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Atheists have a responsibility to do better

  1. Josak profile image60
    Josakposted 5 years ago

    First off I am an atheist now that's out of the way...
    The numbers are changing in the US at the current rate just over 1% of the population ceases to be Christian every year and even amongst the Christians religious fervor is falling as are church attendance rates.

    What that means is that soon, within our lifespans certainly, Christians will be outnumbered by non Christians and the christian lobbies will lose power. Most atheists look forward to that day as do I but as the saying goes "with great power comes great responsibility" atheists have to be careful to not make the same mistakes that the religious did, not to oppress people who disagree with us, not to let our beliefs get in the way of the freedoms of others and to never stand in the way of human betterment because if we don't then no progress has been achieved at all.

    1. Marisa Wright profile image98
      Marisa Wrightposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      ...however, most of those "non Christians" will belong to other religions, either mainstream or New Age, or will have given up Christianity but not specifically chosen an alternative, or will be agnostics, or ...

      Essentially, I don't believe it will put atheists in any more prominent a position than they are now.

  2. knolyourself profile image60
    knolyourselfposted 5 years ago

    From what I just read atheists comprise 2.5% of the world's population.

    1. Uninvited Writer profile image83
      Uninvited Writerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The thing is, a lot of people who say they are religious (probably most) are not practising any religion, do not go to church, do not even own a Bible or any other holy book. For the longest time when asked I said I was Anglican, because that is what my parents were. A lot of people don't give it any thought at all but don't like to call themselves atheists.

      I don't care what people believe just as long as they don't try to make laws based on it.

      1. jacharless profile image80
        jacharlessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Unfortunately UW, ALL laws are written because of some sort of belief or another -theistic or otherwise.

  3. jacharless profile image80
    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    What you neglected to mention is: that 1% is split into alternative religions, like  Aquarian, Atheism, Buddhist, Hindi, Islam, etc. The largest of that percent would become Agnostic by default, not Atheist.

    If holding true to responsibility, Atheism has a responsibility to keep only the Christians in check, as the rest of the people just want both sides to shut the @#%^&! up already about their disdain for each other and let the planet live in peace.


  4. jandee profile image50
    jandeeposted 5 years ago

    Hello Josak,
      well said.   What I dislike in 'some' of the hubs is the idea that because of our Atheism we should automatically dislike and try to alter the beliefs of others.  This is not so ! I couldn't give a hoot about religion-My lovely friends are two Jehovahs,I tell them often that I will have them reading Marx before they
    sign me up !!  (Then as they are about to leave they secretly place a copy of their magazine on a chair)..They are good people and work hard for their beliefs.
    My opinion is they are being taken!         So be it ---meanwhile we have the 'Jubilee'   Long ways to go yet ????!!

  5. rebekahELLE profile image88
    rebekahELLEposted 5 years ago

    I simply don't see the importance of making distinctions between groups of people who believe differently. Why not simply be who we are and respect humanity before all that's left are a bunch of crazy human animals fighting each other over a personal choice.

    1. wilderness profile image98
      wildernessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Why not be ourselves and let others be as they wish?

      Because some religions (notably Christianity and Islam) have a mandate from God to convert the world.  They cannot allow others the same freedom to worship as they please (or not) as God has commanded them not to.

      The result is the crazy human animals fighting each other over a lifestyle choice that cannot matter one whit to those of opposing beliefs otherwise.

  6. Mighty Mom profile image86
    Mighty Momposted 5 years ago

    Replace the word "atheists" with "people" and I agree wholeheartedly.

    1. autumn18 profile image66
      autumn18posted 5 years agoin reply to this