem to be lacking is Magnetoreception; most animals, including some bacteria, can detect magnetic fields e.g. birds use it for navigation:

        Another sense that humans are not so good at detecting as other animals is when a thunder storm is imminent.  Cats and dogs are actually able to sense barometric pressure changes. When this pressure in the air changes and charges in electricity change, it can alert the cat or dog that changes in weather are happening.

        So as you say; cats and dogs can most certainly sense many things that humans are not very good at detecting.

        1. Misbah786 profile image84
          Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Arthur, thank you so much for sharing this fascinating information. It was interesting to learn more about magnetoreception.

  7. Farah N Huq profile image84
    Farah N Huqposted 2 years ago

    Yes, and it's almost always around 3 am.
    1. My son had a big toy train set which I mostly kept packed since it took up too much space. He wanted to play with it that day but the train just wouldn't turn on. We changed the batteries as well but it still didn't work. I am very sensitive to sound and so I usually study at night when it is more peaceful. So that day when I was done with my studies, I decided to check all the rooms and turn the lights off before going to bed. I didn’t have the energy to put the train back in the box and decided to do it the next day. Right after I went to bed I could hear a musical sound and I was thinking who might have been listening to music at that hour but then the music seemed familiar and I realized it was coming from inside. Curious, I got up and went to check where it was coming from and when I opened the door I could see that toy train running with its headlight and music on. Without thinking much I took it and turned it off. It was around 3 am and then it struck me...How did it turn on all by itself when we couldn’t turn it on despite all our efforts throughout the day.
    2. Sometime after that event I started to have a feeling that I was being watched and my focus would automatically go towards the main door which had a fine crack. I felt like someone was peeping through it. That day around 1 am I heard someone making a sound at the door from the other side. It wasn’t a knock...more like someone bumped into it. I asked my husband to check but there was no one outside. This was around 1 am. At around 3 am I started to have that funny feeling again...that I am being watched. I tiptoed towards the door and decided to peep to see if there was anyone outside the door. Just when I placed my eye near that crack something moved super fast outside and instantly I felt a sort of force on my face and a blow on the door. As I shouted and asked who was at the door, my husband got up to check if there was someone outside but we only saw two cats staring back at us.
    3... You want me to go on Misbah? Lol...I think I’ll stop will find the third experience in my poem “A Different Twilight Story” which is about a dream I saw and ended with knocks at my bedroom door which everyone else in my family heard as well.
    Did I mention that my husband has the habit of talking in his sleep in a different voice? My son too used to sleepwalk when he was much younger. At first, I used to go like wth! But then I got used to it. Now I sit beside my husband and hear him out when he does that to see if I can find anything unusual to nail him haha...
    I can explain all these scientifically as well but thinking in the paranormal line is something I find fascinating.

    1. Misbah786 profile image84
      Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Farah, I loved it!!!
      I believe I've read that poem before.
      Yes, calling it paranormal is more fascinating.
      What's funny is that I also talk while sleeping, and my parents and brother claims that I make weeping sounds as well. Well, I believe it's a psychological problem, possibly some sort of sleep terrors. I never went to a psychologist for help because I feel it's so cool to haunt people while you're sleeping. Lol!

      Take care and stay blessed!!

      1. Farah N Huq profile image84
        Farah N Huqposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Haha imagine getting married to someone who sleep talks as well… you two will never have secrets to keep wink lolz
        Ok I will tell you one more…
        I was going to my medical school then and my taxi stopped at a traffic signal. I wasn’t married then. Anyway, I had a test to attend so I was quickly going through some pages when a beggar stopped near my window and asked for some money. I didn’t pay much attention since this used to be a common thing at traffic stops. The man then spoke…”we spend so much money on so many things everyday, why not help a poor beggar?” This is also a common line they say but something in his tone struck me. I took out money from my bag and handed it to him without taking my eyes off my notes. He then said the most unusual thing to me and I am not making any of these stories. He said, “if u want to find me, i’ll be here”. Hearing that I quickly had a look at him while my taxi drove away. There was nothing unusual about him. A middle aged man with walking aid, that’s all…but why would he say something like that I wondered. Why would I want to find him?
        Just a few days later I got into an unexpected trouble. I will not go into that but while I was feeling helpless I remembered what that man had said but it was just a thought. I surely wouldn’t be going searching for a beggar at a traffic signal. The next day while going back home, a was sitting sadly in the taxi as it stopped at the same signal and I heard a beggar asking for money again. Since I wasn’t in my best mood, I didn’t pay any attention to it and then I heard the same line...
        “we spend so much money on so many things everyday, why not help a poor beggar?” My taxi had already started then. I looked up and saw the same man standing there. I frantically searched for money, picked out a note but I couldn’t see him anymore. He was simply gone! My taxi took a turn from there. While I was still trying to think of what just happened my phone rang. My problem got solved...
        I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe it was my troubled mind that connected all these events but then why would he say that and then appear again like that?
        These weird events started after I had a weird dream sometime earlier. I saw something in my dream that happened at a different time for real but I never knew about it. So seeing something like that was surely not normal if not supernatural or paranormal. Anyway, there is more to this world than what our eyes meet. That’s what I believe.
        Glad you loved the stories.
        Blessings for you too, dear!

        1. Misbah786 profile image84
          Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Farah, you are right; there is much more than what we can see.

  8. Brenda Arledge profile image81
    Brenda Arledgeposted 2 years ago

    Doris...i think that would be really scary.

  9. Brenda Arledge profile image81
    Brenda Arledgeposted 2 years ago

    You never seize to amaze me with your topics.

    I've got a story to tell..
    Ron & I had baby monitors set up so I could hear him if I was in another room or asleep.

    I have left these hooked up and each night while I'm in bed...they go off. 

    When i get up, there is nothing there.  Our kitty cats seem to be lookimg around in the room & sometimes playing.

    I also have cameras set up and when I lie in bed and the baby monitors come on..i check them.

    Sure enough...i see nothing except sometimes the kitties and this strange white orb flying across the room.

    It doesn't scare me.  It comforts me & I drift off to sleep while the kittys play chasing the orb through the house.

    1. Misbah786 profile image84
      Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Dear Bredz,
      When we lose a loved one, their souls, I believe, come to visit us. God understands our pain, and only He knows how to comfort our sad and broken heart; only He can give patience, and He will surely grant us patience... What could be more good than the fact that these things comfort rather than frighten you? I trust all this because I have experienced similar things. smile
      Take care and stay blessed
      Sending you hugs and prayers.

    2. MizBejabbers profile image88
      MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That is amazing, Brenda. You see orbs, while I see black cartoonish birds streaking across the room. I don't think they are really cartoons of birds. I believe they are moving so fast that it distorts them. I've seen orbs, but not in my house.

  10. Peggy W profile image97
    Peggy Wposted 2 years ago

    My mother and I were up talking to each other one evening when suddenly we felt a presence.  It only lasted a few moments, but what we both described was a young woman sitting in the same room with us.  She was there and then gone.  We both described her as looking the same, but we never figured out who she was. 

    I also see orbs in a few places, one of which is a church in Houston where we have attended some concerts.  I have taken photos inside the church and even captured them on film.

    1. Misbah786 profile image84
      Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Peggy, this is interesting. Bredz also mentioned orbs. I looked into what these orbs are. Many people believe orbs signify an effort of communication from another source, as well as the occurrence of an important event in that location. That spirit is reaching out because they need assistance in moving on. White or silver orbs are thought to be related with a higher source and positive energy. The spirit is trying to protect others around them. Do you remember the color of the orbs you saw?
      See this: … -orbs.aspx

      Blessings and Love as always!

    2. MizBejabbers profile image88
      MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      You must have a good camera or camera phone, Peggy. My old camera finally died. It was only a 7 mp, and it barely caught the orbs. My phone is getting old, too. It also has 7 mps. and I don't remember it ever catching orbs. I'll be getting a new phone soon, so we'll see what a higher grade camera can do.

  11. Farah N Huq profile image84
    Farah N Huqposted 2 years ago

    Is there any particular time when you see these orbs or feel such presence?

  12. Peggy W profile image97
    Peggy Wposted 2 years ago

    The orbs I saw are all white.

    1. Misbah786 profile image84
      Misbah786posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I believe that’s a positive sign, Peggy . White or silver orbs are believed to be related with a higher source and positive energy.


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