What is sin or sinful nature according to Bible?

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  1. profile image0
    gobibleposted 10 years ago

    Define sin or sinful nature in one word or a sentence. Let's tail the colors of descriptions for a good cause......

    If God is represented as light in Bible; Sin is darkness.
    Sin is deception.

    1. jiro profile image61
      jiroposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Sin is not obeying god, his words, and his rules.Bible is the words of God. It is rules for mankind. Bible says you what to do,and what not to do. If you are not read Bible or not read bible in depth, you cannot understand this. Without the gift of holy spirit we cann't read Bible or understand it or God's intentions.But we can understand many of the stories easily in the Bible

      1. Disappearinghead profile image61
        Disappearingheadposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        It's not about living under rules unlesss you want to live under Mosaic law.

        Sin is anything that contradicts good conscience.

    2. Jerami profile image58
      Jeramiposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      gobible wrote ...  If God is represented as light in Bible; Sin is darkness.
      Sin is deception.
      = = =

      I would think that is a false presumption.  The opposit of sin is not God.

      jiro wrote
        Sin is not obeying god, his words, and his rules.Bible is the words of God.  It is rules for mankind.

      - - -

          Just my opinion
        Gods laws are designed for the overall good of mankind.
      Any and all sin are any of these things which are detrimental to the well being of the group and/or the individual.
        To have a sinful nature is to have a harmful attitude whether it is directed inwardly outwardly.

         This is why it is said that one sin is no greater than another.
         To have a harmful attitude toward a sand castle  or  toward a brick building, is to have the same harmful attitude.

  2. Esenbee profile image74
    Esenbeeposted 10 years ago

    I agree with Jiro. Sin is basically separation from God and  his way of doing things. God created us to be "like" him, so when we decide to go against our original manufacturing, we are in sin and therefore eventually causing destruction in our own lives and even others.

  3. Caleb DRC profile image78
    Caleb DRCposted 10 years ago

    Sin is behavior that goes against the Bible.

    1. mischeviousme profile image59
      mischeviousmeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      One can also sin in the different sects of buddhism...
      Sin is the willful disregard, for what is considered socially correct behavior. Stealing, murder, rape, war, greed, envy and sloth. They are the epitome of human habituation, we are sinful in our drive to be on top and we do as we need to survive. Some just go further than what is necessary, taking more than is fair and going beyond most established moral limitations.

  4. flpalermo profile image61
    flpalermoposted 10 years ago

    WOW! No one looked into the Bible to find out what GOD says it's Sin:
    Sin is the transgression of the LAW (1John 3:4). Not the ritualistic Law of Moses,which was our "schoolmaster" to bring us unto Christ (Gal 3:24), but the Law that defines what love is - "...for this is the Love of GOD, that we keep His commandments...(1 John 5:3). The Law, the 10 commandments, define what sin is: (...I had not known Sin, but by The LAW, for I had not known lust, except The LAW had said "Thou shall not covet."(Rom. 7:7). The wages of Sin, (breaking the 10 commandments) is Death, not eternal LIFE in Hell Fire.

  5. Michael Jon profile image60
    Michael Jonposted 10 years ago

    Every person is born into iniquity, we begin life on the wrong track. Psalm 51:5 says, "Behold, I was brought forth in (a state of) iniquity; my mother was sinful who conceived me (and I too am sinful). That is where we start but it's not where we have to finish.

    God did not create us for depression, bad choices and generational curses but we are born with a desire to sin.

    Iniquity is sin that is never defeated or overcome. If it is not overcome, iniquities can continue, unrestrained into future generations. Iniquities such as anger issues, lying, lifestyle choices, adultery and addictions are just some of the things many families struggle with. Exodus 20:5 says,"Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them (iniquities), nor serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me..."

    Born this way? Maybe so but there's nothing the blood of Jesus can not change! "If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed" (John 8:36). But you must know that to overcome sin is a process. When you give your life to Christ, your spirit is reborn but your flesh is not.

    It is unrealistic to think, I've come to Jesus, now everything will be alright and there will be no more struggles. Not so, that is when the real battle begins.

  6. jacharless profile image76
    jacharlessposted 10 years ago

    Sin is eating of the tree of knowledge aka self-indulgence.
    By the law {rules; demands; elements of reason} comes the knowledge of sin.
    It is cyclical. The more one studies, searches, pinpoints/points out and seeks after the law, and all its parts, the deeper down the rabbit-hole they go, the deeper into the works of sin they go. The result is death. What is the Law? The Tree of Knowledge? The human mind and the processes within. Those processes -called reason- take control, because humans do not understand how they work or what they are designed for. Therefore, they become stuck in the loop of reason, void of understanding, void of complete illumination, dark, amnesiatic. One will note wisdom/understanding reverses this osmosis. Wisdom/understanding comes through patience. Adam's haste to know it all cost him everything. Wisdom is the principle thing. Therefore get wisdom; get ones memory back and escape the Adamic Inception, else one cannot eat of the Tree of Life...and Life is the light in man.


    1. Disappearinghead profile image61
      Disappearingheadposted 10 years agoin reply to this


      Where there is no law there is no charging of sin to someone's account. Rom 5:13.

      We are not under the law, so are no longer subject to sin. Rom 6:14.

      Brilliant. Jesus took away the sin of the World.

  7. Paul Wingert profile image61
    Paul Wingertposted 10 years ago

    Sin is a another man-made invention to keep people in line by the use of fear.

  8. Randy Godwin profile image59
    Randy Godwinposted 10 years ago

    Sin is subjective.  I find some sins quite pleasant and plan to keep on committing them.  Not enough to be considered a Christian, but still often.


  9. sean23 profile image38
    sean23posted 10 years ago

    Good and evil (sin) are exactly the same . Without one there won't be the other. But as humans, why can we let our good be more than the evils we commit? You should read more about good and evil on the article I found here-http://www.worldtransformation.com/good-vs-evil/


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