What is the best home remedy to grow thick and healthy hair on my little daughte

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  1. Rabia Sajjad profile image60
    Rabia Sajjadposted 13 years ago

    What is the best home remedy to grow thick and healthy hair on my little daughter's head?

    She is having so thin hair like of a newly born's...


  2. Lisa HW profile image64
    Lisa HWposted 13 years ago

    My daughter had barely any hair until she was past two.  What was there was blonde, so she looked bald.  Once, when she was somewhere around a year old or so, a woman in the store touched me on the shoulder, and she was laughing hard.  She said, "Oh my goodness!  I thought she was a Cabbage Patch doll until she started to sing."  (My toddler was big for humming tunes.  smile ).   

    My plan had always been to let her take dancing lessons when she was three.  She was two when I brought her to a family member's dance recital, and I thought, "I don't know.  None of those little girls on that stage look bald, the way she does."  Well, by the time she was three she had real hair.  In fact, she had enough hair that I could put it into an up-do made of lots of curls (although it took a lot of gel to be able to get the curls to stay in).   She had fine hair, but it was like a lot of other little kids her age had. 

    By the time she was four (and right up to today - she's in her twenties now), she has had the most beautiful "shampoo ad" hair.  It's perfect hair - healthy, shiny, not too thick, not too think. 

    So, after all that story-telling, I'll get to the point:  Don't worry about your little girl's hair.  It will grow. 

    Besides, based on what I see in the picture you have there, it looks to me like your little girl has plenty of hair.   smile   It just needs time to grow longer.  By your name and pictures, it looks like you are from India.  You just haven't been around enough babies of Irish, Scottish, and English parents.  LOL  If you were, you wouldn't be the least bit worried about your little one's hair.   smile

    (I just saw somewhere else you posted that your baby is a year old.  She's got a whole lot of hair for a year old!  It's only fine because she's a baby.)

  3. IdeaMorphist profile image60
    IdeaMorphistposted 13 years ago

    I was just like Lisa's kid in the prev post.... fine blonde hair forever, and then once a teen thick and healthy, no matter what I put it thru. Its a blessing in disguise smile

  4. identalhub profile image60
    identalhubposted 13 years ago

    Coconut oil is proved to best for hair. You can massage with it twice in a week. Here on the website are few more tips you can use to get shiny and fast hair growth.
    http://www.skinsheen.com/skin-home-reme … -1132.aspx

  5. brittvan22 profile image76
    brittvan22posted 10 years ago

    My daughter's hair started out just like your daughter's. I was the only one in the family whose baby didn't have enough hair to fit in a hair clip. I found no slippy hair clippy, but once Maria turned two her hair blossomed and has surpassed all of her cousins. Her hair is to her butt now and she's just five. All I do is shampoo and condition it once a week. I also grease her scalp at night with a product called Blue Magic. Hope this helps.

  6. RokyahF profile image59
    RokyahFposted 9 years ago

    This is probably going to be the most unconventional answer but, in my culture (South East Asian) we actually shave their hair off (girl or boy). People in our culture believe it's "bad" hair from being in the womb, that it is better to cut it all off so "new/good" hair can regrow. I actually just used a pair of hair clippers and my daughter has beautiful thick hair. Did this when she was about 4-6 months old.

  7. lostohanababy profile image57
    lostohanababyposted 9 years ago

    First, your baby girl, is really cute.  Remember, hair or not, she's still precious.   My oldest son who is now 46 years old,  was bald his first year as a baby.   His hair gradually thickened by the time he was three.  I massaged his little head every day after his baths and before I put him in his crib at night.  There was a little growth response.  But every child's growth is different.  May be you can take her to a specialist of scalp and hair!

    1. craftybegonia profile image61
      craftybegoniaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Good nutrition is your best helper! I was born as bald as a billiard ball, but my mom made sure I had a balanced good nutrition as a baby, and I grew hair like you wouln't believe! It took me a year, though, from then on, nobody thought I was a boy.

  8. Oztinato profile image74
    Oztinatoposted 9 years ago

    Try adding very small quantities of black sesame once a day into the food making sure heat releases the active ingredient first. Also kelp in the diet will top up her iodine deficiency.
    Finally careful addition of small quantities of pure neem oil gently to the scalp.

  9. profile image0
    swilliamsposted 9 years ago

    Time is the best helper. Keep your babies hair conditioned with natural products that can be found on Amazon and just give it time, some every child is different, some kids are born with a head full of hair and others may not have a lot of hair at birth but it will grow with time and care. Cute Baby!!!

  10. VipDelhigarima profile image54
    VipDelhigarimaposted 9 years ago

    often it happen during long age specially with baby but don't worry simply care her and checked by any best physician after some time it will be grown up automatically.

  11. akinbambam profile image61
    akinbambamposted 9 years ago

    i think you should use baby shampoo for anti hair loss also there are hair creams with remedy that provide vitamins and nutrients.

  12. Archa Ghodge profile image61
    Archa Ghodgeposted 9 years ago

    The babies hair should not be washed with harsh chemicals. It is always best to apply coconut oil in their hair.
    For most of the kids after they are one year old they are made bald which helps in getting new thick hair.

  13. einron profile image54
    einronposted 9 years ago

    Massage coconut oil on her head and leave it on.  After you wash her hair, put coconut oil on her hair and leave it until you wash her hair.  Do it constantly.  Most Indian girls have long hair and coconuts trees originate in India.

  14. Alyssa Nichol profile image93
    Alyssa Nicholposted 9 years ago

    My mom used to grow my hair out and cut it short. She repeated this process for my entire childhood.  (When I was four, I had hair down to my butt.  It was straight and thin.)  I am now 27 and my hair is THICK! I like to have it long and I used to have my hair dresser use thinning shears to thin it out.  Now, I have a different hair dresser, and she cuts many layers in my hair which helps.

  15. Miles and Gone profile image60
    Miles and Goneposted 9 years ago

    Coconut oil! Message it onto then air and scalp and since she is so little rinse it out in a half hour. Check out my hair care hub for more info on long, healthy hair. I am new and could use feedback also. (:

  16. Multivac profile image59
    Multivacposted 9 years ago

    Your daughter looks great, she just need to run and play!
    Proper food and vitamins they say.
    The tap water quality is said to be important.
    On the other hand, some people shave the heads of the babies, specially indians. This is just an illusion, since the hair is thicker in the root, when it starts growing again seems thicker, but is not true.

  17. profile image0
    Vera Weatherspoonposted 7 years ago

    I wouldn't put any heavy hair products in when they're little I would use natural remedies. Take about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and spread it evenly in her hair then rub her scalp softly for a bout 2 minutes for better circulation. I didn't get hair till I was 2, if it really bothers you try some hats on her while her hair starts to grow.

  18. roselinsojan profile image60
    roselinsojanposted 7 years ago

    Give your baby vitamin C rich food ,after some months she will get good thick hair.

    1. profile image50
      Drea Checoposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Agree, sometimes  lack of some vitamins and essential nutrients gets reflected in our body

  19. Karishmapall profile image53
    Karishmapallposted 7 years ago

    My mum once told me when i was a little baby my hair was waaay to thin and silky. So when i was around 5, they shaved my head a few times and now my hair is pretty thick! Maybe it was the shaving? Who knows!

  20. Areshb Neer profile image56
    Areshb Neerposted 7 years ago

    Use fresh mint juice for massage on scalp. You will see quick result

  21. simplehappylife profile image68
    simplehappylifeposted 7 years ago

    Castor Oil smile  down below is some info for you smile

    "Castor oil contains natural compounds that promote hair growth. A large percentage of castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid, one of the essential amino acids required by the human body. It's an Omega-9 fatty acid that can penetrate into the pores of the skin and the hair follicles."
    http://www.goodhealthacademy.com/health … -for-hair/

  22. profile image53
    chirayushposted 7 years ago

    my cousin was also having the same problem then we used olive oil for this.As this oil is quite viscous, mix the castor oil with an equal amount of coconut, olive, or almond oil. Massage your scalp with it and leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes. Then shampoo your hair.This is the best remedy.i prefer you to use this remedy.

  23. Elle Wayne profile image61
    Elle Wayneposted 6 years ago

    I second everyone whose mentioned castor oil here! It has worked wonders for my sad, once over-plucked eyebrows as well as my eyelashes and hair.

    I like to mix it with coconut oil because like some others have mentioned it is very, very thick. Massaging this mixture into your daughters scalp about once a week should be beneficial.

  24. lakshman321 profile image61
    lakshman321posted 6 years ago

    Use Coconut oil to make baby hai Shiny and healthy.

    1. lakshman321 profile image61
      lakshman321posted 6 years agoin reply to this


  25. Deborah Minter profile image92
    Deborah Minterposted 6 years ago

    Aloe Vera.... Makes the hair grow. You could also mix it with coconut water.

  26. profile image54
    kellyksposted 6 years ago

    Hi Rabia! As it is known that healthy hair means healthy body it clearly indicates that it is related to good nutrition. Give your baby as much as nutrition as you can so that not only her hair but even her health gains good immunity.  There are kids who do not have hair growth until a very long time. Let me tell you of my daughter who had thin silk like hair.  On the contrary me and my husband have thick luscious hair and when she was born she was bald like all kids. Over a period of about 3 years she developed only thin hair and that too in spots. She was otherwise very healthy but it was only her hair which was posing a problem. Kids in our neighborhood started teasing her and she got very aggressive with it. Eventually we got her head shaved three times after a gap of about 3 months. But it also didn’t seem to help and then came one remedy in my sight which was something I never expected. A friend of mine told me to apply castor oil mixed with olive oil and almond oil on her scalp. I started applying oil on her scalp every 3rd day and trust me within days I could see that there was a visible change in her hair. Now after 8 years her hair are so beautiful and all curly and still very soft like silk. This oil can be mixed with other oils too like coconut oil, mustard oil etc., and just heat it for a few seconds before applying on the scalp. Leave it overnight and wash off with a mild shampoo the next morning. I believe this remedy helps you like it helped me.

  27. LauraTallo profile image60
    LauraTalloposted 6 years ago

    Go to a health food store and find a children's vitamin with biotin and silica in it. Give her Jello gelatin. All three are good for hair, skin, and nails.

  28. Jackie Lynnley profile image82
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 6 years ago

    Hair on a baby usually takes time to grow and get thick and there is no magic potent to get it there. All babies should have a healthy diet with the necessary vitamins and trimming will help it grow thicker once they are old enough.
    I would be interested to know after these years what you tried and what the results were. Generally the babies hair will be like the parents in time, regardless.

    1. S M FARHAN profile image61
      S M FARHANposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Very Nice one now!!

  29. Nancy Owens profile image83
    Nancy Owensposted 6 years ago

    If the photo above is your daughter, it looks like her hair growth is appropriate for her age, in general terms. Stimulating the hair follicles by gently massaging her scalp may help. Avoid applying things that will clog her scalp pores. My daughter was born with a full, thick head of hair. Then it all fell out, and baby fuzz came in. It stayed thin for a while, and got thicker as she grew.

  30. profile image54
    AngelPennickposted 6 years ago

    Coconut Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, And Peppermint Oil . This Remedy I Use Twice Every Week And My Hair Growth Accumulate More Than An Inch Every Month.

  31. profile image49
    lcrystalposted 6 years ago

    okay, this is going to sound extreme, but if you can stomach it, it is going to grow a thicker head of hair for your toddler and throughout their lifetime. Ready? Shave their head. Yep, that's what I said. Shave it. for a minimum of 16 months and they will have the thickest head of hair from the time you stop forward. Chinese have been doing it for eons.


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